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  1. [quote name='Change' timestamp='1363132605' post='133954']
    [spoiler]I bet you if she gets two morphs she WILL act nice. So nice in fact, that we'll all be begging her to stop acting so nice and we'll have to give her two more morphs to get her back to normal. (Yes dst, I know your master plan. Sorry for spoiling it).[/spoiler]

    Agree with that Spoiler!! :D

  2. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1362914178' post='133701']
    [color=#808080][i]Cooking Class Tea Making event took place and if people who took part in it had half as much fun as me running it, I had twice as much fun! :P[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]My thanks to everyone who came and joined the global chaos it was :D[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]Especially thaks to dst for the cake to wash the taste of tea ;) , Amber for providing tools and cups and the mysterious person who gave me the Jar while I was sleeping :P[/i][/color]

    [color=#808080][i]Here's the log[/i][/color][color=#a9a9a9][i] (shortened and filtered, it was all fun, but tad too long :P)[/i][/color]

    [08/03/13 18:59] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=Ot1lKBTn7Df4D58O8TqZ0Q,,"]*Shemhazaj*[/url][/i][i] sits on the edge of the balcony[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:11] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=39JdcpbtW17JFMz3qzCaSQ,,"]*Nimrodel*[/url][/i][i] grins and waits for more people to arrive[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:11] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Nimrodel[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:12] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Shemhazaj[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:12] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]Thank you dst. :D
    [08/03/13 19:12] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]thank you!
    [08/03/13 19:12] [b]dst:[/b]yw
    [08/03/13 19:14] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Valldore Nal[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:14] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Oh , Thanks :D
    [08/03/13 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Burns[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:21] [b]*Burns*:[/b]Oh, thanks.
    [08/03/13 19:22] [b]dst:[/b]Tea is yucky, Cake is Yummy!
    [08/03/13 19:27] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to AmberRune[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:27] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=X_-C8cTpFVBAfhm4vz8knA,,"]Valldore Nal[/url][/i][i] pokes Amber[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:27] [b]AmberRune:[/b]Thanks
    [08/03/13 19:27] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Ha !
    [08/03/13 19:28] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]You are welcome !
    [08/03/13 19:29] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]hey all
    [08/03/13 19:29] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]hi Alyon
    [08/03/13 19:29] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]hm... seems half an hur have passed already
    [08/03/13 19:29] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to MRAlyon[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:30] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]thanks dst:-)
    [08/03/13 19:32] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Nava[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:32] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Syrian[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:32] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Princ Rhaegar[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:33] [b]Nava:[/b]And thanks dst.
    [08/03/13 19:33] [b]Syrian:[/b]thank you dst
    [08/03/13 19:33] [b]Princ Rhaegar:[/b]Food!
    [08/03/13 19:33] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Azull[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:34] [b]Azull:[/b]Thank you dst
    [08/03/13 19:35] [b]Azull:[/b]The cake is not a lie *[i]grins[/i]*
    [08/03/13 19:35] [b]dst:[/b]Kake rules!
    [08/03/13 19:38] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]hm... forgive me being offtopic, but is here anyone who didn't make tea yet?
    [08/03/13 19:38] [b]Syrian:[/b]i havnt
    [08/03/13 19:38] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Me :P
    [08/03/13 19:39] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]But i 've destroyed tea making in the past :P
    [08/03/13 19:39] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]oh, I remember that Val...
    [08/03/13 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Mallos[/i]
    08/03/13 19:39] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]brought ductape espacially for you *[i]winks[/i]*
    [08/03/13 19:40] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] *[i]chuckles[/i]* But i'm here to learn today, not bother teamakers
