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    Mith reacted to Indyra in Roleplaying   
    Excuse me ? what;s all this ? do you need lesson to RP ? you need rules ? The only rule is to be decent, the rest is up to you!
    Just go out there , make friends , show you personality , grow your character ...stop asking yourself if you'll get or fit with the AL.

    Windy you had a Pub , very good ! Make offers , throw parties, organise different events.

    The fact that game mechanics have improved only helps us. What i consider good RP may not be considered as well by another.There is no such thing as "Revitalized RP". you either RP or not ! There are character that RP by definition, you start RP-ing in the moment you create your personal papers or start wondering the land and attacking people! Good RP means acting according to your own character and making others play with you and accepting you as you build yourself! And that is only common sense!
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    Mith reacted to awiiya in Claim against Backlash Ro   
    I'm a man.

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    Mith reacted to Burns in MD need good changes   
    Regular MD half finished is half finished for everybody. That's pretty much fine, because it puts everybody in the exact same position. Like, chapter 3 being under construction since... ever. Fine, it's just not there, but it's the exact same there or not there for everybody on that way.

    That MP-limit thing is slightly different because it's exactly NOT the same for everybody. In fact, it only concerns the people who are tomorrow's income, while the olders already have all that stuff. You don't fight, we all know that, but in a game where rituals are pretty much everything, it can be annoying when somebody uses a bunch of creatures you have no access to _just_ because you haven't been around at the time. And this is not just about a drachorn or maybe two, which might have been cheaper to come by at a point. All the really strong creatures are affected by that.
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    Mith reacted to Burns in MD need good changes   
    Even you can't rant away that MP5 is a little messy now, though.
    I don't mind half finished stuff personally, but 2 months have come and gone since the people who now reach MP5 can't get the creatures older MP5 used for ages.

    Unlike the lower MP-levels, you can't turn the max creatures off for MP5, because there's no way to advance yet, but the newbies who reach MP5 can't match the creatures we already have.

    This IS an issue, and a frustrating one as such.
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    Mith got a reaction from Sasha Lilias in Happy Birthday, Sasha the Ghost!   
    Happy Birthday.
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    Mith reacted to Chewett in Facebook - HTTPS   
    I spent some time today playing around with Firesheep which was quite intresting. Basicly it hacks into your facebook account by looking at the data passed between your computer and facebook. It only works if you are on the same network and not using HTTPS but when i tested it at a local coffeshop i found a couple accounts of the people using the internet there.

    to see if you are protected look at the URL, If it says

    Then its already secured (https means its secured, it might also have a padlock), But if its only
    Then you are at risk to this type of attack.

    [b]I stress that it is only a problem if there are multiple people on your wireless network, But it can be fixed easily so you might as well enable it to increase account security.[/b]

    To fix it, Go to:
    Account -> Account Settings -> Account Security

    And check
    Secure browsing (https)
    Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible

    This will increase your security whenever you use facebook, But it wont help if you accidentally leave facebook open


    Goto: Account -> Account Settings -> Account Security
    And check
    Secure browsing (https)
    Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible[/b]

    Since i know quite a lot of you use facebook, You might be interested, since it only takes a moment to increase your security.
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    Mith reacted to Muratus del Mur in Public cry for help to convict Mur of horrible crimes   
    i turned them into cows..i love cows, in fact i plan to chnge all creature sorts in md into cows,unless ofc you manage to terminate my horrible dictatorship till i ruin some more things.
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    Mith reacted to dst in The true story about dst and Z   
    So...it is time to make this public.

    Me and Z are not the enemies you all think we are. You don't believe me? Check the below proofs! (I told you that I ALWAYS have proofs)!!

    dst and Z meet (Z is, of course, ignoring dst):


    Z is still being a bad boy and tries to hurt dst:


    dst tries to choke Z:


    Z tries to bite dst:


    Finally friends!


    And as a bonus...RAVENSTRIDER!!!

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    Mith reacted to Curiose in Birthday Contest results   
    I will get the rewards out as soon as I possibly can. I am busy, but that DOES NOT mean to nag me. You will not be forgotten. Remind me once, and that will be it. Remind me again and I will snap. Remind me thrice, and I will not be very happy with you.

