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  1. The Gen 3 Is Avavilable Yes. However this morning when i woke up I received a private pm for the gen 3 for 3gc. Player asked me to keep him anonymous as he felt people would try to put a higher bid or try to make him over pay. Anon bidder gen 3......3gc Aethon All others, 2 gold each total of 6 gold. Gold dragon avy bidding is soon to be closed.
  2. only the gold ones are for sale. Keeping the gen 3 myself http://imgur.com/a/O6uLa
  3. Good point. Bought all that the shop would let me till they ran out. Thanks
  4. Edit.... To all whom it may concern i have just got home and checked my md shop. Seems the gold lady was bought from the shop between my post for selling it and now. However her is an update of the golden avy's. Also ive so kindly as to provide TWO forms of date and time. Both my RL time and date in bottom right corner just like the other links for avys, and both MD time and date since it seems to be a problem for most. *coughs* excuse me just one person http://imgur.com/a/5RZpW ungold http://imgur.com/a/1Tzyx gold Prices stay the same
  5. Seems to me you just want to spam my post and try to make me angry or whatever. I don't care. Since it seems that dst does not want the gold lady it is up for grabs still. If you are like dst and want a screen shot of time and date then you may ask me nicely and I will gladly provide one. Otherwise in each SS the time and date are in the bottom right corner. Thank you all
  6. Funny. In that case I will not provide another screen shot. So you can keep your current bid and wait till tomorrow if nobody else bids on it, or take your bid down. Your choice. Pick one.
  7. It's in my shop. And it already has a screen shot in the post. So your asking for something that's already there. And that's funny cause I don't trust you either. Currently I am on my phone. I'll provide another screen shot with the time if you kindly take down your last post that I feel is rude and uncalled for. . Otherwise current screen shots will stay
  8. The only thing in here I don't have in my inventory is most of the shop avys. That does not mean I cannot buy them. For future reference maybe you should read the post. It states it's in the md shop. Got a problem with it, then don't bid on something I have in my md shop
  9. Gold avys have 2 gold minimum. Marble slab for 3 sc is accepted. In 24 hours if no other bid on the marble slab it's yours. Bid accepted if no other bid in 24hrs it's yours Bid accepted. If no bid in 24hrs it's yours
  10. If any wish to comment further or did not see my post you may contact me privately for my blog to see the post. Thank you
  11. moved to my own blog. i dont have time for people with no life that like to troll.
  12. Now two people are saying it is them. Still noone can prove so. So honestly with this statement here: Edit: Ok thanks for the proof And if this being true then i as this player (who ever it really is) to have a name change. This player is not me. And honestly chew if the above "quote " is true then why would you make such an account ?
  13. I currently cannot go to the island. And i do not care to explain to you why Some of this is offensive wording so i will not even bother to comment on this part
  14. That is my screen print. So what do you even mean? My words have power some days and others none. Same as you. Your words are no more powerful than mine But thats ok. Im glad you wanna be like me and that im your hero. Thats so cite and flattering
  15. Why would I provide a screen shot. It's not me. So how would I provide a screen shot. And awe dst I'm so happy that I am your hero. That's the sweetest thing I've heard all day
  16. Yes BS, I wanna be like you, I wanna walk like you, Talk like you too! Oh obee, doo.. how flattering dst. But you can never be like me. I am one of a kind. You are the complete opposite. But since you can't provide a screen shot I will assume it's not you. However it is still flattering so thanks. But not one person could be like me
  17. dys·lex·i·a dəsˈleksēə/ noun noun: dyslexia a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.
  18. Seems to me an open and shut case. The account should have it's name changed I agree. also if it is you dst then that's nice. I didn't know you wanted to be like me
  19. This player is not me. I also do not appreciate who ever it is using my name. Rider shadeblack is extremely close to my name. So either someone wishes they were me or someone wants to make a new enemy. I ask who ever this alt is to contact me and also stop using my name. If you know me then you know this is something I would put a kill order on you for. So who might it be hmmm? Any one have the guts to admitt who it is?
  20. Coffee in the morning is a must for me. Not one morning goes by that I don't have coffee. But through out the week I'll mostly drink tea. Different kinds of tea though. Never the same kind everyday
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