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  1. Each and every link works just perfect to me. Anyone else having any issues?
  2. I never saw this before. This is a great idea!
  3. It makes sense, but could be a pain for coders to find those items in the db in order to update their category. Aside, I think 'rare' category is a better option as technically your WP-crafted item is usually unique, thou this might need some discussion with Chew, Mur and the community.   Get my point? 
  4. Idk if this has been proposed before but I think a cool nice feature would be to implement a "Do not show again" link to in game tips (specially those that appear in triggers box)  
  5. BFH


    I was mp6 for a very long time and MP6 spells aren't quite effective.  You are the "Protector" of someone but you can;t do much to protect someone. You are suppossed to heal and help the people you protect, but spells are quite weak (heal for example).   [Maybe instead of thinking on fixed amounts of everything, make all percentage based in a conditioned way. Example for a heal, if player's max ve is below 300, then heal spell effect stays with 300 else heal amount goes to 300+X% of users max ve]   Idk many things should be done to fix that game stage.   And while p
  6. Congratulations to Everyone :D
  7. false positive   it is clean: https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/42635938242e21b66f14d6284a3d8764916af48d836a0316e9191b1ed7fef871/analysis/1420592623/
  8. I will ask the link to be removed. Will get back with confirmation soon.
  9. I am happy because I got two weeks of vacations! FINALLY!!   :D
  10. All in MDShop that deals with healing creatures IS broken, not only that.
  11. Do we have a link to that site in Free Credits?   There's not much I can do for this right now. I will try to contact them at the beginning of the year.
  12.   Indeed, correct.  That happens when I don't read completely and carefully... lazy me. Thanx Rophs   Xmas creats are limited and more restricted and personally I think that it is for a good reason and to keep the balance ingame.
  13.   You could always use the resets... If you have available :P
  14. I see at least one of them. Hence I assume all should be in the shop. If other people can confirm it would save time for developers.
  15. Ok I am sorry but the following really annoys me and I think people should change they way it's done.   When opening Birthday Topics please add the playername next to the Topic Title. I feel that naming it "Happy Birthday" is too general and kind of Lazy. I don't want to look like god modding or whatever, but if you are going to open such a topic, at least spend a couple of seconds to add the playername next to it and make the topic more personalized and specific. That way if I want to look for a topic made for someone to wish him/her happy birthday I would find it easily and wouldn't h
  16. Playername: 181413 - BFH Roles: Undefined   Status: Inactive, too busy to be constantly online. Getting back "soon"
  17. XMAS Fest?

    1. dst


      Got cancelled!

    2. BFH


      then... should i host one? or not? idk how things work now...

  18. I'm away, busy and inactive, so idk if my concern is valid or not, neither have time to check for all the details.   What if the people that follow the leader get inactive? They are still marked by the system as followers of the leader? the leader would still be leader even when no active people are following him, just people that went inactive for some reason?   So my concern is from the side of having permanent leaders... Just a point for your consideration.    Why not making a system that requires ingame stuff for X player to become leader. Ex (having x resources +
  19. When I'm going to get this at home!! http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3877935756

    1. John Constantine
    2. Rophs


      @rha my keyboard is heavily tokened and i luv it

    3. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      i get 500Mbps (!!!) connection tomorow..can't wait :D:D:D:D

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  20.   If still happens in a couple of days please let us know
  21. Ps. Next time report under Free Credits Problems area.   Mods please move to Resolved Free Credits Problems area.
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