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  1. I get five mins of "free" time and here am I sticking my nose back to MD bahh... Either way...

    In an optimal way the jail system should be automated, as in the spell would set a certain amount of time for the ban and after the time is fulfilled user is returned to GoE.

    Emailing people to get out is just a waste of time in my opinion (emails could get lost, never read, etc). 


    Now from the developer side... since not many people are jailed, I would say that there's not enough people for such an automated feature to be made...

    Aside of that, its been ages since CM was banned, he fulfilled his jail time and he should be released and not be submitted to another "trial" by speaking to you or Mur and explaining if he understood or not. If he fails again, then give him a tougher jail time, simple...


    An honest opinion here :P


  2. If you dont consider LHO a particularly powerful position, then I'd agree with you BFH. If I considered an LHO just some random player who could get wings and give advice just like any other player can, then I would say the same. 


    I'm glad you bring this point in. From my understanding, LHOs aren't meant to be game moderators (CHEW can you clarify this, please). They are meant to be a group of players, that have some decent game knowledge and want to help other people. 


    I think that their performance as LHOs is what gain them respect from people. Not the position itself. I think that we should be more open and allow more players into the LHO system. If we want MD to be better, become better and be prepared for a possible traffic boom after A25 changes we need to have more people that feel capable of helping others and that know the system because they experienced it at first hand.


    Your valuable time is worth nothing if the duty you stand for allows a player to make a move so bad you both get banned for it. As for no discussion, there is a forum and you have hands to type and petition your case. It is a job, you have to apply for it, lack of payment is irrelevant, charity workers still get fired.

    I disagree, there are cases and there are cases. If the player did something that harmed the game knowing that something was wrong, and the game explicitly states so (rules, restrictions, etc), then I agree he/she should be banned without much discussion.


    • If the player is using a bug, and he/she doesn't know that that is a bug, and it is not his/her fault that the code is wrong and something was broken, he/she shouldn't get penalized, and perhaps should get advised to report strange behavior in a future occasion so that it gets fixed.
    • If the player asked and was wrongly advised that he/she could continue doing whatever he asked. He/she should not get penalized because of other person mistake.
    • If an LHO make a mistake, he/she should be given a chance as appreciation for the time he/she puts into the game.
    • If an LHO constantly makes a mistake then he/she should not be an LHO.


    Your time would be worth nothing, if the duty you stand for CONSTANTLY allows a player to make a move so bad that you both get banned for.


    MD is not a game with 1M players. MD is a SMALL game, we can't afford to jail players for any small stupidity. Banned players will easily tend to leave the game. When I got banned, I was ready to leave, Mya was the one who convinced me not to leave. No one is essential, but trust me I ended up contributing more to the game than what many people have, much more than what 99.99% of you know. And it doesn't matter if the contributions are big or small, what matters is that if I had gone, then none of those contributions would have be done.


    Shouldn't we look forward to avoid this type of cases? Shouldn't we look forward to make our community bigger instead of trying to find more ways of penalizing it?

  3. I will comment based on experience. I think I've been the only LHO banned for giving a wrong advice.


    Out of knowledge, I gave a wrong advice to a player. Basically the player asked me something. I commented something to Grido and received an answer which I linked with what the player mentioned me. Hence, I assumed  it as a new feature and told the player that I though there weren't issues. At the end of the day, it resulted that this wasn't a feature but a new bug.


    I got banned for that. I considered it very unfair at that time and still consider it unfair. I spent a lot of my time helping the game without anything in exchange and at the moment in which I made a mistake I got punished. No second chances, no discussion at all. Simply jailed. That sounds fair? Hell no. It would have been much better if they approached the issue by explaining me never to assume things (with Chew did after I got jailed) and then giving me and the player another chance.


    I don't agree on LHOs getting punished for making a small mistake. I think that if that person is trying to contribute to the game, giving of his time, in exchange of basically nothing (a couple of spells and that LHO appreciation thing is a joke seriously), he/she should be rewarded, not punished. If he/she made a mistake then speak to him/her, advice to not make the same mistake again. Lets not be hypocrite, pretend that we don't make mistakes, and try to punish him/her without giving another chance.