    [08/03/13 19:40] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=X_-C8cTpFVBAfhm4vz8knA,,"]Valldore Nal[/url][/i][i] *coughs* [/i]Unless ofcourse you are a boring teacher, in which case i may have to do something for that[i] *coughs coughs*[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:40] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]ok, let me make one thing clear now.
    [08/03/13 19:40] [b]AmberRune:[/b]hmm... I'm thinking more tea cups
    [08/03/13 19:41] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]I suck at being a teacher, so you might not learn at all.
    [08/03/13 19:41] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]anyway.
    [08/03/13 19:41] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]we have 2 pots.
    [08/03/13 19:42] [b]:[/b][i]*Shemhazaj* passed Teapot to Valldore Nal[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:42] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]so... ok. Can we start the boring part?
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]woah.... I've already bored everyone to sleep...
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]That things sais it wants heat, but won't accept mine
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]:[/b][i]AmberRune passed Tea Cups to Nimrodel[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]I'm THAT GOOD!
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]Syrian:[/b] *[i]chuckles[/i]* im still awake shem
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=YpBtacFOOng238i7jpP5oA,,"]AmberRune[/url][/i][i] runs off to fetch more cups[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:43] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]You would have been that good if you have bored them to death :P
    [08/03/13 19:44] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Syrian, you have the book, right?
    [08/03/13 19:44] [b]Syrian:[/b]i do
    [08/03/13 19:44] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]can you read what's written there?
    [08/03/13 19:45] [b]Syrian:[/b]"Firstly, put in the leaves, covering the teapot's base with them. You then need to pour some water onto the leaves. Next, you will need to boile the water and after five minutes of waiting,
    [08/03/13 19:45] [b]Syrian:[/b]the tea would then be ready to be served.
    [08/03/13 19:46] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]the recipe holds the key to what resources are needed and what steps have to be taken.
    [08/03/13 19:47] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]The name of the recipe is important as well, coz it maygive a clue to resources as well.
    [08/03/13 19:47] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]That is "Aromatic Tea"
    [08/03/13 19:48] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]so as you see in the book, we need to have 4 things to prepare the tea. Beside the Book and the teapot ofc.
    [08/03/13 19:48] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]There are other kinds of Tea as well ? ([i]or it's the only tea recipe implemented yet ? [/i])
    [08/03/13 19:49] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]atm it's the only tea we can brew. hopefully there will be more sometime.
    [08/03/13 19:49] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]anyway Aromatic tea needs: Firstly, put in the leaves - tea leaves
    [08/03/13 19:50] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]You then need to pour some water - water
    [08/03/13 19:50] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]tea would then be ready to be served - cups to serve it in
    [08/03/13 19:50] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]and since its Aromatic tea - aromatic herbs
    [08/03/13 19:51] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]when the Teapot itself is prepared someone ([i]not the person holding the pot[/i]) needs to provide the ingredients
    [08/03/13 19:51] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to everyone[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:52] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]it may be one person or 4 different people
    [08/03/13 19:52] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]to provide an ingredient one has to say "I will provide xxxx <- something"
    [08/03/13 19:53] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]one needs to have the something in the inventory, ofc.
    [08/03/13 19:53] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]is that clear so far? *[i]looks around troubled[/i]*
    [08/03/13 19:54] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Yeeeesss mister Shemhazaj
    [08/03/13 19:55] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]nods to Val[/i]* Syrian? how about you?
    [08/03/13 19:55] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]am I making sense to you?
    [08/03/13 19:55] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b] *[i]pokes Syrian and whispers[/i]* Nod to him or he may take out the ruler ...... and i hate rulers .....
    [08/03/13 19:56] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=VIVjuk_Y_jF13RM7KUHFDg,,"]*Shemhazaj*[/url] laughs[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:56] [b]Syrian:[/b]yep, i understand so far
