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  1. I have this terrible hatred in me and I don't know why. It's killing me inside. I seriously need the help this time...

    1. Ungod


      Hatred towards what?

    2. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      *sighs* I don't wanna bore or bother you with it ungod. 

      Happy holidays

    3. Ungod


      Same to you, rider.

  2. Lately I've been battling my demons, up inside my head trying to find a reason, not to quit cause everything's deceiving. Everyone around me nothing is appealing

  3. buying usuable items and tools for credits. Pm me with what you got and let's make a deal😉

  4. I have been getting alot of messages. I will respond when i can. I am dealing with health and personal RL issues. Hopefully ill be back soon. Sorry to anyone waiting on a message from me. Ill get to it in do time.

    1. Pipstickz


      Due time*

      a lot*

      Sorry to go all grammar nazi! Best wishes <3

    2. Sushi


      Take care! 

  5. Giving away 1 gold avatar. For newer players only. Send me a forum pm if any newer player would like one. Please make sure you have the ability to use an avatar.

  6. Oh man. I forgot the pass. Now I need to find where I wrote it down at 😑

  7. Will be mostly afk. Will be on everyday as normal just afk mostly. I am in the middle of a move :) 

  8. Trying to be a bottle of water , not a bottle of soda.

  9. Chewett , and Ledah please check pm's.   Ailith please get back to me

  10. looking to speak to a few people listed below------------------

    Chewett, Ledah, Ailith 

    Please contact me when able

    1. Pipstickz


      Looking to speak to a one people listed here: blackshade rider

  11. Looking to speak to  Dragual Monarth. Please contact me if able



      The guy hasn't logged in since many months.

    2. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      I know. He like completely vanishsed after the necro stuff



      I meant the forum but ok.

  12. Nimrodel multiple pm's I need you to check please. Thanks

    1. Assira the Black

      Assira the Black

      Be patient. Give her time to look and respond. None of us know what is going on in each other's lives. She will get to it when she is willing/able. Posting stuff like this is not going to have her read it any faster and I find it to be annoying (not in such a good mood as it is, work was frustrating and tiring... ) 

  13. looking to speak to nimrodel. Please contact me when you aren't busy. 

  14. Was killed twice today. Shall we do a third?

    1. dst


      Try it today if you have the guts.

  15. I am in need of an Artist. I would like Gonza but i believe he is inactive. So if an active MD artist is around please pm me

  16. i will be leaving for a while. My mother in rl is in the hospital and may not come out. I may or may not return. I have passed out most my belongings. I will check here and there for pm's otherwise i am currently in a depressed state as i may be loosing my mother. Be well all

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    2. Blackshade Rider
    3. Assira the Black
    4. Maebius


      Be well, Blackshade. Blessings wished to you and yours, for whatever follows.

  17. My mind went dark. I have no fear. I put it in the light so i can see clear!

    1. Maebius


      The light shone around, it sparkled and gleamed, cast shadows on ground, which around me all screamed?

    2. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      The screams made pain . Pain in heart. Shadows filled the sky instead of the ground!

  18. spectacular accomplishment is never preceded by less than spectacular preparation

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    2. Aethon


      I love googling quotes too. :D

    3. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      i didnt write it. i went out to eat chinese food the other night and that was on my fortune cookie :)
      i felt it should be shared :)

    4. ignnus


      true, i've been meaning to punch that guy who asks for money on the street with the attitude, i MEAN he really had it coming :p

  19. md is so quiet today and many seem to be absent. its sad to see

  20. Fighting the light with the dark

    1. Shemhazaj


      only in dark the light,

    2. ZenTao


      Can't have one without the other. may as well team them up

    3. ignnus


      light the fight with darkness?

  21. A big thank you to Assira the Black for responding to my request for a new judge. it is much appreciated

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