    If you want to make LHO position such a responsibility and you want to put LHOs accounts in risk of getting banned for any mistakes they make, then give them good rewards, and somehow pay for what LHOs do (by pay i mean ingame rewards). Technically if you pay someone for something, you can fire/punish him/her for any reasons.



    Ps. If I offended anyone with this sorry, I'm direct today.

  4. We probably want a configurable set of links, some let you vote every 24 hours, some reset a specific time, etc.


    BFH, any comments?


    Most top sites will log your IP and allow you to vote 24hrs after your vote input.


    If we change the system, you might end up submitting a vote that wont be counted. That's why the system is set as it is.

  5. Chewett did say during the discussion at GoE that viscosity is not a simple thing to be played around with. Apparently last time they had to lower the costs of all scenes for this to work. So it wouldn't apply to just one or two locations.


    Anything can be coded sasha. I'm guessing here, but I guess they use a cron to raise the visc every certain amount of time. 


    Since they obviously dont want to mess with the cron, that's the most probable reason of why they had to lower the viscosity to -20 (so that it takes time to raise again), and since MD is so huge, lowering the viscosity of certain scenes manually would be a pain, that's why they had to lower all the scenes. 


    What Pip says can work, but I think that needs a separate topic and a separate discussion.


    You missed phantasm :P



    I will have to step down as a host. The other days available I work during the most active times. Last time events where held during the week I did not participate. there are times I work late and still have to sleep. So I would not be able to be present long enough or stable enough to ensure that the day I host goes well if it falls on one of my weekdays. But I can help others in ideas or help with planning.

    thanks for letting us know

  7. As discussed in today's public meeting, I'm opening ten host/coordinator positions for the 10th MD Anniversary. So how it works:


    • Ten players will be selected and each will host one day of the anniversary. 
    • By host that individual will have the responsibility of organizing, scheduling and planning his/her chosen day. That means that as host you will have all power over your chosen day, you will schedule and move accordingly, you will contact land leaders, quest creators, whoever you need to contact just to make your day successful. 
    • Hosts can request any tools he needs to me, as long and he/she have a valid reason to have them (chew will give a final approval of whatever you request me).
      • Note: Whatever tools you request to me, make sure they are already coded, else that will become a code work that you need to request from Chewett. 
    • Hosts can request code work to Chewett, but once again, have a plan and structure, don't ask things without having valid reasons.
    • Once selected, hosts will be contacted by me in a weekly manner. That's to see what's the status of his/her day and if he needs anything.
    • Hosts do NOT need to be online all the day, that's impossible. He/she simply needs to coordinate ahead of time to ensure things move accordingly.
    • Hosts will be rewarded for their help organizing the anniversary.

    How to apply for the position?


    • Select one day between April 14 to April 23 (except Saturday 18 and Sunday 19). Make sure you will be available at least a couple of hours to ensure everything is running smoothly in your chosen day.
    • Post your player name and ID below.
    • State why you want this position and if you have any plans for it (Note: the plan thing is optional, the idea behind choosing the hosts with time is to give them time to organize and plan ahead)

    Note: Anyone can become a host. This is your chance to gain trust among the community and the perfect chance to prove you can handle any tools given to you properly.


    Applications open until next Sunday, March 1, 2015.

