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  1. I think she had every right to, Rophs. She probably wasn't aware of the happenings within game (like many of us weren't) and thought it a good idea to start a discussion about it here. :)   No need to apologise Mystic, you didn't do anything wrong. :)
  2. Best strategist - Aeoshattr    After thinking about this for a long time I have decided the award is to go Aeoshattr. He came up with a very good detailed plan with his team, kept the format clear so everyone understood and came up with some interesting ways to fool the other team, as well as using Nightmode. Although the strategy did not cause them to win, it was a good one. It was more of a defensive play than that of team Darklings. Congratulations     Best team player will be announced before the end of the birthday.(it's a tough one!)
  3. You have to donate around 1.5k heat. But after that it says the same thing for every clickable I've read so far...So not really sure what is happening?
  4. First of all, I'd tell you not to lose your head, but, well...from looks of it that's too late. HAHA! Get it? *coughs* Anyway...   Take no heed of the above, they're all very silly and obviously lack any skill in answering questions.   We all know the eternal toilet has plenty of paper! It's made from the finest, freshly pressed creatures, I'll have you know.   As for contacting the DS, everyone knows that they are't the "Delivery Service" they're the "Duty Solicitors". But yes, they could very well help you press charges against anyone for the loss of your head. We'r
  5.   It was just a dream, go back to sleep...   Pst, DD. Jade said I could have the WP! :P
  6. Hmm, I find this very odd as I hadn't recently gone to anyone else's page. Just my own...
  7. Perhaps you're meant to pay to park a car over the bollard? (hydraulics) :P
  8.   Yes sorry, I originally added more detail but then OCD kicked in and I removed it as it looked messy to me.  :))   I edited the orginal post to show the Entrants :)
  9.   I didn't want this to seem as if "Sasha's biased" so I asked for the opinion from two others. All three of us agreed Lania's: mainly due to it conforming the most to "Dress up a scene as if it were ready for a huge birthday party! It can be any scene from MD."   We loved the use of colours in yours but Lania conformed to the requirements more. :)
  10. And the winners are...   Creature Zleiphneir   Scene Lania   Avatar Dst   Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all participants! Some really great edits here!   Please find me in game for your rewards.
  11. The winners are....   1st: Aeoshattr 2nd: Princ Rhaegar 3rd: Zleiphneir   Congratulations to the winners! It was a very close call between 1st and 2nd! All three of you did an awesome job!   Please find me in game for your rewards.
  12. Lorerootian Herbal Cake!   Description:   A beautiful cake made with natural ingredients. No artificial colours or flavourings needed! Has a slight herbal note to it. Perfect to go with your aromatic tea.   Ingredients: 3 Aromatic herbs 2 Bushies 2 Unidentified plants 4 Water 2 Rainbow Candy Instructions:   First you should search your unidentified plants for some grains and grind them until you have a fine flour. Then you should heat the bushies, and candy in water until a syrup is formed, make sure not to burn the syrup! Boil the aromatic herbs in the water to re
  13. [log=LHO discussion] [19/04/15 19:02] Chewett:Another thing related to this, is actually revamping LHO  [19/04/15 19:03] Chewett:I have been doing a large amount of work on this behind the scenes with Grido on this  [19/04/15 19:03] Chewett:And as many of you will have seen. I made a number of topics  [19/04/15 19:03] *Grido*:had issues with illus on mains as well, but can state again in full on there if it comes up  [19/04/15 19:03] Chewett:The main summary is, new recruiting strategy, having some kind of manual for LHO's, and training them proper
  14. [log=MP3 Discussion] [19/04/15 18:31] Chewett:At the moment we have removed story mode, and the tutorial is still present  [19/04/15 18:31] Chewett:You accept the cube from the shade, and begin MD  [19/04/15 18:32] Chewett:This is where everyone is now, the adventure stage.  [19/04/15 18:32] Chewett:However, we probably plan to remove the tutorial too  [19/04/15 18:33] Dark Demon: (brb)  [19/04/15 18:34] Chewett:If we are to do this, we then have no instruction on moving, the map, everything.  [19/04/15 18:34] Chewett:Which
  15. Player page shows wrong images of creatures. I haven't had a max sharptear or elementals in years.
  16. Unfortunately I ran out of time to keep doing them!   I'll add a bunch over time. People can feel free to post their own edits :D
  17. Bumping this topic.   It would seem that no 'bring in' spells show up on the world triggers interface.   Tested:   bringin bringfromlabyrinth mdanniv_bringin
  18. Can't blame me anymore now for the temptation, Jaden! :P
  19. For the sake of proof without need of searching. :)
  20. Requesting a mod to please edit forum topic to "Art War - Results" :)
  21. Below are the entries for the Art War.   Both public and judge opinions will be looked at when deciding the winners:   Creatures   Dst[spoiler] http://www.imagebam....ed218b404021999 http://www.imagebam....f7b366404022000 http://www.imagebam....da9cd7404022003 http://www.imagebam....260557404022005 http://www.imagebam....2803d5404022008[/spoiler] Zleiphneir[spoiler] http://storenow.net/my/?f=bbb9ad5805be1f8195ca6648ef08973d http://storenow.net/my/?f=0aded5ecdb31ad0294d5c631da9ff115 http://storenow.net/my/?f=a73e77ab1881eb1d0f1bb5bb7063a5f9 http://storenow.net/my/?f=f514a7be2d
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