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  1. so i have one willing sponsor that will help sponsor my quest im making.will anyone else put forth and help. Certain players that help can do the quest but there will be a few who know where things are so those few can not particeapate. this quest will be for all mind levels but you must have atleast 25 active days

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    2. Rophs


      The treasure keepers will be able to help. Send a PM to Pipstickz or Max Mortlock.

    3. Grido


      Pm me as well if you would, I'll happily try to sponsor quests by my citizens :)

    4. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      I am still putting togeather the quest when its done I will pm you all the details thank you and dd you may be right but I do think if its a newbie new it needs to be a comfiremed account

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