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  1. If you are dead You may want to read this ASAP https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4172
  2. A message for the Current list of Active Dead people : Dragual Monarth Leixer Neno flux Mercurial Spectre Neno Veliki And if i missed other names i am sorry, During xmas Find your way to the gazebo and santa may have the best gift of all for you *wink wink*
  3. Azull, Eagle Eye reason why is well they are both old as dirt in MD. LOL Lashtal reason is because of his "chasing darkness " quest. Was a really fun quest. Lintara reasoning because she has helped me many times and from what ive seen she also helps others, like Mur and his new riddle stuff.
  4. I decided to keep them for other uses. Did you read that part? It wasnt about the money. And again your not a bidding party. If either one of THE BIDDING PARTIES NOT NON BIDDING PARTIES have a problem they should had said. I Dont honestly care if there feelings were hurt about it or not. They are mine. And yes i set a min bid of 5 gold. yes sure its a fair deal, but i waited and waited and then i found a better use for it than selling it. SO IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM <<<<<<<OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER there a thing called Ignore button. If you dont like it, well oh well
  5. 1 brilliant diamond and 45 silver
  6. Hello All Md Just board and thought id post this topic. Whats the one thing in MD you want most for Christmas? Who knows maybe Santa might see this and you might just get it. Whats the Harm Me personally and yeah this might sound kinda greedy but id love to have a Shade creature to fight with. Anyone else in MD want that one thing on there X-mas wish list?
  7. Hello MD... As the voice of the dead I will try to help dead people when in need, or keep them company. I will be fluctuating between the living and the dead to do so. Mostly i will be found in the dead already. I am currently able to revive a few people. Only current dead people. Or i will come to the dead and keep you company as it gets lonely there sometimes. You might start to hear voices and whispers there nowa days. If you are dead and want to be revived you are asked to pay the 1 gold coin required to use the item and that is all. However if you wished to be revive
  8. For some one who wasnt a bidding party your sure making alot of complaints. I said i can cancel at any time. my choice. I agree with this. Thanks
  9. Topic can be closed. Im not getting any offers that genuinely interest me. I will be putting it to other uses thank you
  10. as title says i cant use my quest doc. here is what happens when i try to edit it... http://imgur.com/a/zTbXO is this happening for anyone else?
  11. I still have that pm i already know what i need to give them to help them in
  12. Also still willing to help any MP3's to get into necro
  13. Ill go next week:) i have to many tools right now
  14. if no bid takes place in 24 hours i will just keep it
  15. Hello All I am Auctioning of my 1 use revive elixir. No point in wasting it right now. I hold the right to cancel at any moment if i dont get the price i want or offer i feel is fair. The auction will go till i end it. Ill end when i find what im looking for. ITEM FOR BID Single Use revive elixir Minimum starting bid is 5 gold. Enjoy
  16. I Think this can officially be claimed as a bug. Thank you to all those who looked and responded
  17. The links should be crossed out once used. I don't know what's wrong with it
  18. Basically as title says, all my voting links are bugging. it says i have 7 links able to vote with but yet all voting links show i can vote and do not cross out like usual when used. I tried clicking it again and it says youve used this link already. Then when i close it, it still shows it as active, but it does shuffle them around is this happening for anyone else, screen shots below shows times as well http://imgur.com/a/hGAiW http://imgur.com/a/zDDO2 http://imgur.com/a/v5BCw
  19. I will be sending hand made cards this year. I will also be putting ctcs and itcs them. The following will get them by default..... chewett, witty. if any others care for a xmas card you can pm me a address you will get it from. happy holidays.......... stay safe
  20. Chewett , and Ledah please check pm's.   Ailith please get back to me

  21. Well the voting links seem fine now but I still get TC messages while dead.
  22. looking to speak to a few people listed below------------------

    Chewett, Ledah, Ailith 

    Please contact me when able

    1. Pipstickz


      Looking to speak to a one people listed here: blackshade rider

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