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  1. Just few days ago a triumvirate seemed to claim and root a rule there. I'd be hard pressed to acknowledge either claim.
  2. ~ Day: 105 Year: 16 ~ It has been a venture for the trout and I. But one should truly see that the life of a king is far less than the life of the people. As no alternatives where accepted then escape is the path.
  3. Ave, It is know that one needs a lot of cabbage to get a soup. The death of Granos, altho unfortunate, is still a matter of wide interests. GG will not deny any involvement in attempting to stop Mag nor in giving ideas. Yet we agree that Granos needed some death in his life to move onwards. Miq
  4. Seems i forgot to buy anything Anni creature 2020. Anni custom pin badge Lock in choas Spellstone 2x Acoustic remains stone 51 plushies in total
  5. Ave, As things are in a vote i'd say down with it. There are many trains of thought about it and while trying to write some i concluded in my head that nothing better, than closing it, will happen in years.
  6. lol this is not pm :D

  7. Ave, I had issues with expert committee but after consulting with panel of specialists i fired them. So top three: lashtal - Ignorance Aelis - Time Lazarus - Simulator Pick your rewards in that order :) Miq
  8. As far as i know this is what is supposed to happen with them time X after the birthday
  9. leave it to MD to answer a question I'll give it till midnight (04.05.2021 23:59:59) Reward pool for top three to choose: 81 aged and xp'd remains (trees) 4 Pimps Barren Soul - 14th Anniversary 7GC 3569 Iron Ore Right to have a wiiya walk Gold Avatar token 20 token removal gel
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