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Image Comments posted by LadyDawn

  1. Ty, ty, ty! :D

    Blackwoodforest, I didnt know who or what you are refering tho so I googled it up and :) seen few things around before. *smacks her head* I wouldnt say it "influence" but I will most certanly say that I do like her works. Its like AMAZING!!! :)

  2. Ty Magnus X. Well, would be hard since I choosen another image for Dusk. :)

    Asterdai: Thanks. :) I might find time to draw it, no problem at all. If you cant find me in game then buzz me on YiM. :D

    And btw if somebody by any chance would like to use this pic, let me know cous I am not using it for Lady Dusk anymore, didnt quite fit her.

    Again, thank you all. :)

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