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  1. Hey All- Today is my last day within the MD Realm. Casually, I spent the last few days exploring all lands, to my surprise, I discovered two scenes I never saw before! Then I didn't imagine that it would lead to a perfect farewell, but so it happened, the last walk through MD. *Ambitions: I guess I fulfilled most of my personal ambitions for MD. Although I never became King! Shame! I will proudly call myself the King of Nothing! *Moments: One of my favourite MD moment was one of the times I played Confused Santa. That night two of us played the account, so the shifting personali
  2. I get five mins of "free" time and here am I sticking my nose back to MD bahh... Either way... In an optimal way the jail system should be automated, as in the spell would set a certain amount of time for the ban and after the time is fulfilled user is returned to GoE. Emailing people to get out is just a waste of time in my opinion (emails could get lost, never read, etc). Now from the developer side... since not many people are jailed, I would say that there's not enough people for such an automated feature to be made... Aside of that, its been ages since CM was b
  3. BFH


    Someone was having fun! Way to go Miq!
  4. Tonight I will restock spellstones. Later this week I will restock other stuff, I need to check with Chewett for some of our items.
  5. Send Chew and Me a pm with the rewards you need. Thnx
  6. BFH

    LHO rule

    I'm glad you bring this point in. From my understanding, LHOs aren't meant to be game moderators (CHEW can you clarify this, please). They are meant to be a group of players, that have some decent game knowledge and want to help other people. I think that their performance as LHOs is what gain them respect from people. Not the position itself. I think that we should be more open and allow more players into the LHO system. If we want MD to be better, become better and be prepared for a possible traffic boom after A25 changes we need to have more people that feel capable of helping others a
  7. BFH

    LHO rule

    I will comment based on experience. I think I've been the only LHO banned for giving a wrong advice. Out of knowledge, I gave a wrong advice to a player. Basically the player asked me something. I commented something to Grido and received an answer which I linked with what the player mentioned me. Hence, I assumed it as a new feature and told the player that I though there weren't issues. At the end of the day, it resulted that this wasn't a feature but a new bug. I got banned for that. I considered it very unfair at that time and still consider it unfair. I spent a lot of my time hel
  8. Most top sites will log your IP and allow you to vote 24hrs after your vote input. If we change the system, you might end up submitting a vote that wont be counted. That's why the system is set as it is.
  9. Anything can be coded sasha. I'm guessing here, but I guess they use a cron to raise the visc every certain amount of time. Since they obviously dont want to mess with the cron, that's the most probable reason of why they had to lower the viscosity to -20 (so that it takes time to raise again), and since MD is so huge, lowering the viscosity of certain scenes manually would be a pain, that's why they had to lower all the scenes. What Pip says can work, but I think that needs a separate topic and a separate discussion.
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