    Keep that in mind because I am still giving out Aramors, working, living, etc. I will not dispatch anything on the weekends [friday, saturday, sunday] because I will be out of town, almost always on those days.
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    Mith reacted to awiiya in I'm thinking of a word...   
    I recently to be came the proud owner of an Anniversary Aramor. I don't have creatures or fight. I also don't have items, silver, or gold, and so there's really no way for someone to bribe it off me.

    So instead, I'm going to hold an absolutely ridiculous and arbitrary competition.

    Here is the premise:

    [b]I have a word in my head. If you say it and I hear it, you get the Aramor.[/b]

    That's it.

    A couple of extra rules:
    1. It cannot be in a sentence with the following: is, are, am, was, were.
    2. It has to be part of a sentence.
    3. It has to make sense. If you are send me long messages or nonsense I won't give you the Aramor, and I won't even tell you if you get the word.

    If it takes more than a year then I'll consider giving out a clue or two. But I'm not leaving anytime soon, and I won't forget. Will you?

    Note: Personal messages ARE acceptable, but you must have something to say in them. Such as a description of what you are doing... or something.

    Good luck. And yes, I know this might take a while. I can wait. Again, can you?


    Assorted Questions I've been asked:

    Q: Is this word a noun, adjective or verb?

    Q: How do I even know that this word is in English?
    A: I do not know any language besides English well enough to do a competition in it. The word is English.

    Q: Forgive my impertinence, but what guarantee do I have that you will not change the word?
    A: You don't! But I would like to think myself trustworthy, and am not interested in playing favorites when it comes to quests. If you say the word I am thinking of, and there is only one word and I have not and will not change it, I will give you the Aramor. You don't even know have to be actively trying to find the word to win. In fact, it might almost be better that you don't.

    Q: Would you consider a valid entry if I send a poem via PM?
    A: Absolutely I consider that valid.
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    Mith got a reaction from nadrolski in Happy Bday Nadro!   

    lol, maligayang pagbati
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    Mith reacted to Pomegranate in Draw your aramor!   
    Did the final version of my aramor.

    You can look at the WIP here:

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    Mith reacted to Pomegranate in Draw your aramor!   
    I wanted to do a light sketch of my version of a aramor...

    It would be SPRINGING into BATTLE!!! etc etc...
    (pst* it's a girl!)

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    Mith reacted to Muratus del Mur in Reality or Not Reality?   
    as a side note, everything in this world hides a silent fight for what is more real. From false vs right, to full and empty, everything spinns arround not only what "is" or "is not" but actually arround what is more real. Reality is defined by the observer, in md the more people agree to a reality the more real it becomes. You see the fight for reality when observing a virtual world but without exagerating, this fight happens in the outer world as much as it happens in-game.
    (Now pls resume your interesting talk and dont get interrupted by me, i'm not participating in this, i was just making a general remark)
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    Mith reacted to Curiose in Synopsis of Alliance Activity   
    I have been thinking, and in a conversation with someone at the park, I thought it would be nice to have a small synopsis of alliance activity. Meaning, it's just a thread that gets edited by alliance leaders/posters every now and then so as to keep it updated and have some valuable information as to what is going on with the alliances and stuff.

    I want CURRENT AND FACTUAL information put here please. This is supposed to be educational-- not so you can get yourselves more members! If it does happen that new members come your way, then so be it. But some new players may have questions as to what goes on in each alliance and a simple thread would be good. I want only ONE post from each Alliance! Preferably from its Alliance Leader, or Second in command, or someone else who has been asked to do so. If you are not the Alliance Leader and have been told to make this post, please state so and note in your post who the Alliance leader is. I would prefer if only information go here. Questions or debates or whatever can be made into another thread if you feel it so necessary.

    Legend Speakers will be first.

