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  1. WTS Dream Mutated, Shade, Santa, Markmen, SW!

  2. 22. There is no such thing as MD. Theres only you, and all this is happening inside your head. Even this sentence is a sentence you made up. This whole world is made up by you. Everyone is a lie. ***Curse you Mur!. You posted before mine!, now i have to edit and be number 22. << You made this happened too.
  3. Well heres my attempt at your avy, magnus. It seems the avy's background wasnt white, which was problomatic, but fixable, so next time draw in white paper or use a scanner. [attachment=1932:AVy.gif] theres an added print, so as to no one else could steal it. If you want to try yourself, go ahead, if you want the pic you can pm me and ill ahnd you the file.
  4. umm, your paper is not white. Its either that pic is scanned with a non whiteish paper, or you took a picture of it. If the drawing isnt drawn on white paper, it will complicate things, and would require extra steps, and would not look as nice as its suppose to look as, due to the color. The same as taking a picture, as lighting affects. I can help you with your first few avatars, just to see if its on white paper/any other issues, so that we could say that it is the drawing at fault and not, the program. Pm, any questions and ill help out. I use Fireworks btw.
  5. because the token list should appear if its tokened.
  6. MD soo slow today T.T

    1. death ray

      death ray

      seems to allways be slow...i get the multi winders screen alot...

    2. Raine Castaway

      Raine Castaway

      not always, usually it is slow when my webcam is on...

  7. Nice try at a quest. We should talk clickies....

  8. Oh noes... doomsday is near! The world is collapsing!

  9. *comment space previously*"Mr Mystery has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"


    Hello Mystery. XD

  10. 1 per year and only to main accounts only should be the way to go. People shouldnt be too greedy cause MD gives out a lot of presents already. Christmas is an example. And as Chewett said, if people were to recieve more, a economical crisis would occur, and the line of balance will be severly broken apart.
  11. Name: Mr Mystery Class: Mp3 (looking to be a trainee) Age:107 Main Principle: Entrophy Reason for applying: Would love to learn more about the Tribunal, and its effect on the surronding population.
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