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  1. I'll Buy: Item 1: Anni creature 2021. Price: 15 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.) Item 2: Anni custom pin badge (second of a collectable series). Price: 10 plushies (limit: 1 p.p) Item 7: Lock in choas Spellstone - 12 plushies Also giving a notice that 60 of my plushies are for lazarus to use.
  2. What group/land you represent in your request: Golemus Golemicarum Amount of Storage wanted (items): 500 (assuming they are stacked as player inventory) Amount of Storage wanted (creatures): 200 How much you would pay (weekly) for this: One time fee can be paid. The exact value or service depends what MD treasury would desire Location you would put your treasury: 1_-4x-2_2 center door unless scenes end up added.
  3. Miq


    Hi, I'm stuck in a scene and as per: I cannot write to the mood panel (i think) how can i play?
  4. Yes some tokens change the crit stats on crit page (aka dormant mode) also.
  5. That is your browser highlighting text selection. Double click is known to select text.
  6. You will be in disadvantage in most activities while being on mobile.
  7. Gain fame, do things, be where it's needed at the right time. Message alot.
  8. Read the announcments Read https://md-archives.com/ Read adventure log SPEAK with players.
  9. This part is quite a mess. All in all they all stack but depending where you get them from they might end up as separate stacks.
  10. It's not meant to be revisited but there is a puzzle that can be found in the paper cabin.
  11. You approach a GM and pay for that wish from two to infinite amount of wishpoints.
  12. RPC is legacy. But as a member of a land you can be end up in war if your land ends up in war. Directly by clicking those are not changeable.
  13. Veins might lead you there. You can also get more AP from consumables and permanent. Or find someone to drag you there.
  14. For avatars got yo your profile page (compass icon-profile) and select "upload avatar" bottom of the page. Other artwork you need a GM to work for you.
  15. Some have have a use, others might get a use. Get some experiment. But indeed most are truly useless for now.
  16. You gain popularity. Then you use that popularity to force hands to gain a position. If possible make it look like you had no hand in it and everyone demanded for it.
  17. You indeed either use the free credits feature or you use the paid option to purchase credits by paypal or credit card.
  18. Talking about combat loyalty not land loyalty. For unallied player: 1) find an mp6 and sacrifice erolin heat to it for loyality For allied player: 1) find an mp6 and sacrifice erolin heat to it for loyality 2) fight other allied players for win.
  19. As the game is for now, try to lean as much as you can on freezing creatures.
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