    [b]Name:[/b] Legend Speakers
    [b]Alliance Duty:[/b] To be determined in exact grounds under new Alliance Leader, Fyrd Argentus
    [b]Currently Active:[/b] Not particularly.
    [b]Members available:[/b] 5
    [b]Active Members:[/b] 2
    [b]Land Association:[/b] MagicDuel Archive Lands
    [b]King:[/b] No King. MDA is a neutral territory.
    [b]Brief Summary of Activities and History:[/b]Legend Speakers are a group of people who are of creative mind set, and enjoy making quests, contests, and enjoyable get togethers that enrich the playing field for everyone. We only currently have 2 active members; Fyrd Argentus, Alliance Leader and Curiose. Previous quests and contests that have been done are the Lost Path Treasure Quests and Story night. Story Night is not active due to complications in real life and will remain so until further notice. LPTQ and other quests branching under it are currently active.
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    Mith reacted to Burns in Synopsis of Alliance Activity   
    [b]Name:[/b] Guerilla Golemicarum
    [b]Alliance Duty:[/b] Defence of Golemus Golemicarum, Research about Golemus Golemicarum
    [b]Currently Active: [/b]Of course.
    [b]Members available:[/b] 22
    [b]Active Members:[/b] 7-8
    [b]Land Association:[/b] Golemus Golemicarum
    [b]King:[/b] Yrthilian
    [b]Brief Summary of Activities and History:[/b] Wars, Philosophy, Research. Founded by Wodin Ullr during Shade War. Several leaders, varying activity. Important parts of Guerilla Activity are the defence of the land and people and to give new citizens broad support in their activities, including the defence of the Lair Keepers.
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    Mith reacted to Chewett in Reputation System/I cannot give Rep   
    When you are a "New Member" (under 20 posts) you cannot give or take Reputation away

    Unless you have a really good reason to be able to give or take away reputation, you will have to wait until you have reached 20 posts

    If you dislike this or have something to say about it, Please pm me.


    If you have more than 20 posts and still cannot give or take reputation you need to PM me and i can fix this issue.
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    Mith reacted to Blackthorn in Available art work   
    [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1300842729' post='81130']
    Posted description as instructed:

    A clay model of a dovewing with a light shining directly overhead it. The shape of the dovewing is up to you, the artist.

    The angle is also up to you.

    Thank you Blackthorn!

    Let me know if this will work for you...
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    Mith reacted to Blackthorn in Available art work   
    [quote name='Mith' timestamp='1300877895' post='81142']
    ~artist's description~

    A young man in the prime of his youth, grinning. contrary to his cloak almost shrouding his face and a bit of heavy armor plating showing, he exudes a very light aura. he embarrasingly covers the right side of his face with his right hand. on that hand there is a ring showing, where the MD mark should be. because his right eye is covered by his hand, only the left eye is visible and is staring at the viewer.

    (view is chest and above, like he's sitting, right hand resting on a table, but the legs and the table arent in the avy.)

    there. I hope I have provided enough detail. Thank you very very much.

    A challenging request...I have never drawn an avy that was not head to toe...so to speak...this will allow for more detail...which in turn will take more time to complete. Still I accept your commision...and I would like you to contact me soon on YM...so that I can periodically show you the piece as I draw it...so as not to waste your time or mine with a drawing that would be unacceptable. bardofloreroot@yahoo.com
    Thank You.

    I am afraid I must admit defeat...I did my best but could not draw to your exact specifications...my applologies...but here is what I was able to come up with...let me know if it meets with your approval.

    P.S. I was told by a very good, if not a little new, friend of mine here in MD...that I need to learn to use my Gimp better...and so to that end, I reworked the drawing in Gimp...and I have to agree...Gimp is pretty cool....Won't be giving up miy pencil anytime soon though. new version uploaded...old one tossed.
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    Mith reacted to aaront222 in Stopping buying things with credits   
    [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1300674472' post='80974']
    Now we move to coins. How are coins generated in the first place? (excluding Murvine intervention, of course) Via the MDShop, ie credits once again. There are certainly many ways of getting coins, such as gifts, quests, the shop, and trading, and these do serve quite a valuable place in the market, but ultimately they are only created via the expense of credits.

