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  1. Well I know he is making tablets, cause nobody else would do it for me no matter what I offered. So he is helping me with making them. So does the tablet processor consume a whole stack even if above 20 mem stones? I havent got to make one of my own yet I don't think. I just remember buying one from someone
  2. So all branches? Or certain ones? I had looked in them all so I'm going with what chew had said, but what of this new player? Wrong branch likely?
  3. It should be in power ups and boosters section if I'm not mistaken
  4. Hello, Seems I have no cookies. Also did not have any last year. Is this because I had once upon a time used all the ones I had x murmas's ago? If so is it fixed by a shop reset? Just wondering thanks
  5. Depends. If you use the stone tablet processor in lore does it not consume stacks? It has been a while some I've been on the mainland so I haven't used memory stones for a while.
  6. Not to be rude this is just my opinion, Given the current state of md I would say the value is likely to be 1 gold and a few silver. Maybe if they are in separate stack/multiple stacks they could be worth more.
  7. Yes. I have posted as magicduel and as myself. But I have been fairly inactive for Twitter. So it would help if the new helper is highly active on twitter And since when are there rewards lol first time I'm hearing it. Should I edit my post now? 😁
  8. Fang I try to be a friend so you need to listen and listen well, Azull has been doing a great number of things with helping on the island, and take it how you'd like but he has done more for the island than you have. Azull may not consider himself a guardian but for right now he his technically filling the role right now. Azull was brought to the island for many good reasons. Magohi and klawdees was also brought to the island for reasons. You need to understand me and azull have been helping mur so we may not be at the scene one of your friends are. Nor know their name. You also need
  9. Hello all, Me and chewett could use a new social media manager. Mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Right now the other managers we had have been highly inactive with this job. We also now have a new social media app we have been expiermenting with right now. So things are busy. We need 1 maybe 2 people that are active on social media said above. Please know how to use these sites before applying. (Note.. discord may not be an option but can be discussed with chew) If interested Submit your reply here and state a reason you are a good choice. Please know this is not a role tag job.
  10. No it works like the announcements and mur said he wants it to stay like that so you can't hide in a sanctuary with heads
  11. yes they will . even though story mode isnt active anymore you still get things from the PC that lead up to opening the UG
  12. This would be somewhat easy, i could do this if i were to have my tools back but This could be an organized tour for xmas, and they can also have a choice to stay on the mainland as well. With the gateway tour tools you are able to bring them back to the island if they still hold the tour pin badge. Each online player for this day can receive this tour badge and enjoy 1 of two things . #1 , they can take part in the xmas event and gather their presents from the tree and then return to the island after all said and done just by using the current gateway tools. #2 is exactly like numbe
  13. Not sure if the heads thing mur did last night has anything to do with this, but this is a sanctuary so shouldnt a player be safe here? Or does the heads hill tag also have something to do with it? I know for certain before mur did the heads stuff last night that you could not be attacked here at this location. Can some one enlighten me on this?
  14. >>>>>>Something else.. About bringing basic fights to the island.. I think its good..in one of the closed places of the island. ..but i don't want crit recruiting..i want something more personal like crits given by guardians. I am not sure we have enough people for such a thing there..but what do you think? I think 5 or 6 mp7s on the island would help in training. Each guardian has a different fighting level. So the newbie can try different battle settings ECT. However I also think it would be good to let a newbie cap at mp3 on the island , so at mp4 on the mainlan
  15. There is no need for extra resources on the island. These items are for the clickable boat in gateway island. If a new comer is able to fill it, they can use it to leave, but it is meant to be used through interaction and trading. As you can see there are items it requires them to use that newbies are not usually equipped with. This makes them learn to trade or preform small quests to earn these items from said guardian. These items are supposed to come from the mainland from a merchant of sorts. Though it has not been fully organized the boat is fully functional and works fine.
  16. Loyalty is easy to obtain yes, but anyone else could had gotten it before me. I don't see why I couldn't get it.
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