    [08/03/13 19:57] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=X_-C8cTpFVBAfhm4vz8knA,,"]Valldore Nal[/url][/i][i] takes a couple of steps back waiting for a ruler to magically be summoned on Shem's hand[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:58] [b]Syrian:[/b]you said that the ingrediants have to be provided byp someone else other than the person who has the teapot
    [08/03/13 19:58] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]chuckles[/i]* now I feel like a real teacher...
    [08/03/13 19:58] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=woZqHl8M7m4RYdJvKefcYw,,"]Change[/url][/i][i] pokes head in[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:58] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]fixes glasses on his nose[/i]* ok, let's continue
    [08/03/13 19:59] [b]Syrian:[/b] *[i]points at change[/i]* 3 teapots now
    [08/03/13 19:59] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Change[/i]
    [08/03/13 19:59] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Syrian, could you read the recipe once more?
    [08/03/13 19:59] [b]Change:[/b]Thanks!
    [08/03/13 20:00] [b]Syrian:[/b]Firstly, put in the leaves, covering the teapot's base with them. You then need to pour some water onto the leaves. Next, you will need to boile the water and after five minutes of waiting,
    [08/03/13 20:00] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=89nDisETEc8LFu51jtHJqg,,"]Valldore Nal[/url][/i][i] chuckles with the idea of each student arriving as soon as teacher-Shem has finished explaining, so he has to start over[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:00] [b]Syrian:[/b]the tea would then be ready to be served.
    [08/03/13 20:00] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]ok, now the steps.
    [08/03/13 20:01] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]6 of them here. Can you see them in the recipe?
    [08/03/13 20:02] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]6 ?
    [08/03/13 20:02] [b]Syrian:[/b]add tea leaves, add water, heat, wait 5 mins, serve in cups. not sure on the 6th
    [08/03/13 20:02] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]yup. 6th is in the last line. the one after Val was thinking stuff.
    [08/03/13 20:03] [b]Syrian:[/b]maybe its adding the herbs?
    [08/03/13 20:03] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]nah, I see the confusion, ok
    [08/03/13 20:03] [b]Change:[/b]Okay, so you first add the leaves, then the water, then the heat?
    [08/03/13 20:03] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Do you need to prepare the teapot before adding leaves ?
    [08/03/13 20:03] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]you need to add water and boil it before you pour it on the leaves
    [08/03/13 20:04] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]so you won't boil tealeaves. that would be bad I suppose,
    [08/03/13 20:04] [b]Syrian:[/b]oh, is that why you need more than 1 person?
    [08/03/13 20:04] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Seeker white[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:05] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* the steps go like that: someone tells the person that holds the teapot what to do and he/she does it ([i]automatically[/i])
    [08/03/13 20:06] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]we'll see in a minute.
    [08/03/13 20:06] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]last thing before we start the test.
    [08/03/13 20:06] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Val or Syrian, please check what's needed to prepare the pot itself.
    [08/03/13 20:07] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Glorn Hammerhead[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:07] [b]Syrian:[/b]the tea leaves?
    [08/03/13 20:08] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=zSxjniyWgfHnX1KFruVPag,,"]Glorn Hammerhead[/url][/i][i] suspiciously looks at the cake[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:08] [b]Syrian:[/b]branches and water
    [08/03/13 20:09] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Take another look, you missed something
    [08/03/13 20:09] [b]Syrian:[/b]heat?
    [08/03/13 20:09] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* those resources myst be in inventory of the person holding the pot
    [08/03/13 20:09] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Yeah :P
    [08/03/13 20:10] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]to heat up the Pot you'll need a Jar
    [08/03/13 20:10] [b]:[/b][i]*Shemhazaj* passed Large Heat Jar 20K to Valldore Nal[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:10] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Jar's heated up
    [08/03/13 20:10] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Jars is totally overheated :P
    [08/03/13 20:11] [b]Change:[/b]You need 16k heat all the time, right?
    [08/03/13 20:11] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]yeah... overheated it a bit coz it's losing heat slowly :P
    [08/03/13 20:12] [b]Change:[/b]Can you use a partially filled jar?
    [08/03/13 20:13] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]If it has the amount needed, i guess you could