  8. Logs of Discussion BELOW



    [22/02/15 18:03] BFH the WHITE:Today we gather here in order to commence preparations for our 10th Anniversary. 
    [22/02/15 18:04] BFH the WHITE:First, I will give the details we know so far. Then I will open the discussion on several topics. For now just listen. 
    [22/02/15 18:04] BFH the WHITE:This will be a ten days event that will take place from April 14 to April 24.
    [22/02/15 18:04] Azkhael: (Here
    [22/02/15 18:04] BFH the WHITE:Mur will host a couple of secret events and the rest will be planned by you, the community. Isn't that cool ? 
    [22/02/15 18:04] BFH the WHITE: (welcome :P
    [22/02/15 18:05] Azkhael: (Thank you
    [22/02/15 18:05] BFH the WHITE:I was assigned the organization role, which means that I will be the one of scheduling the ten days event. However, that doesn’t mean that I will host all events, quests and contests. 
    [22/02/15 18:05] BFH the WHITE:We need questers to make all sorts of events. 
    [22/02/15 18:06] BFH the WHITE:As announced before those questers will be rewarded for their contribution to the anniversary organization. 
    [22/02/15 18:06] BFH the WHITE:now the next thing is something cool :D 
    [22/02/15 18:06] BFH the WHITE:Also the questers can request any sorts of tools (tools that already exist ingame) to me, as long as they make sense for your quest. 
    [22/02/15 18:06] BFH the WHITE:Your request will pass two filters, first will be me. 
    [22/02/15 18:07] Rikstar: (You mean by questers the quest creators?
    [22/02/15 18:07] BFH the WHITE:. If I think whatever you are requesting makes sense and you should get that item, because it will help you with X event or quest, I will pass your request to Chewett. 
    [22/02/15 18:07] BFH the WHITE: (yes
    [22/02/15 18:07] BFH the WHITE: (quest creators :D
    [22/02/15 18:07] BFH the WHITE: (or event creators same thing
    [22/02/15 18:07] BFH the WHITE:. If he approves it you get it. 
    [22/02/15 18:08] Chewett:I will review the idea for any technical reasons, aka stuff we dont want to give out for specific reasons 
    [22/02/15 18:08] Chewett:Likely BFH will approve anything I will approve 
    [22/02/15 18:08] JadenDew: ( i always thought questers refer to people who are playing, not making the quest.. confused me for abit ><
    [22/02/15 18:08] BFH the WHITE:AND Make sure you give me valid reasons to get X thing, aka explain why you need it/how you will use it. 
    [22/02/15 18:08] Chewett:But I know any technical problems with stuff 
    [22/02/15 18:09] BFH the WHITE:now 
    [22/02/15 18:09] BFH the WHITE:the following is a proposal 
    [22/02/15 18:09] BFH the WHITE:if you guys can come with a better idea speak up 
    [22/02/15 18:10] BFH the WHITE:I also want ten hosts, one per day. 
    [22/02/15 18:10] BFH the WHITE:During the past, council hosted many of the days. The fact that we have to rely on a couple of people to run stuff sucks. 
    [22/02/15 18:10] BFH the WHITE: (by many of the days, I mean many of the anniversary days
    [22/02/15 18:10] Asthir:Each event should run for one day only? 
    [22/02/15 18:10] BFH the WHITE:no 
    [22/02/15 18:11] BFH the WHITE:but each host will host one day 
    [22/02/15 18:11] BFH the WHITE:So I want ten volunteers to host one day of the anniversary 
    [22/02/15 18:11] Azkhael:Any event that would disrupt other events should, however, ideally run for only one day though, correct? 
    [22/02/15 18:11] BFH the WHITE:As host you will have all power over that day, you will schedule and move accordingly, you will contact land leaders, quest creators, whoever you need to contact just to make your day successful. 
    [22/02/15 18:11] BFH the WHITE:I will serve as general moderator for the process. 
    [22/02/15 18:11] Assira the Black:Hmm... 
    [22/02/15 18:12] Rikstar:Sounds good. 
