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  1. Both Aethon and Hedge are being given the position. i am stepping down as my role of social media manager. Both should contact chew and provide him with an email Hope you two do well
  2. Thank you Neno. I actually didnt know that. In all my time here i never noticed that, and never cared to ask. Now I know Thanks
  3. as title says http://imgur.com/a/io3k6 also im not under no spell http://imgur.com/a/mi9Zk
  4. I think it would be good. Let them both get the position
  5. Well at first you only appointed two people, But i am not against another added. If you feel both parties will be a good addition please do so. The more the better. It will hopefully help get things a little more active on social media
  6. After some decisions made, Aethon has been picked for this position. Chewett Aethon wishes to give you his info directly (understandable) so if you may contact him for that and add him this can be closed, untill someone else steps down.
  7. the current Owner is Wideberth. I gave it to him for his dedication towards a tea role, he is away due to RL right now. He never said anything was wrong with it though. So i am not 100% sure if he saw that bug
  8. I was thinking about fork combiners. Well there is one in the east lands that you can load uncut diamonds (a resource ) into a fork combiner and after 2 months i think it is , youll get a "valuable " called Brilliant diamond. So i was thinking what if a fork combiner was made for Pure gold (a resource ) and somewhere in MD {i dont know where} you can load it into a fork combiner and get a "Valuable " gold coin Maybe load 5 pure gold to get 1 gold coin, and it take the same amount of time as it does to make a brilliant diamond . Any thoughts?
  9. Your submission is also being took under consideration and will be talked with chew also. Again Him or I will contact you in the case you get the position. Thank you for your entry
  10. Your submission is being took under consideration and will be discussed with chewett. Him or I will inform you in the case you get the position . Thank you for your entry
  11. Yes this position is still open. If you would like to apply for this position please read the first post again for what was asked if applying This is still a thing.
  12. Yes my offer is 1 gold (will be in silver if thats ok) 2 wiiya, 2 syntropic dust. I had a previous auction i bidded in and i didnt know i won it sorry for the edit
  13. That's amazing. Very good artwork. I feel you could be MDs newest great artist. Judges have been notified. Please be patient as not all judges will respond quickly
  14. Withdrawn . Forgot about another auction i had bidded on. so if i can bid this then here it is 1 gold , 2 wiiya, 2 syntropic dust
  15. Sorry no. I think i had told someone else that before. It can not be digital, so people can see its real. Also dont worry if your drawing or sculpting skills arent all that great. No body is perfect
  16. https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4189 So does this mean that heat tolerance is no longer a thing? In order for me to check my heat i have to click the compass on my right. Also it no longer shows what my capped heat tolerance is.
  17. junior and i were talking about them, and i completely forgot they melt or whatever. since i totemized it at its max, is it possible it got bugged somewhere along the way?
  18. I had it totemized close to maybe a year ago. That wouldnt play a role would it? I just revived one of my totems the other day and it was fine. Did the Shmsh do it to?
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