    [08/03/13 20:13] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]yes, if it's big enough, but it's better to use as much heat as you can
    [08/03/13 20:13] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]because Pot once heated goes colder with time
    [08/03/13 20:14] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]lots of heat means you have more time to make the "ceremony" more than once
    [08/03/13 20:14] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Can i heat the teapot using personal heat without the use of jar ?
    [08/03/13 20:14] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]no, personal heat won't work directly
    [08/03/13 20:14] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Oh, you don't need to heat the pot each time ?
    [08/03/13 20:15] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]you fill the jar with personal heat first
    [08/03/13 20:15] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]once heated and activated, pot remains active as long as heat is above minimal required
    [08/03/13 20:16] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Val, you have the water, right?
    [08/03/13 20:16] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]how about the branches?
    [08/03/13 20:16] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Yeah
    [08/03/13 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Change used the Heat stone to increase its Heat spell casts[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:16] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]No branches
    [08/03/13 20:17] [b]:[/b][i]*Shemhazaj* passed Branches to Valldore Nal[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:17] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]ok, now you're good to go.
    [08/03/13 20:17] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Now i have branches
    [08/03/13 20:17] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Although i have a feeling my fenths will take the lead first :P
    [08/03/13 20:19] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]chuckles at Val[/i]* you know, you might be right about that
    [08/03/13 20:20] [b]dst:[/b]he is right :D
    [08/03/13 20:20] [b]dst:[/b]we'll have feths tea
    [08/03/13 20:20] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]all my tea was always fenth's tea...
    [08/03/13 20:20] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Just fenths boiled water
    [08/03/13 20:20] [b]dst:[/b]yuck!
    [08/03/13 20:23] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Now teapot is ready
    [08/03/13 20:23] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Now preparing nothing
    [08/03/13 20:24] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]lets brew some tea
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Lets brew some tea
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal starts brewing the tea[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]:[/b] [i]To prepare tea, you will need: 3 Tea leaves, 1 Aromatic herbs, 1 Water, 4 Tea Cups[/i]
    08/03/13 20:26] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]good.
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]See, easier that way :P
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]I will provide the tea cups
    [08/03/13 20:26] [b]:[/b] [i]*Nimrodel* prepares the tea cups.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:27] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]I will provide the Tea leaves
    [08/03/13 20:27] [b]:[/b] [i]*Shemhazaj* provides the tea leaves.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:27] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]anyone wants to provide something?
    [08/03/13 20:27] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]not you Val tho, you can't.
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]I will provide the aromatic herbs
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b] *[i]looks around[/i]* maybe next time then
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]AmberRune:[/b]I will provide the aromatic herbs
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]I will provide the Aromatic herbs
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]I will provide the Aromatic herbs
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]:[/b] [i]*Shemhazaj* provides the aromatic herbs.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]I WIN!
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]I won't provide anything !
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]I will provide the Water
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]:[/b] [i]*MRAlyon* offers some water.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=KkqnsDluaqdcXv_8Jy_9Gg,,"]*Shemhazaj*[/url][/i][i] chuckles[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to Neno Veliki[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:28] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]now Val, click on the Pot
    [08/03/13 20:29] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]I will provide the Sugar and salt
