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    [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1298271573' post='79165'] One of the main things I notice amongst newer players is that they have trouble finding the [Restrictions] and [Free credits] links at the top of the page. Both of these are important links, the first to help prevent unnecessary conflict and frustration, and the second to help support MD. My suggestion is to make the [Restrictions] link behave like the [View Announcements] link, highlighting Red if it hasn't been viewed or if the page has been updated, and returning to grey/brown once viewed; and the [Free credits] link to
  2. If anyone needs help with avy transparency, resizing, etc. Send me the pic and I'll fix it for you. (I see many people are having trouble with that so that's why I'm offering my help)
  3. Issue Fixed Closed and Moved to Solved Problems BFH
  4. MD homepage is the same (only with fixed [font="Arial"][size="2"][color="#000000"]Copyright ©[/color][/size][/font]). The "new homepage" is actually the new register page Edit: I almost forget to answer Grido There is a MagicDuel link (first interface, before the search box)
  5. First: will be fixed asap Second: It's probably because you clicked a link before the Free Credits page loaded completely
  6. My opinion (don't know if this has been posted It's night here and my eyes hurt, so I read fast) MDNP Talk with Grido first. He is the actual Chief of the MDNP. He is the one who knows the editing process and the one who can post any edition in the MDNP interface. I feel it's not correct planing without asking him first. Suggestions: Ask him why there isn't an edition? (I'm pretty sure the he have tried to bring it back several times) Offer him ideas, plans, etc... BFH
  7. I don't have problems with funds or rewards. If I wish to create a contest for the purpose of advertising I can ask for sponsors, donate some of my own creatures, coins, etc.., or ask the Council / Mur to help me. If anyone wish to help MD with advertising. Please buy Credits. It's the best way to contribute, since outside the game we do payed advertising. BFH
  8. I must say it looks pretty well. Also with a bit rotation and resizing it will fit the avatar standards.
  9. That Cyclone is ugly... and since I know how it feels been in the middle of one... I wish you the best, and TAKE CARE!!. Many Blessings for you and your family BFH
  10. [center][center] [font=Arial Black][size=4][img]http://magicduel.com/userfiles/181413/freecredits%20new%20image.jpg[/img] [/size][/font][/center][/center] [center][center][color=#8B0000][b][font=Georgia][size=4]What are Free Credits?[/size][/font][/b][/color] [font=Georgia][size=4] Free Credits are a very important part of MagicDuel. "Free Credits" is an interface which hold voting sites, that allows MagicDuel receive your votes on different gaming top-lists. Your votes helps the game improve its rank through the internet, and[/size][/font][font=Georgia][size=4] consequently Ma
  11. Happy BDAY!!! I wish you a very very happy BDAY!!
  12. [quote name='Asterdai' timestamp='1295664810' post='77837'] i have no interest in applying for this alliance, its just reading your adverts and opinions it has stimulated me to write my own x (please move if you wish this to be in a different place, but really i feel that it is linked with what you are trying to achieve here, i would value if a Moderator can apply a box, to show/hide what i have to say to minimise space) [log=advert]When i started playing MD, everything was fresh, exciting and new. I had never experienced anything so unique in concept, and to be honest i dont think i wi
  13. Happy BDAY!! Remeber to ask for a Wish
  14. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1295346266' post='77562'] I dont know how much Mur is spending money on advertising sites that we see on Free Credits, but I think a better job would be done with the following: -instead of those sites, that the money gets invested into a creating a video made from MD gameplay, one interesting part from story mode, then a player traveling between scenes, MD fight simulations, creatures and equips, adventure log texts... We all know that MD interface is outstanding, and a video would surely make some effect, and I dont think making such videos takes
  15. [center][img]http://magicduel.com/userfiles/181413/advert.gif[/img] [/center] [size="3"]First of all the Advertisers is a guild that takes care of MagicDuel's Image outside the game. The role of this guild is very important, and it's bringing new players to MagicDuel. Because of its importance this guild is NOT for any player to play with. I mean that if you want to join only for glory, or just to tell that you were part of the Advertisers, [b]don't lose your time[/b], [b]I[/b] [b]WON'T[/b] let anyone to play with the guild or to have fun with it. There is a [b]LOT[/b] of work to do, a
  16. [quote name='mocove' timestamp='1295223889' post='77518'] I was searching lists for a browser based game and found MD. (Since I got a free Google Cr-48!!! which is web only) The last 2 days voting on BBG, I get the message "Oops failed to vote!" [/quote] As nadrolski told, clear your cookies and cache: [url="http://www.bnl.gov/itd/webapps/browsercache.asp"]HOW TO CLEAR COOKIES & CACHE[/url] Also try refreshing the page, sometimes the voting link expires. hope this helps, BFH
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