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  1. haha, dobre riječi. Samo u ovim vremenima čovjek nikad ne zna.

  2. LadyDawn


    [i]Exactly what the topic description says... There is a gazzilion of interesting, inspirational, wise or funny quotes around. If you want to share them, the write them here. And yes, they dont need to be strictly "real life" one, they can also be from MD itself.[/i] The quote that I will share today are from [u]Arthur Conan Doyle[/u]: “Too much! Wait till you have lived here longer. Look down the valley! See the cloud of a hundred chimneys that overshadows it! I tell you that the cloud of murder hangs thicker and lower than that over the heads of the people. It is the Valley of Fear, the
  3. I am very happy to be a citizen! And have very same view on it as flamewarrior. Obeying the rule and ready to serve!
  4. LadyDawn


    Ty, ty. I prefer Dusk one also.
  5. LadyDawn

    Lady Dusk

    Thank you very much, all! Magnus X:
  6. I like this one from my own language, so I will try to translate it for you, but mind that the translation shall not give it justice: Eros – Tanatos Pil sem te in ne izpil, Ljubezen. [color="#708090"][i](I drunk but not drunk you all, Love.)[/i][/color] Ko duhteče vino sladkih trt [color="#708090"][i](Like wine from sweet wines)[/i][/color] užil sem te, da nisem bil več trezen [color="#708090"][i](I consumed you, until I was no more sober)[/i][/color] in da nisem vedel, da si Smrt. [color="#708090"][i](and I didnt know that you are Death)[/i][/color] Zrl sem v strašne teme tvojih
  7. Thank you. =) I am glad you like it.

  8. LadyDawn

    Lady Dusk

    Yes, I did. For the Dusk that I will not use , I borrowed the body tho (this one with staff).
  9. LadyDawn


    Dear sir Burns, the newby that you quoted did not linger in mp3 and has advanced to mp4 some time ago. I did not step my foot at GGG at mp3. Just to get that straight. So basicaly, I am sorry but your thoughts about how I might think at mp3 are inacurate. Thank you.
  10. LadyDawn

    Lady Dusk

    Changed my mind, this one is now just a random pic... not connected with Lady Dusk. And ty.
  11. LadyDawn

    Lady Dusk

    From the album: Art stuff

    This one fits her better..

    © © KP

  12. LadyDawn


    From the album: Art stuff

    ...Dawn... I gues..

    © © KP

  13. Was in vicinity and decided to give you a visit and here I am. How be you?

  14. LadyDawn

    Lady Dusk

    From the album: Art stuff

    Dusk ofcourse... at least for now...

    © ©KP

  15. That gender thingy proposed by ladytwin would be quite useful, indeed! But there should be another mark besides male&female... for those that are neither.
  16. *stares at reputation* Wow! *waves and leaves*

  17. Just want to say that I like the interface as it is and at least for me its easy to navigate. If I have to do few aditional klicks, well, what the heck, it doesnt bother me at all. As for seting rituals all that I miss is being able to set them without klicking on somebody and thats all. At for choosing wich crits you want, well, thats why you have crits ID there, so you know if its the same or not and since you can put only 6 crits in one rit there is realy no problem seeing if you inserted same crit twice, just see the last two noumbers. Not to mention you can name your crits diferently when
  18. I have spend a lot of time trying to figure out Lorerooth Languards, it was frustrating but not to the point of quitting a game but rather to the point of being "obsessed" with trying to defeat them. Hint around "Their Strenght is their Weakness" is something that everybody learns about since it is on a billboard so I think that if you say that to somebody who is trying to get in, you are just stressing on them the importance of that sentence since he/she already knows it. I got gazilion of tips around with time but to be honest some of them just confused me even further. In any case, I tr
  19. Hey there. Just thought to say "hello" back. ;)

  20. *smiles and waves* Greetings! Was just... passing by and thought of wishing you a good day.

  21. Hey there! *pokes you and runs*

  22. Well, I will not specify 5 of them with names. There is one that I realy like and kindda connect with on some levels out there and I am preaty sure that you know who you are. But there are also others that I admire because of diferent qualities that they posses and some others that I like, not to mention those that I might like if I would get to know them better. In any case, if I "talk" with you then you are somewhere between those above and you know who you are also. If I dont talk with you then or I dont have liking of you or I simply didnt had oportunity to meet you yet or maybe there
  23. LadyDawn

    The Sisterhood

    Lady Dawn is a sister.
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