    [08/03/13 20:29] [b]:[/b] [i]*Nimrodel* tries to offer something but it is not clear as to what (Sugar and salt)[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:29] [b]Change:[/b]I will provide the sponge cake
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]:[/b] [i]Change tries to offer something but it is not clear as to what (sponge cake)[/i]
    08/03/13 20:30] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Val, check the status before Nim breaks the pot...
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to BFH Lightning[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]*BFH Lightning*:[/b]MOOO!
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]Change:[/b]This is fun!
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]:[/b] [b][i][EVERYTHING IS READY] (All provided items irreversibly loaded and waiting to be processed) - [/i][/b][i]We are currently ready to prepare Aromatic Tea. Ingredients provided: Tea Cups by *Nimrodel*, Tea leaves, Aromatic herbs by *Shemhazaj*, Water by *MRAlyon*)[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]good.
    [08/03/13 20:30] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]now the steps.
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Spread the leaves over the teapot's base
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]I'm not following orders
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b][i](Step 1)[/i] Spread the leaves over the teapot's base
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal covers the base of the teapot with tea leaves and aromatic herbs.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]wait for five hours
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]Add some water.
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]dst:[/b]then Follow The Cow!
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]you do, you see? *[i]winks[/i]*
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b][i](Step 6)[/i] serve the tea
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal pours the tea into the cups.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b][i](Step 3)[/i] Boil the water.
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal boils the water.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]AmberRune:[/b]Wait for 1000 minutes
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b]Pour the hot water into the teapot.
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Stop that
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=KkqnsDluaqdcXv_8Jy_9Gg,,"]*Shemhazaj*[/url] gags Nim[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]I feel like a puppet !
    [08/03/13 20:31] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b][i](Step 2)[/i] Add some water.
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal pours some water.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=9eqXnhmU4PO_Ht7j2kQNMw,,"]*Nimrodel*[/url][/i][i] chuckles[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]:[/b][i][url="http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.userdetails_arena.php?eid=feuEwvYWlKRyp_v-VSr9ag,,"]Change[/url][/i][i] takes notes[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Wait for five centuries
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]Val, check the Pot's status
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]:[/b] [i]We are already done with these steps: 1,2,3,6. [/i][i]We still need perform: 4,5.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]yup, that's help when you've forotten what people already told you to do...
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]AmberRune:[/b][i](Step 3)[/i] Boil the water
    [08/03/13 20:32] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal boils the water.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]*MRAlyon*:[/b][i](Step 4)[/i] Pour the hot water into the teapot...
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal pours the hot water into the teapot.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b][i](Step 5)[/i] Wait for thousand minutes
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]:[/b] [i]Valldore Nal waits for five minutes.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]*Nimrodel*:[/b]Val.. shame on you :P
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]See, i don't follow orders :P
    [08/03/13 20:33] [b]:[/b] [b][i][COMPLETE][/i][/b][i] Valldore Nal could smell the fragrant aroma.[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:34] [b]*Shemhazaj*:[/b]and that way Val acquired 4 cups of the nastiest aromatic tea ever
    [08/03/13 20:34] [b]dst:[/b]FINALLY!
    [08/03/13 20:35] [b]:[/b][i]Valldore Nal passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to Syrian[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:35] [b]:[/b][i]Valldore Nal passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to Change[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:36] [b]:[/b][i]Valldore Nal passed Cup of Aromatic Tea to dst[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:36] [b]:[/b][i]dst passed Piece of Cake to BFH COW[/i]
    [08/03/13 20:36] [b]Valldore Nal:[/b]Sorry Shem, run out of tea

