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  1. Ave, item 6 (windy) - 10 plushies
  2. lol this is not pm :D

  3. Ave, I had issues with expert committee but after consulting with panel of specialists i fired them. So top three: lashtal - Ignorance Aelis - Time Lazarus - Simulator Pick your rewards in that order :) Miq
  4. As far as i know this is what is supposed to happen with them time X after the birthday
  5. leave it to MD to answer a question I'll give it till midnight (04.05.2021 23:59:59) Reward pool for top three to choose: 81 aged and xp'd remains (trees) 4 Pimps Barren Soul - 14th Anniversary 7GC 3569 Iron Ore Right to have a wiiya walk Gold Avatar token 20 token removal gel
  6. Prize pool per one trivia or joined? If per one then i'd like a Tainted Angien. If pooled then i'd assume i'm not i the top three. Miq
  7. as far as i know erolins where one time item in shop. Extra ones have come from christmas presents and some mur's quests.
  8. Suspended Grasan stuff you need (edible): Grasan chops with bones (bones are important) Unidentified plants Rock salt Water stuff you need (tools): Heat large spoon functionality thing Pot another pot or vessel half the size of the original pot cloth (or any other filtration device) Start: Wash your filthy grasan parts and put them in the pot. Add water so it covers the parts. Start heat (slow) and wait for foam to build up. Then remove the foam with the spoonish thing and keep doing it until no more fo
  9. Aye, I'd like to know o mirrors of the world, who is the strongest of them all. Anything counts be it murs admin rights or darkraptors ability to mop floors with mur. Just tell why who and why is the strongest of them all. PS. facts matter PPS. Rewards from Golemus as always
  10. Stirred from haze i find myself in in the jail. But mind you not in a cell but in the damn hallway. Confused as to why and what happened i rattle random doors and shout for help but alas not long later find myself locked in one of the cells as the door auto latches behind me. It seems i might be able manhandle the door open but for that i need rest. As i nod on and off laying on the smelly blank hung on the cell wall i start to remember glimpses. It seems i had a rouse with one of my grand dukes minions. We had started a competition on who can walk the slowest from MDP to GOE with for the
  11. Ave, "Proper tequila" Take Tequila. Find a person sleeping (Eara preffered) Remove finger from that entity (or preferred part) Use heat or sleeping sunfire to flashdry the part insert in bottle. Wait a little Pass around. Now with that bottle you can have a competition. The first one to chew is the winner. Miq
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