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  1. Just want to point out that this Test Contest overlaps with Day of Fear where a considerable amount of ppl already signed up for. For those that would like to participate in both contests it will be like forcing them to pick one contest over the other.
  2. Name: stavaroiu Age: 1107 AD Sex: Male Association: Guerrilla Golemicarum, Embers of Kelle`tha Affiliation: Golemus Golemicarum Greatest Strength: Patience Greatest Weakness: Boredom
  3. 1st) [b]Shemhazaj [/b]- I wanted to get 1k Fenths exchanged (made into) an independent reality coagulator. (10 points) 2nd) [b]Udgard[/b] - upgrade to my item creation ability, to allow me to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items (9 points) 3rd) [b]Soothing Sands[/b] - Passant's independent sand melter. (8 points) 4th) [b]dst[/b] - independent mineral water tool(7 points) 5th) [b]Burns[/b] - ability to create 'Drach Melodic Charm'(6 points) 6th) [b]Rumi[/b] - Independent Rainwater harvester tool. (5 points) 7th) [b]Chewett[/b] - summon peop
  4. 1st) [b]Shemhazaj [/b]- I wanted to get 1k Fenths exchanged (made into) an independent reality coagulator. (10 points) 2nd) [b]Soothing Sands[/b] - Passant's independent sand melter. (9 points) 3rd) [b]dst[/b] - independent mineral water tool(8 points) 4th) [b]Burns[/b] - ability to create 'Drach Melodic Charm'(7 points) 5th) [b]Rumi[/b] - Independent Rainwater harvester tool. (6 points) 6th) [b]Udgard[/b] - upgrade to my item creation ability, to allow me to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items (5 points) 7th) [b]Chewett[/b] - summon peop
  5. I know what you mean, 35sc imp #3.
  6. Ok, lets raise the stakes a bit then. 40sc for imp #1
  7. My wish is basically the same as Shem`s second wish, an independent reality coagulator. While i don`t have 1k fenths right now, i have gathered a few thousand fenths ever since the reality coagulator was introduced as shared item and fenths press became the place i spend most of my time in MD.
  8. Quest: Explore MD Every player that wants to participate will get a deadline(i was thinking of a week or 2) in which he needs to visit certain locations all around MD and make printscreen`s that includes the scene and the time of visit. I was thinking the scenes they should visit should include the capitols of the lands, some unusual places as well as certain "special scenes" to make the quest more interesting (this is something like a feature of the quest i thought of and would like to hear some opinions on it) The unusual places could include Oak fort in Loreroot, Gazebo
  9. Maybe something like a lottery and use random.org to determine the lucky winners?
  10. A very simple button that turns all sounds on/off in MD. I really hate complicating myself every single time i wish to listen to music AND play MD while staying in a non-sanctuary area.
  11. Also just an idea. How about movelock-ing the person that depletes a resource, making him unable to leave the scene of the resource for some time based on how much he depleted that resource. Lest say when he gathers below 50% he is movelocked for 1 hour, 33% - 3 hours, 20% - 6 hours, 10% - 12 hours. Rather then some form of skilldmg(witch i honestly doubt will make ppl consider NOT depleting again) this should effectively stop the depletion of a resource and if not stop ppl from depleting several location all in 1 day.
  12. Nah, i think its more likely you cant swing / lift the sword at all cause your too weak. With neg stats i imagine you cant even face palm your opponent, a sword and armor makes you only more of an sitting duck. I would love to see some new armor sets though.
  13. [b]011101110000011010111101 - 0001111101[/b]
  14. In my opinion the council is right on a few aspects and are in the right for removing a trust point. First of all the last BHC really was a joke, the only one i saw who was really trying hard was ignnus, who was later on disqualified. After that from what i saw and what Eon admitted , the top leader in the contest weren't even trying hard to win and the places 5-10 had a score of 0 or between 0 and 10. Some of the participants didn't even log in during the BHC. Places 4 and 5 were also not really trying hard to get heads, they got must of the score just by logging in and doing their thing in
  15. [quote]A very easy and minor change, but one that would help me a lot, and I'm sure others as well: Option on the options page to mute all MD sounds.[/quote] I`m sorry but i really have to ask why people don't like this idea? Sure i like of the other ideas and find them interesting but this is the ONLY one i REALLY care about and ABSOLUTELY want to see it happen!!! I`m gonna be direct here, i utterly detest the sound of someone attacking me! It plays a very important part for me as to why i spend most of my time at fenths press, where there is a sanctuary and i don't have to hear that ir
  16. I would like to see more shared, cauldron type tools that require some of the currently useless resources. I can count 15 of those resources only in my inventory, some new recipes and devices that use them would be nice.
  17. This topic can be closed now, thank you.
  18. Due to unexpected circumstances the number of fenths diminished a little. If someone wishes to retract their bids, its understandable.
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