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  1. Suspended Grasan

    stuff you need (edible):

    Grasan chops with bones (bones are important)

    Unidentified plants

    Rock salt


    stuff you need (tools):


    large spoon functionality thing


    another pot or vessel half the size of the original pot

    cloth (or any other filtration device)



    Wash your filthy grasan parts and put them in the pot. Add water so it covers the parts. IMG_20200502_135031.thumb.jpg.b90dfe4a91d48dc7641a38177c644c6a.jpg



    Start heat (slow) and wait for foam to build up.  Then remove the foam with the spoonish thing and keep doing it until no more foam. Move the parts also.




    Foam cleaned up? Add the Plants and rock salt.




    Leave for 6-8 hours shimmering under a lid. Take pictures of the awesomeness.


    Done drooling?

    Now remove what meat you can and lay it aside to cool. Pour the remainder of the pot trough the cloth into another vessel. Scavenge the internals of the cloth for any meat and but that to cool also.


    Pour the filtered liquid back to original pot (filtering it once more!). Leave the pot on low heat.

    When meat has cooled so a man can touch it remove all bones and rip the meat to small pieces (including the skin, lard, venisons ). Put the boneless herbless meat back to the liquid. Have wife lick the bones.




    Heat alittle and stir well. Move the mixture into what ever container you like (the filtering vessel would suffice but maybe use smaller and in multible)



    Wait for it to thaw, store in cool. Serve with solid stuff like mustard, horseradish, vinegar. Wife eats it.


  2. Stirred from haze i find myself in in the jail. But mind you not in a cell but in the damn hallway. Confused as to why and what happened i rattle random doors and shout for help but alas not long later find myself locked in one of the cells as the door auto latches behind me. It seems i might be able manhandle the door open but for that i need rest.

    As i nod on and off laying on the smelly blank hung on the cell wall i start to remember glimpses.

    It seems i had a rouse with one of my grand dukes minions. We had started a competition on who can walk the slowest from MDP to GOE with for the only valid excuse for not stepping ahead was being obv too busy with important stuff. At first it was easy, i had my subjects come and ask various important questions, i summoned meetings and tactical diversions plannings. Some citizens had come to ask for wedding permissions and so on. Sunfire seem at the same time to have endless supply of slaves who needed directing here and there.

    On day three, as i was in our portable emergency management tent discussing the bad bread messing things up, sunny slipped up and fell idle. I had almost won.
    This mishap drove sunny to start paying everyone he could to come and make complaints to him about what ever can be dreamt up. As i heard that in our crisis room from my spies I became angry. I ordered every subject to go kill or restrain every complainer they could. That ofc lead me with no subjects to work with for a while and i fell idle.......

    As we where again neck to neck i again atleast had lots of work going on. Many vendettas to vendetta and some judges or likes wanted audience about something called "unthinkable murdering bastard". All looked good for me.

    So as days progressed altho complaints had dried up for sunny it seemed i was lacking many subjects as well. I tought about ordering the remaining to go and punish the others but i was smarter than that!

    Then at, i'm sure seconds from my inevitable victory, then million guards with Mur and Chew at head came rushing in. My subjects fought valiantly for 3 days and then i fought alone for 7 more. But alas i needed a beer and Chew managed to movebind me alittle. i think majority of the guards had fallen. They started to accuse me of mass murder, crimes against beer and other weird stuff. Some new meeting had been called Sunny was pulled to witness as where two other people who seemed quite unharmed considering the accusation. Somehow they had even found a dst to be a judge. All that started to be very boring. I kept telling that see, there is dst, sunny, those two other ones even mur. Surely everyone is alive......

    Then dst announced something like "You Glorious King Of Golemus, Hard Metal and many other things are sentenced to jail for life." At that point i was so drunk that i lost my memory for good.

    So this is how i seem to have gotten here, i ponder. Did sunny already reach GOE? Just in case i need to keep busy figuring out how to escape....

  3. Quote

    And then not so wide men fill the pantheon of heaven with hierarchies of angels and set the plagues of man on horseback and write down the dimensions of Heaven in which to imprison the lord of infinite space. The stories begin to choke the system

    --T. Pratchett

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