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  1. Good point there, hm. Oh well... and I am [b]finnaly[/b] back. Been longer than I thought... but I am still breathing... well, at least trying 2.
  2. Happy happy happy happy ad infinitum birthday! May all your wishes come truth!
  3. Well, I should be away already but some little thing happened that allowed me be around for one more night, before Dawn and Dusk will rest for a while. @DarkPriestess: Thanks, Irene. I will absolutely try to be back quickly. @Lazarus: Thanksy. I will do what Cezar did... Veni, Vidi,Vici. @Handy Pockets: Thanks you, Kets. Maybe I will manage to scrap together a poem or two... I will surly have enaugh time. @Yoshi: Hahaha, ty. They will both miss both, but, shhh, dont tell anybody. @Mya Celestia: Thank you, dear. @Rhaegar Targaryen: Oh my, oh my... then I surely need to hu
  4. having just the same problem... EDIT: Its ok now, the "Continue" button appeared.
  5. @Grido : thanks. Sure I will. Only "mind" will suffer... lol @nadrolski: hehe, ty, "the force" is always with me
  6. Well, I will have to be away from MD for few days due to RL. Anyhow, it is not something that I like and it annoys me but I cant change it either, so I have to live with it. Anyhow, I will be away for around one week, I most definetly hope that not so long. If all goes well, then I should be back on late friday... Anyhow, will miss you all! Have fun and take care and see you soon. -K EDIT: Darn... how could I do such awfull typo with the title... I mean...
  7. It doesnt matter what his role is, merchant ot collector (seems definetly more a collector from what I read tho). You can not demand of him to stop doing that, since as it is said in here he does it over fair trade. It all comes down to those who he buys from. They are the ones that should be adressed since basicaly they are the ones who sell mats/items to him. So first question you should ask yourself is: Why people sell him things? When you find your answer, use the "knowledge" of it for yourself and try the same when you need/want specific thing. The other option is convincing others
  8. Lady Dusk: Gave 1 silver coin to Shantu. Reason: he was the first that I have seen siting by the Necrovion gate.
  9. Oh may, thank you ladytwin, thy words are worth far more than silver. Let me think...in crature-departement I dont have anything of worth to pass forth, but instead I am offering to provide a random newby who would contact me with a creature from Loreroot (useful for those who dont have acces to Loreroot yet)and a service to whomever would so choose, as I offer to draw something that the person would wish to be drawn for her/him/it. Msg me, to receive... Thats the best that I could come with at this point...
  10. I wont be saying much in here... and I believe you know what I would say... *hugs* [color="#C0C0C0"]As for missing you in MD, well, you wish cous you are missed.[/color]
  11. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' date='18 February 2010 - 10:25 AM' timestamp='1266488705' post='54671'] find a sugar daddy find a sugar mommy stab them in the back once you take what they have! [/quote] Hmm... lets see... Be nice... it usualy pays off... at least for a while? Cant realy add anything, I am still a noob...
  12. Thank you very much for the rose. *smiles and leaves a jar of bat-shaped cookis*

  13. Oh my... I dont think Mur or anybody else can revive MD because it is [b]not "dead"[/b]. You all seem to think about it as if it died already... I see it up there, we can log in and there are chars around, so technicaly it is not dead. And I will not go and discusse on actual meanings of the words. The fact is that some think MD has "died" already or that it is "dying". Is it "dying"? Maybe but I certanly hope that it is not. I said it yesterday on sg and I will repeat it here: Think of a bear and its winter sleep... after it it awakes with a roar. Even the thought of principles comes in
  14. I think MD is special, but not so much because it would be different from other games, but because of all the effort and thought and time put in, by Mur and by others. In any case, MD is more than just a game, it is a tiny diamond sparkling amist the sand.Maybe in time, if nothing is changed/new it might loose its spark, but it will still be a diamond. So Mur, recharge your batteries, find your inspiration, enjoy what you have done till this time, you certanly are entitled to it. Those who appreciate MD, love and/or understand it, will stay; others who find it just another game on the market
  15. *waves as she passes by*

  16. [u][b]@Chewett:[/b][/u] Of course it is much older than 60 days, but I can not speak about the things that were going on before I even had a character in the game, I wasnt around at that time. I doubt that a player just playing and not looking at the forum would be "saved from" seeing the bickering. You hear things even in game, if not in scene-chat then in messages. It might just take longer time to see it. I agree on your "accept and move on" notion. We should all move on and just try to be better, I mean, isnt that what average person would like, become better than he/she is? But sadl
  17. It is just sad... how many of people is willing to throw a stone at other, how many around is just fishing for something bad to bring it out... That kind of behavior is destroying the community. When I joined MD, that would be exactly 60 days ago (yes, a jungling in this world) I have seen a great game offering different sort of challenges to overcome and such, meet some realy nice people etc. It was "fun" in all regards. But right now, all this bickering and ponting fingers around... to be honest, its annoying. I tend to wonder... do we, humans, realy need to destroy everything nice that w
  18. Sretan rođendan! Lijepo slavi i da se ti šta želiš ostvari. /zagrljaji i poljupci/
  19. Loreroot is home, for one named [i][b]Lady Dawn[/b][/i], as heart feels with the land and its inhabitans. There one feels calm and safe, may it be siting on the Mistletoe Bridge or in the corner of Defensive Quaters, laying in the grasses under the Moon, listening to the whispers of the forrest or casting ones gaze into shadows between the proud trees, searching for the unknown. When-ever one is far away from the land, one hopes to swiftly return back home and when such is done her heart and soul rejoyce. [center]***[/center] For one named [i][b]Lady Dusk[/b][/i], Loreroot is [u]not[/u] a
  20. LadyDawn


    Throwing in another bounch... "We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true." [i]~ Woodrow Wilson[/i] "Dream as if you'll live forever... live as if you'll die today " [i]~ James Dean[/i] "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compar
  21. Happy Birthday, Rockistah!!! May you get all that you desire!
  22. Ok, something nice... that shouldnt be to hard : You gals and guys rock! Seriously, like you all. As for person who posted before... hm... Esmeralda... Ok, didnt meet you yet, I think. But hey, you have nice "name"!
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