    Coins are no longer obtainable via shop. This is because someone got alts and abused free credits to "farm silvers". Now the amount of coins in MD is essentially an exact and set amount.
    In that case there is in theory an INFINITE amount of Reindrachs and Rusties. They are PURCHASABLE from the shop bot only after lots of credits spent. WHY? So that you can't abuse free credits to get them. Because we keep getting shop resets we can spend $50+ (or about 145 days on free credits) per shop reset to get a Rusty/Rein. Over VERY LONG amounts of time what's not to say there are more Rusties/Reins then silvers? (I'm referring to EXCRUCIATINGLY LONG AMOUNTS OF TIME)
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    Mith reacted to Blackthorn in Available art work   
    If there are any players looking for art work to be done...they can contact me here or in game. I would prefer a post here of the description of the Item or Avy you would like me to draw for you... as always I prefer to discuss payment..if any..only after the Item has been drawn and meets your approval...You can always decline if it does not. I will do only LIMITTED revisions...

    If you are new to MD and/or you have little to offer in way of payment, prices will vary ...and some I will do for free...so don't be afraid to ask.


    A note to anyone reading this thread:

    I work on many avatars at a time, and some, just finish themselves...others take longer, not neccessarily because they are more difficult...but because the muse hasn't struck just yet....I have learned that if I push too hard...the drawing doesn't come out very well. I hope you all will try to understand. I'm a Toaist and I believe that art like life flows from the source and follows it's own path. Nothing is more beautiful to me than an uncarved block. That is why I love the challanges you provide to me...and as always...I prefer you describe the avy to me...rather than showing me a picture....Pictures tend to retard the artistic process by forcing form upon an unrealised idea...I literally have to forget what I saw before I can begin to draw again...If you are not certain of exactly what you want me to draw...then be general..and let me know to do it how ever I want...thats ok too....and don't worry about feeling obligated to buy it once I finish....If you don't want it...np...I will just place it hear in this thread for sale or sell it to the shop. Honesty is the best form of praise any artist can hope for because it praises the artist not their art...while it is very nice to hear that people like what I draw, when someone tells me something that they don't like about a drawing, like Couriose and Chewy did before, I know that they care enough to help me to grow and become better...
    Price is also not very important to me...I know that previously some of my avys were selling for quite a bit of Gold...but what I really want is to provide avys that will enhance your enjoyment of the game. If you can afford to pay...great! If not, that's ok too. so don't let price be the reason you don't ask me to draw for you. Thanks for reading this...BT


    For Ravenstrider...Oh, and it was free, because he made me laugh.
    this second one is going to the shop...unless anyone wants it?
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    Mith got a reaction from nadrolski in WTS/WTT specific crits   
    Selling an Angien, aged 166, with [blooddrop1] and [firedrop].

    Also, if the offer's right, I MIGHT BE trading/selling my BPs; one aged 396 and another 375. preferably for sharpies.

    ages of BP mentioned are of D49, Y6.

    age of Angien as of D64, Y6.
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    Mith got a reaction from nadrolski in Happy Birthday, Mithrandil!   
    So... the day is almost done here in my part of the world... and I would like to say thanks to those who greeted.

    and a big thanks again to nad who made sure MD knew it was my Birthday
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    Mith got a reaction from nadrolski in Happy Birthday, Mithrandil!   
    That was fast

    thanks nad
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    Mith got a reaction from phantasm in Unachieved Simple Wishes   
    1) To be able to learn to play the Piano
    Why yes? - I have the resources and connections so I could be taught.
    Why not? - I no longer have the time and the patience required to learn such as skill.
    Why? - So I could finally have a talent that makes me happy, even when I'm alone.

    2)To Excel in my studies
    Why yes? - I have the books and the great people to support and teach me to do good in College.
    Why not? - I lost my motivation to learn a long LONG time ago.
    Why? - I could finally make my parents happy and be a little proud of myself again.

    3)To lie down on the grassy plains, staring at the dark starry sky until dawn breaks
    Why yes? - there's a whole park, a few steps away from where I am now.
    Why? - I dreamt about it. It's literally a dream come true.
    Why not? - there's no one to lie down with.
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