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  1. :D My kitty Sil-Sil says "meow" to you. I think he is saying "hi". ;)
  2. ...but...but... I am not realy back... you see... I am just hounting the forum... like a poltergheist... LOL

  3. *hugs* dont feel bad... besides, you have a comment now! :D

  4. *hugs* not yet back but almost there ;) I hope you are doing great. Missing you 2.

  5. *looks for a place to hide for an "if" that might occour* In that case... I will be sure to return soon. ;)

  6. *smiles and waves* Greetings! Was just... passing by and thought of wishing you a good day.

  7. *stares at reputation* Wow! *waves and leaves*

  8. *waves as she passes by*

  9. 1st! wahahaha

    nc, lepo da te vidm gor zdej. sam profil si porihti pa bo ;)


  10. Believe it or not, but I just noticed... lol...

    Anyhow: HELLO THERE! ;)

  11. Decided to stop by for a sec, so "Hello!". Regarding the drawing: I might find some time, sure. If you cant find me in game then YiM me. ;) Have fun!

  12. Droping by to say: HELOOOOO! And happy birthday btw altrough I seem to be a little late. :o

  13. Extra happy birthday to you! and hello there

  14. had to stop by and i have just realised i didnt said hi... so, hm... Hello there! :)

  15. haha, dobre riječi. Samo u ovim vremenima čovjek nikad ne zna.

  16. Hello to everybody!!!! *big hugs*

  17. Hey there! *pokes you and runs*

  18. Hey there! I am a bit late but: Thank you!

  19. Hey there! Sorry to replay to you soooo late. :( How are you? You were in Slovenia?! Awwww

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