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  1. I never planned on using negative forum rep. That is something i should had noted. It wouldnt be that fair. Change was noted
  2. 2 judges are still inactive. Since it has been so long and i have not been able to get new judges when asked i will reward the wp to Aethon. Please no more enterys as i am going to change the rules to better suit this problem. Nice work Aethon. Also looking for reffercul for his wp.
  3. Story time, and a new Journey Duration: Entire md bday (and possibly a few days after depending on circumstances ) Requirements: Any mind power welcome. 1 account per player. Judging: Judging will solely be based off of forum rep. Neg rep will not be counted Reward/s: 1st place to 3rd place : Gateway tour for an hour or two, and an 12th anni creature (rules of visiting Gateway will be given to the top 3 winners) 4th and 5th get 1 gold (sponsored by me) and 12th anni creature. I may give a wp also. We'll see . All other participants will get cake and spell stones (sponsored by chew) Task/s: There are 3 tasks to this. Each task must be posted separately..... 1st: Tell a story in game, or on this post about when you first came to MD and tell about your journey that made you who you are now. (If story is told in game it must be logged and posted, so others can enjoy the story, and judging reasons) The story does not have to be long but a good story. 2nd: Some how create a scene from some part of your journey. New or old, and post it to this thread. It doesnt have to be perfect. You may use what ever you need to, to re-create this scene. (please include your character in the scene) Get creative with this 3rd: After all that is said and done, you must go to a land that is not a land you care for, one you particularly dont like and you must do something good for it. This can be through RP, preforming tasks for said land, Helping its queen or king for a day. Whatever it is you decide to do for this land it must be documented and posted to this thread. (This does not mean go sprinkle some water on a tree and be done, actually do something) I hope to be reading some good stories
  4. Will be mostly afk. Will be on everyday as normal just afk mostly. I am in the middle of a move :) 

  5. Trying to be a bottle of water , not a bottle of soda.

  6. Still looking for stone tablets. I got coin if you got the tablet
  7. Bump..... Still Looking. Are there any artist left ?
  8. Just a question........ Will you also be taking over the chained quests he was planning?
  9. Bought tablet from mag for 5sc. Anyone else have a tablet?
  10. I did say I was open to negotiating. But I'm thanks
  11. Well I haven't found a market for them yet so.. 3sc? If your willing to grind and make 5 tablets I'll give 1gold. I think that sounds fair, but open to negotiating
  12. Bump. Willing to buy 1 at a time. Or grinding service to make them
  13. Looking to buy stone tablets. Preferably in stacks. Let me know how many you have and what your looking to get for them. Thanks
  14. I am looking to pay an artist for some artwork for me. One is an avy another to be discussed. If any active artist are still around please pm me. Has gonza been playing lately? I'd love it if he can possibly do the artwork.
  15. Found the original avy drawing gonza made me before it was shrunk to fit avy standards. So happy I found it. ?? Current actual avy here.
  16. Very nice Aethon. Your post is pending. I really like the background story you included. Also i am seeking Reefercul so he can receive his wp
  17. Aethon wins all but the gen 3 a total of 6 gold fang wins the gen 3. a total of 3 Both please meet me in game so we can proceed with the trade
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