    [22/02/15 18:12] BFH the WHITE:Az: we will discuss later ways of scheduling stuff 
    [22/02/15 18:12] Azkhael:Noted. 
    [22/02/15 18:13] BFH the WHITE:Az: one of my concerns was that in the past many quest got released during the initial days, leaving the other days with nothing 
    [22/02/15 18:13] BFH the WHITE:we will discuss that later 
    [22/02/15 18:13] BFH the WHITE:If you choose to become a host, you will be contacted by me weekly to see what’s the progress and if you need any assistance tools. 
    [22/02/15 18:13] BFH the WHITE:This way we are making our lives easier, we are distributing the load of work, and we make sure things get done. 
    [22/02/15 18:14] BFH the WHITE:So I open discussion on the host topic. 
    [22/02/15 18:14] BFH the WHITE:Any comments, ideas or concerns? 
    [22/02/15 18:14] Chewett:Hosts will also have the ability to request coding 
    [22/02/15 18:14] Chewett:I will be helping the event by coding things 
    [22/02/15 18:14] Rikstar:So who gets chosen? 
    [22/02/15 18:14] Azkhael:How should hosts be decided, in the case of overabundance of applications? 
    [22/02/15 18:14] BFH the WHITE:dictadure! 
    [22/02/15 18:14] TheRichMerchant: (it should worl
    [22/02/15 18:14] Rikstar:I would personaly say by voting on the forums? 
    [22/02/15 18:15] BFH the WHITE:now more serious 
    [22/02/15 18:15] TheRichMerchant: (work
    [22/02/15 18:15] BFH the WHITE:Hosts should apply in forums, I will open a topic later for that 
    [22/02/15 18:15] :*Grido* passed Memory stone to JadenDew 
    [22/02/15 18:16] BFH the WHITE:so 
    [22/02/15 18:17] BFH the WHITE:application will include your playername, id, day you choose to host (aka days you are available) and why you think you are goood for the position 
    [22/02/15 18:17] BFH the WHITE:makes sense? 
    [22/02/15 18:17] BFH the WHITE: :D 
    [22/02/15 18:17] Rikstar:Why what they plan to do? 
    [22/02/15 18:17] Rikstar:Because this could easily be seen as a power position just to get stuff. 
    [22/02/15 18:18] :JadenDew passed Memory stone to Grido 
    [22/02/15 18:18] BFH the WHITE:i dont get your question 
    [22/02/15 18:18] BFH the WHITE:power will be temporal for that day 
    [22/02/15 18:18] Aelis:Are the hosts supposed to be quest creators? Or is this something like a "coordinator" position? 
    [22/02/15 18:18] Rikstar:I mean the abusement of power. 
    [22/02/15 18:18] BFH the WHITE:coordinator position
    [22/02/15 18:19] Azkhael:'Why what they plan to do" ...? Did you mean "Why not also ask what they plan to do?"? 
    [22/02/15 18:19] Rikstar:Yes, Askhael! 
    [22/02/15 18:19] BFH the WHITE:you will coordinate that day, hence you will make sure that that day is filled with events 
    [22/02/15 18:19] dst:what happened to MoC? 
    [22/02/15 18:19] Rikstar:MoC was dead right? 
    [22/02/15 18:20] dst:that's molquort 
    [22/02/15 18:20] Azkhael:Rikstar means to ask why not also add a field to the application for the candidate to briefly comment on their intentions with the event. 
    [22/02/15 18:20] BFH the WHITE:I can add that question as well rik 
    [22/02/15 18:20] Rikstar:Ah, you're right. 
    [22/02/15 18:20] Pipstickz:Good luck BFH! 
    [22/02/15 18:20] BFH the WHITE:MoC? well MoC was council stuff 
    [22/02/15 18:20] BFH the WHITE:council died 
    [22/02/15 18:21] dst:council resigned 
    [22/02/15 18:21] BFH the WHITE:sorry ex council members, if any here :( 
    [22/02/15 18:21] Rikstar:What will happen with the players who abuse this position? 
    [22/02/15 18:21] dst:but MoC could still be played, couldn't ? 
    [22/02/15 18:21] dst:coulnd't it* 
    [22/02/15 18:21] BFH the WHITE:yes that's correct d 
    [22/02/15 18:22] dst:like Confused Santa 
    [22/02/15 18:22] BFH the WHITE:I will act as a Global Moderator for this event Rick. Anything abused in MD is penalized 
