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  1. Hello all. This is a long over due apology. I havent been the best of a player recently. There are a lot of people i have done wrong to and i regretted it. Ive burned a lot of bridges here and lost some good friends. My first apology goes to chewett. For those who dont know ive spoken to chewett on personal levels. He has been trying to be there for me even in my rough times and ive been nothing but mean to him. For that i am sorry. He has still to this day tried to work with me and help me and i let my personal issues get in my way and id explode on him. Blaming him for things that
  2. Sorry for such a late reply. Ive been very busy in RL. I have a lot of free time on my hands again and will be back. The winner of the imprinted dark is Dark Demon. He guessed 600000 and my number was 666666. He was the closest without going over. Congrats. All others who are waiting on their items or waiting to pay for their items please message me as i will be giving a one time discount for the troubles. Thank you all in partaking in my Auction. Another may yet to come.
  3. This Auction is now closed. All private and active bids are accepted and will be taken care of. The winner of the imprinted dark will be announced after the jail tour is over
  4. Today on day of the dead, the deceased wish to be visited. They wish to hear stories from you. They are wondering with no one there to speak to them and keep them enough company. Come to the grave yard and tell your story. The dead will share some of their treasures today for those who tell the best stories. Each will be given a gift from the dead. Pay your visit as many have no awaken. Maybe tell your story to an old friend who lays beneath its soil. 1st place will receive a RG and 5gc 2nd place will receive a RG and 3gc 3rd place will receive 2gc (Should I keep log and p
  5. I'd like this day for the land I represent. The dead. Will message details if ok with this?
  6. Yes it was bought. I no longer have it. If it's not on the last updated list I more than likely no longer have it. But if needed I can possibly find you one before the day is up
  7. Hrmm. That is weird. Did you find it in the shop? Cause I thought personal items like that are only found by the person themselves. I used to have a bunch of my drops of blood, almost all of them were passed out or bought. Also... Bids accepted
  8. This auction will be posted for 1 more week. Next monday this auction will end.
  9. No interruptions Yes these are still available. They are for sale, but through this auction. You are free to bid on them. If you do not get out bidded in 24hours they will be yours. Minus what says free. If it is free then first to claim it gets it. A madhorn is just a leveled up rustgold drachorn I believe. However I could be wrong. If youd like a SS of it just let me know.
  10. I charge based on its rarity. Also I dont profit from it. 100% of my magic ctcs fees are being donated to the treasury. When I received the item I was told I can do charge as I wish or see fit. No offense to anyone, but like I said, I dont profit from using my magic ctc tool.
  11. To all current winners, You will find me inside the paper cabin today. If your winning bid is a creature and you wish it to have a magic ctc , the fee will be based on the creature rarity. 100% of the fees for providing a magic ctc will go to the treasury for future rewards and gifts
  12. All current bids have won. Winners have 14days to pay up. Magic ctcs can be provided for a fee. These fees will be donated to the treasury for rewards
  13. Winning bids will be announced. More to come here very soon.
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