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  1. Actually just make it 12 gold whole lot. I just added up all that silver you got ledah. ?
  2. I'll start at 10 gold for the whole lot
  3. Would magicduel accept a trade in goldening my current avy for all my extra gold avys? If no I'd say 4 gold each
  4. Accepted - Comes to 1gc 14sc . a forum pm will be sent to you shortly Accepted- comes to 1gc 4sc. a forum pm will be sent to you also
  5. As topic says, Selling some and others are free. Price minimum is stated next to item. Resources, Avy's, Spell Stones, creatures, common items. All these will come and go. Check up from time to time as i will constantly update when able. Please keep topic to bidding only please. 5 Toxic Gas - 6sc 2 Skin - 4sc 35 Lonsdaleite Shards - 5sc 28 Pure Gold - 1gc 8 Paper- 4sc 110 Fine Sand - 5sc 7 Rock Salt - 2sc 227 Unidentified Ore - 5sc 6 Syntropic Dust - 4sc 2 Wiiya- 2sc 8 Timeless dust - 3sc 26 Water - 5sc 103 Gems -
  6. No problem. Let me know if your interested. I may be open to other services but not 100% yes or no
  7. Make fenth collectors and memory stone collectors available for people to grab themselves. Otherwise some one has to rely on a goleman with access to the lab to grab them one. Which is rare.
  8. I want/need someone to make me stone tablets. That's currently the only services I am looking for. Although this kind of service does take time due to having to make them and wait for the process time
  9. Maybe I just don't know enough about them. I'll just stop here.
  10. Problem i feel it will cause though is that most spell docs now are unavailable due to inactive players holding them. (unless im wrong) Who's to say these new docs wont end up the same? I would love to see some way a player can obtain these docs publicly , maybe through the research clues they get lead somewhere to obtain a doc. IDK just a wild idea
  11. Selling gold avy. Dont particularly care for this one. 4 gold minimum bid. Or trade for services.
  12. I dont know if this is already a thing, or if it can or cant be done. I would love to see an auto translation to X players native RL language. What i mean by this is if X player is from (just an example) Russia , then every thing is in Russian. Including when using live chat. So if player X from Russia doesnt not know any other lanuage but wants to talk to player Z , and player Z is from the USA and only knows english. Some kind of auto translate for the live chat and possibly messaging system would possibly bring in more players. As of right now MD seems to be mostly English based. I th
  13. I was wondering if id be getting a 12 anni participation medal/ achievement ? Or if they have even been given out?
  14. If still available I'd like it. I don't mind paying for it either. Message me and let me know or post here. Thanks.
  15. Thank you for your participation. I will be sending the pm out in a few hours. Currently at work , so I don't have the time at this very second to write it all. Next time I was thinking the same. Just judge it myself. Thanks
  16. Contest has now ended. Pipstickz wins 1st place by default as he was the only entry. @Pipstickz I will be sending you a pm of the rules visiting gateway island, i will also contact chew about the anni crit promised. @Chewett i will be including you in this pm. Sorry to those who felt it was to much. Maybe around MD xmas time i may be able to do another quest similar. Maybe.
  17. As I have done so before I will sell my plushies to those taking part in the plushie contest. I will only be keeping one anyways. I may also let someone barrow them to help them win. Message me and we can work it out ? I wonder who will win the plushie contest this year
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