    [22/02/15 18:23] BFH the WHITE:the tools provided to quest creators and hosts should be exclusively used for whatever they were given out 
    [22/02/15 18:23] BFH the WHITE:items/spells given for this will also expire after the anniversary 
    [22/02/15 18:23] BFH the WHITE: (thanks Pip
    [22/02/15 18:24] BFH the WHITE:any other questions, concerns, comments about the host thing? 
    [22/02/15 18:24] BFH the WHITE:like the idea? think it will work? 
    [22/02/15 18:24] Chewett:Oops 
    [22/02/15 18:24] Rikstar:It's a good idea in my opinion. 
    [22/02/15 18:25] TheRichMerchant:it would work, but you'll havae some people take care of multiple days :) 
    [22/02/15 18:25] TheRichMerchant:cuz you won't get 10 if you are too rigurous about applications 
    [22/02/15 18:26] BFH the WHITE:lets see how many apply, and we will work out from there 
    [22/02/15 18:26] Chewett: (working on chat, if something breaks shout
    [22/02/15 18:26] BFH the WHITE:there's nothing rigorous about it, it's a simple forum application :P 
    [22/02/15 18:27] BFH the WHITE:now, lets discuss the scheduling thing 
    [22/02/15 18:27] dst:when does the B-day exactly start? 
    [22/02/15 18:27] dst:on what day? 
    [22/02/15 18:27] Azkhael:A good question. 
    [22/02/15 18:27] BFH the WHITE: (april 14-24
    [22/02/15 18:27] dst:14th of April? 
    [22/02/15 18:27] dst:ok, thank you 
    [22/02/15 18:28] Azkhael:Thank you. 
    [22/02/15 18:28] dst:that's a Tuesday and my first working day after Easter :D 
    [22/02/15 18:28] dst:not good... 
    [22/02/15 18:28] Chewett:Why does it start then? 
    [22/02/15 18:28] BFH the WHITE:so for scheduling we can use doodle 
    [22/02/15 18:29] BFH the WHITE:So basically I loaded the 10 days to doodle and distributed the hours. Lets say you want to run a quest day one at 0:00 ST, then go to the following doodle link 
    [22/02/15 18:29] BFH the WHITE:https://doodle.com/mhaa27i4vgrssf5v 
    [22/02/15 18:29] BFH the WHITE:and on calendar view add your name followed by quest name and select the time slots it will take. 
    [22/02/15 18:29] BFH the WHITE:or any other ideas? 
    [22/02/15 18:30] Rikstar:Doodle doesn't load. D: 
    [22/02/15 18:30] BFH the WHITE:https://doodle.com/mhaa27i4vgrssf5v 
    [22/02/15 18:30] BFH the WHITE:try again? 
    [22/02/15 18:31] Rikstar:Even the main site is offline for me. 
    [22/02/15 18:31] Chewett:Doodle works for me 
    [22/02/15 18:31] dst:it loads for me as well 
    [22/02/15 18:32] Chewett:Just going to say, that doodle is horrific 
    [22/02/15 18:32] Chewett:You really need a calender style thing... like the forum one 
    [22/02/15 18:32] dst:ye! 
    [22/02/15 18:32] Rikstar:It must be a problem with my internet provider/. 
    [22/02/15 18:32] JadenDew:laoded the doodle 
    [22/02/15 18:32] BFH the WHITE:any other tools? 
    [22/02/15 18:32] dst:or at least have the weeks one under the other 
    [22/02/15 18:32] Azkhael:Loads. 
    [22/02/15 18:32] Rikstar:I have used microsoft projects only that's expensive. 
    [22/02/15 18:33] :Fang Archbane yawns 
    [22/02/15 18:33] BFH the WHITE: (same here
    [22/02/15 18:33] Azkhael:Verticalization would be nice, yes. 
    [22/02/15 18:34] BFH the WHITE:ok i will find a tool 
    [22/02/15 18:34] BFH the WHITE:"soon" 
    [22/02/15 18:34] :Rikstar chuckles 
    [22/02/15 18:34] Guardian of Root 24230:Afternoon all. 
    [22/02/15 18:34] Rikstar:So we are preparing for the MD birthday of 2050? 
    [22/02/15 18:35] BFH the WHITE:lol 
    [22/02/15 18:35] Rikstar:Good afternoon! 
    [22/02/15 18:35] Azkhael:"'Soon'" :P 
    [22/02/15 18:35] BFH the WHITE:now i open discussion for any ideas 
    [22/02/15 18:35] :Assira the Black nods to the Guardian 
    [22/02/15 18:35] BFH the WHITE:whatever you want to say, suggest etc 
    [22/02/15 18:36] dst:I LOVE cliky quests AND crafting ones 
    [22/02/15 18:37] dst:don't give me essays 
