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  1. I dont know about others but... I feel realy sad because Adam Riddle... Someone should help him before he died.
  2. [b]I voted yes and for medal for Chewett and Cutler. They acted fast and did good.[/b] [b]As for Orlando[/b]... I am sorry, but I will say a laud [b]no[/b]. You wanted a huge chatbox (if memory servers me correct), the postoffice was my thought in your thread, sorry. (Edited: and here is proof: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6084-a-huuuge-md-chatbox/page__p__51219__fromsearch__1&#entry51219"]Klick Here[/url] Anyhow, I think Chewett and Cutler are the only two that realy deserve an reward here. May it be for making this wish true or for other things that they do/did. (I k
  3. Thank you very much for the trouble of creating this feature.
  4. I am not the gouard of Bob... obviously... To be honest, it was today that I learned, that Bob has guardians... but I do like Bob. I feel that there is special connection between us as I get a feeling that Bob understands me without judgement and I can hear the whispers from him. I ususaly always stop by Bob when I am on my way to feed my fried mouse, living down by the mill. I know that Bob wants to feel the gentle sprinkle of rain and I wish to him that soon the wish he has would come true and I usualy casses his bark in hope that some warmth would pass to him... Anyhow, I like Bob...
  5. I realy like the sugestions Burns has come with. And of course, it would be logical that the cost for sending a message using "post office" function should be payed by the one that sends the message not by the one that receives it.
  6. I gave you 2. The reason behind it is because I am firm believer that nothing in the world is perfect (may it be game world or the world we dont have choice but to live in) besides where is perfection there is no space for improvements... (not to mention, perfection can be boring, I believe). The other reasons are, as it was already mentioned some instructions could be a bit clearer BUT I also have to say that I was very glad to see your respond and clearing "Spikes" one up a bit for me yet just enaugh for me to comprehend what it demands of me (so that is a definitive + ). The main back
  7. Since I did mention the creation of special post ofice in that previous thread I demed it correct to suport this idea in here also. 1 silver for paying would be way to much and basicaly only new players would realy badly need a post office, so ap (maybe with combination of ve and vp) could be enaugh. A postman for "big guys"? It might be, but new players or those who are not the "big guys" need this one. A spell called localate? Is that a wp shop spell or something you get when you start playing? I for one dont know and I am very sure that none of those who starts to play this game has n
  8. The sort of chat that I think you are refering to... would take away a lot from the game. There is a certain charm, that you need to meet and chat and it is interesting when you are bored and you trvel true the land and you suddenly spot two persons chating or rping. The "Global" (for the lack of better name) would take all that away, and everybody would talk over another one, making it hard to follow. It could also produce lag for those whos internet connection is not superb. But what it would probably be good to add is a function where you could actualy msg person even if its not on your f
  9. LadyDawn

    Little Or Lot?

    I would say "a little about everything". Now, how much that "little" actualy is, it waries meaning it can be more than just some basicss... And upon that, know a lot or "everything" (realising you can never ever know everything) about the area you are working in. That way you can excel on your field since it is your expertise and at same time can stand a chance when conforted with other topics. Edit: Stupid typos... and I bet there are more, I just dont see them.
  10. Hi! Let me add my bucket of thoughts here... Yes, I believe there should be WP reward for days. If someone plays the game for a year or more that shows dedication, delibration and persistance and those things should be rewarded. As for the years... well, what about 1 year is 1wp, 2 years is 2 wp, 3 is 3wp and so on? Just a thought... As for alts... Well, considering the fact that trading between alts is not allowed I would say that alts should be rewarded also but at same time it should be somehow made so that alts cant trade them between them at all and period. I will not pretend that
  11. I was actualy surprised and confused when I have seen the announcement but not because of the restrictions but because it was previously clear to me that "trading" betwen chars that are played from same IP (regardless if it is an alt or actualy another person playing) is not allowed. It is actualy sad that people cant be trusted to not abuse things... Anyhow, I for one, am happy to see that it became harder now for those that do those things, so way to go Mr. Mur!
  12. [size="2"][font="Courier New"]I will firstly say "Hi" since this will be my first post on these boards... so ; "Hello!" My character in game is still in early developtement stage meaning, I dont have a clear image about it yet as how I want it to be. But I find that a fun part because it gives me all the freedom of creating and it will be interesting to see how this character will, well, for lack of better word, grow. I do have some faint idea of what will all be about, hence the name of Lady Dawn. I dont want to put to much of my rl into her but that is mainly because there are things in
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