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  1. I was mp6 for a very long time and MP6 spells aren't quite effective. 

    You are the "Protector" of someone but you can;t do much to protect someone. You are suppossed to heal and help the people you protect, but spells are quite weak (heal for example).


    [Maybe instead of thinking on fixed amounts of everything, make all percentage based in a conditioned way. Example for a heal, if player's max ve is below 300, then heal spell effect stays with 300 else heal amount goes to 300+X% of users max ve]


    Idk many things should be done to fix that game stage.


    And while people might think this change isn't necessary, it is a change that should be done in preparations for the new tutorial and the new changes of A25.



    Ps. ignore spelling, i really don't have the time to revise.

  2. The thing about the christmas creatures is... if you have already bought them previously they won't reappear you only get one. Have you bought these creatures in previous years? 


    In an attempt to be more clear here is an example


    I buy a Santa Year 2012 great happy :) Junior one dollar well spent.


    Come year 2013, 2014 etc etc the Santa will not reappear in the shop, boo :( sad Junior no dollar spent. (maybe you should rethink this Mur every year give all the chance to buy another of the creature spend more credits)


    You could always use the resets... If you have available :P

  3. I'm away, busy and inactive, so idk if my concern is valid or not, neither have time to check for all the details.


    What if the people that follow the leader get inactive? They are still marked by the system as followers of the leader? the leader would still be leader even when no active people are following him, just people that went inactive for some reason?


    So my concern is from the side of having permanent leaders... Just a point for your consideration. 


    Why not making a system that requires ingame stuff for X player to become leader. Ex (having x resources + x amount of followers + whatever you wish) That way there's some sort of competition added to this.



    Again sorry, I can't fully develop my concerns and ideas as I'm lacking of time.



  4. It looks like you are just making BFH a GM, so I congratulate him on his new position.


    I think confusion came as Mur added me on a list of people that could nominate candidates for titles. I never nominated anyone and I wont nominate anyone as I'm lacking of time.


    PS. People, the fact that Mur added me to the list doesn't mean I have any power in MD. It only means Mur trust me. Don't make assumptions. I'm not council, not a gm, and neither hold ony official positions.

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