    [color=#808080][i]The party continued until bit before 11pm. We made lot more tea, everyone there had chance to try making it or contributing. We even found the random commands to be ignored ;)[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]Next time we'll try to learn how to bake cake.[/i][/color]
    [color=#808080][i]It might be even more fun, because I actually never did that before :P[/i][/color]

    [color=#a9a9a9][size=2]Edit: spelling errors[/size][/color]

    Congratulations for the success of this event. I hope to see more in the future.

  3. [quote name='Shemhazaj' timestamp='1362583677' post='133524']

    [i][color=#808080]I am pleased to announce the first annual[size=5] [b]Cooking Class Tea Brewing[/b][/size] event.[/color][/i]
    [i][color=#808080]date: [/color][/i][color=#808080]~ Friday, Day: 66 Year: 8, more or less 19:00 ST ~[/color]
    [i][color=#808080]place: [/color][/i][color=#808080]Paper Cabin Balcony[i] (has a nice view)[/i][/color]


    Nooo. I might not reach the event!

  4. [quote name='stavaroiu' timestamp='1362702928' post='133600']
    Just want to point out that this Test Contest overlaps with Day of Fear where a considerable amount of ppl already signed up for.

    For those that would like to participate in both contests it will be like forcing them to pick one contest over the other.


  5. I care little if this goes half off topic.

    Reality is...

    Not many care for organizing things. Question is: What they, the people, gain from organizing events, quests or whatever? I might sound rude, but not many do something if they aren't rewarded.

    Note: I can only speak of me because I know me, so it is not that I think I am the latest Cola on the world :P

    I have organized several things without interest at all. I have used my things to reward sometimes. My thinking... If MD grows then I will be so satisfied that I did something to contribute to that. But, you know, not many think like me. Yes, you might say that I have received help from Mur, Chew, Council, etc. Yes, that's true, but I have gained their trust, with effort, with consistency, with honesty... I have caused them headaches, I have complained, yelled when i dislike things, etc that's what I would love to see in players, interest. Interest for what a world that let us have fun, sometimes sadness, etc.

    MD is us. We the community have the power to change anything. We want quests, we want people involved, we want a bigger MD, lets contribute to this.

    Yes I complain. I burn up council sometimes, of course I do!, but the difference between me and others who also love to complain is that I also contribute to the development of this game. With events, quest, help to newbs, and simple things that require just interest. So my call to all of you is to be part of that difference, to earn that trust, to earn the right of complaining, to be part of the solution, to contribute to the development of this game. Lets care for MD, lets contribute to this world. Our small things cause big changes.

    Remember, admin, council, coders, etc are players like you and me. They accepted the challenge to contribute to MD, but now... Do YOU accept that challenge as well?

    My recommendation to council, coders, and admins to find a way to promote that interest on players. Then, and only then, we will find great ideas for things that could be implemented into the game permanently and ofc we will cause big changes to the way MD evolve.


  6. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1362308459' post='133353']
    As tarq said, it was probably CF breaking out site becuase nothing was amis on the server.

    Wonderful cloudflare... and people wonder why i didnt want it.

    It was cloudflare network.

    and about all the complains, think on it closer, we are more secured (you guys no longer see announcements of a big quantity of china ips locked), we have positive seo effects, and other things. Since CF was launched i can only recall 2 times we have had big (aka affecting users to login etc) issues caused by CF and not md server. So putting things in a balance what is best? You already know my answer :P

  7. [quote name='DarkRaptor' timestamp='1362238943' post='133315']
    Date : 2013-03-02

    [b]Done Business with local Fertilizer Supplier![/b]


    Biological Fertilizer will be largelly available for all Garden Crops!!

    His name is "castanho" by the way :D

    The COW!!

    actually bull

  8. I'm in favor of depleting resources. They are there with the purpose of people discovering another branch of md, or at least it is how i feel it. And... personally it makes me feel that a feature of MD is liked and hence used.

    What I dont like is the current situation of shared items where some lands have an advantage over others in terms of which gathering tools they have, but that's an issue that to be fixed will need a lot of planning from council, community, and the coders...

    That's what i think, but people might not think like me.. idk

  9. [font="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"][size="2"][color="#666666"][b]News:[/b] [b]All shared items have been returned to their original place.[/b]
    Go grab your favorite tool and [size=6]en[/size][/color][/size][/font][color=#ff0000][font="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"][size="2"][size=6]g[/size][/size][/font][/color][font="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"][size="2"][color="#666666"][size=6]oy[/size] it till the next regroup. Try avoiding cauldron type items just before this regrouping takes place as they will regroup even if they are in use. Item keep some of the modified values on regrouping. You should not use alts to store multiple shared items and you should not hoard them, these items are meant to be used by many people not hoarded by a few. Item regrouping happens on every Tuesday, 04:15 on odd dates and 16:15 on even dates of the month, Server Time[/color][/size][/font]

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