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  1. as topic says i want to buy fenths. 30 or more. post or pm me what you got then we can discuss prices
  2. Judges have been notified. Please be patent Thank you. Also very nice artwork.
  3. Congrats to lashtal he has made the required score. He will be reciveing a wp now
  4. Sorry Nimrodel was one of the judges and she did not vote before she stated she will be leaving due to RL i guess it was. I am working on getting a new judge. Please give me a few more days. Sorry for the wait. You haven't been forgotten
  5. Also @dst i dont need or want your input. So dont waste your time or breath with my topic as youve already done that on your word blog. I never wanted your support anyways to be honest
  6. ill withdrawal my bid for the shmsh aswell keep it.
  7. Well here is my suggestion for reviving an alliance First off the dead isnt supposed to function like any other land. Its special in a way. Mur doesnt want any form of king or ruler there either. Even if your alive and part of the dead you are still cursed. Things just arent the same. Anyways here is where ill start To revive a guild in the dead first one must have purpose (mine is the fusioneers ) So if this guild had tools they used then ofc youll need them (i do). Youll also need a certain amount of support from ex-ally members that you can revive the guild ect
  8. ill withdrawal my bid for the memory stones. Been a few day so ill assume my offer isnt good enough. Thanks though
  9. never mind. seems darkraptor has all the shovels. well 3 of them.
  10. Ok then yes I'd like to. You already know the tool I want. I am afk currently. (On my phone)
  11. Blackshade rider Dead so if I'm not mistaken I don't need to sac anything yes 252882
  12. Is there a time frame or will bidding stop when you get a price you want?
  13. Looking to speak to  Dragual Monarth. Please contact me if able



      The guy hasn't logged in since many months.

    2. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      I know. He like completely vanishsed after the necro stuff



      I meant the forum but ok.

  14. Nimrodel multiple pm's I need you to check please. Thanks

    1. Assira the Black

      Assira the Black

      Be patient. Give her time to look and respond. None of us know what is going on in each other's lives. She will get to it when she is willing/able. Posting stuff like this is not going to have her read it any faster and I find it to be annoying (not in such a good mood as it is, work was frustrating and tiring... ) 

  15. 10 sc for memory stones 2nd bid withdrawn
  16. Bump Looking for a Quantity of 50 or more. will pay coin , credits, ect. Message me with whatcha got and we'll make a deal hopefully
  17. Still waiting for 1 of the 4 judges to vote. Thank you for being patient
  18. It is personal to me. Basically i loose a spot i could go into necro
  19. No it may not be. But i see no rule stating i cant pay for someone else. Also new players dont really have the ability. Some may but not all
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