    [22/02/15 18:37] BFH the WHITE:you see chew, I am so good that people dont have suggestions 
    [22/02/15 18:37] JadenDew: (erm been distracted.. what ideas are we discussing?
    [22/02/15 18:37] Assira the Black:Hmm... Well some people's days do not match md days very well... So is there a way to host partial days? 
    [22/02/15 18:37] :Fang Archbane Smells Sasha on that Guardian 
    [22/02/15 18:37] dst:I am also all for transparancy 
    [22/02/15 18:37] :Azkhael cackles sinisterly 
    [22/02/15 18:37] Junior:Yay i made it in time for the discussions 
    [22/02/15 18:37] dst:not dd like quests 
    [22/02/15 18:38] Rikstar:Also is there a way so that some programmers could bond up with quest writers? 
    [22/02/15 18:38] BFH the WHITE:that can be a possibility assira 
    [22/02/15 18:38] Rikstar:Since I can program, but I an't produce nice quests. 
    [22/02/15 18:38] Azkhael:I was too late for the cackle to be in-context - oh well. 
    [22/02/15 18:38] BFH the WHITE:simply put your available time in forums 
    [22/02/15 18:38] BFH the WHITE:remember host doesn;t have to be online all the time 
    [22/02/15 18:38] Azkhael:How should quests that interfere with participation in others be ideally handled, BFH? 
    [22/02/15 18:38] BFH the WHITE:he/she simply coordinates 
    [22/02/15 18:38] Junior:land related activities? 
    [22/02/15 18:39] :Assira the Black nods 
    [22/02/15 18:39] Junior:I.e. I am working with sasha on a GG community activity 
    [22/02/15 18:39] BFH the WHITE:Az: the idea behind having a single day host, is to allow the host participate and take part of the other nine days 
    [22/02/15 18:40] :Fang Archbane Hops into DewDews arms and falls asleep 
    [22/02/15 18:40] Azkhael:Not for the host - I mean, for instance, quests where it might be in the players' interest to avoid public locations. 
    [22/02/15 18:40] :JadenDew drops Fang right away 
    [22/02/15 18:40] Azkhael:Which would, consequently, jeopardize participation in other events in the same day. 
    [22/02/15 18:40] Junior: (oh yeah! its 10 days now!
    [22/02/15 18:40] JadenDew:no touching... you should know by now.. 
    [22/02/15 18:41] :Fang Archbane Feels unloved as he hops onto Risk head and naps quietly 
    [22/02/15 18:41] Fang Archbane: (*Riks
    [22/02/15 18:41] :Rikstar feels his new hat and smiles. 
    [22/02/15 18:41] BFH the WHITE:Az: yeah, that should be avoided, as much as possible, you should target events to most of the population 
    [22/02/15 18:42] BFH the WHITE:if any quest creator needs his/her quest to run in a specific place, he/she should request me that ahead of time to see if I can make it happen 
    [22/02/15 18:43] BFH the WHITE:but the idea is to distribute things in a manner to avoid that situation 
    [22/02/15 18:43] Azkhael:My bad, to clarify: I refer to quests where the players may, for instance, want to hide from others for the duration or for a phase. 
    [22/02/15 18:43] BFH the WHITE:@Junior- what about lands? 
    [22/02/15 18:44] BFH the WHITE:that's a normal thing for quests Az, it's something hard to avoid I guess 
    [22/02/15 18:45] BFH the WHITE:any other questions?
    [22/02/15 18:46] BFH the WHITE:so it seems all is set 
    [22/02/15 18:47] BFH the WHITE:thnks guys 
    [22/02/15 18:47] :[Spell] @LOGS 
    [22/02/15 18:47] JadenDew:YES LOGS



  9. Here are the details for the first public discussion of the 10th MD Anniversary.


    WHEN: Sunday February 22, 2015

    TIME: 18:00 server time

    WHERE: Gazebo of Equilibrium


    Please come with ideas on things you would like to see happening during the ten days event.


    Note: If you can't take part of the discussion, but you would like your idea to be taken into consideration, please post it here, as clear as possible, and we will discuss it.

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