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  1. Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. 25 plushies Item 3: Death fenth. 10 plushies Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 10 plushies
  2. I havent remade the rules and redone this yet. So at this very moment I am sad to say no its not active. Since you are showing interest I will work on it tonight and have it ready to be reopened in a day or two
  3. I never entered your competition soooo technically how am I disqualified? Makes no sense. Dont you mean to say I am not allowed to partake in your quest? Sounds more senseable since I never entered this quest
  4. He probably could if he tried. But each day I gain more and more soo...... It may be a while before he achieves it. Hope he does though.
  5. Bet you cant beat that dead loyalty 😂
  6. Bumping.......... Chew and I are still looking for 1 possibly two people who think they can handle being a social media manager for MDs social media pages facebook and twittter. If you are interested you may post here or message chewett or myself for more details on what would be asked of you. Payment for this role opportunity is possible however it will be based on what you do when acting under MDs pages. Payments for this role are left to chew and mur. Please do not apply expecting a payment of sorts. It will need to be worked for. Thank you to all md commu
  7. http://storenow.net/download/9b136b642fe6af90bee4f0017b80a039/screenshot_2018-05-08-00-07-52.png
  8. Most of the time my combat , chat and messaging sounds do not work. I don't think I'd see a difference if the sounds are disabled as I don't hear them anyways for some reason.
  9. If I'm not mistaken, there used to be a few kings and citizens of somelands that would charge to use pass papers. So if pass papers for a land are only able to be grabbed by a citizen of that land or the king/queen and even now the tool guardians then they would have paid to go through the land using pass papers. But if a none citizen enters without the papers then certain scenes would need to have a payment to advance. I think it would also be slightly unfair if a king were to make every scene have a payment. But I like the idea as said above with the scene before the shared tools being
  10. If some one has a land paper it could bypass the toll. As the were invited.
  11. I do believe this would be possible with the A25 As well as this. I also like the idea. Personally it would make sense in a way. You want something specific from a land then when you enter or when you leave You must pay a toll for taking precious resources from said land
  12. I dont care to partake in this but if youd like ill sponsor 1 wp for 1st place
  13. It has been rewarded . sorry for the delay. Good work on your art. Also still seeking reefercul. Have not seen him since his submission.
  14. I may have by accident. A while ago my message inbox was full and I cleared out alot of the older messages. Sorry for this. Can you add me back, or if anything please start a new pm with me and chew.
  15. Could had been some reason. Like inactivity or rl things. I will look into this later today when home and get this issue fixed for you. Sorry about the issue that seems to be at hand.
  16. Please bump the pm. Thank you. Sorry this was not finished. I will work on getting this fixed and squared up right away.
  17. If you can not attack and nobody can attack you , what's the point to entering a fighting contest? If you can not fight or be attacked then imo, this is not the contest for you (a dead player). To be honest because of this, I feel dead players shouldn't be able to participate in a fighting contest, as even two dead players still can not attack one another. I vote to ban dead players from fighting contests like this one due to these reasons below 1. They can not fight 2. They can not be fought/attacked 3. They can not recruit creatures 4. They are constantly reca
  18. Are you not still dead? If so I don't find it fair since people can't attack dead players.
  19. If each mp level reaches 6 players I will sponsor 1 wp for each mp level, not just mp5. However i do agree that it's more likely to happen with mp5 before any other mp level And the critter up for grabs makes me want to participate also 🤔
  20. I can confirm the same for me. Rechecked.
  21. Images seems to be working fine for me. (Old links?) I don't know what links your talking of
  22. Since there is no set value for TST's I think 1 TST =10gc=50 credits would be a nice set value for the TST's.
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