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  1. You know... sudden dissaperances and entrances make for dramatic twists.

    I just thought I would return sooner but things got dire in process and I had to prospone. I am seriously back now, tho. ;)

  2. Hello to everybody!!!! *big hugs*

  3. Hey there! Sorry to replay to you soooo late. :( How are you? You were in Slovenia?! Awwww

  4. ...but...but... I am not realy back... you see... I am just hounting the forum... like a poltergheist... LOL

  5. Still not realy back... sorry. :( But nevertheless HELLOOOOOO ALL!!! Hope you are doing great and enyoing summer days! (Its to hot for me, wish I would live on Alaska)

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    2. nadrolski


      hey! high five to you!

    3. Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Amoran Kalamanira Kol

      Lady Dawn!! I'm glad you are....kind of back!

    4. LadyDawn


      Ty Pample and Sephirah. High five to you 2 Nadrolski. Amoraaaaaaan!!!

      I seriously hope to be back soon as I am missing you all. I am probably a month away from it or so. Just need to make my buisness running and then I should have some more time.

  6. Hey there! I am a bit late but: Thank you!

  7. Droping by to say: HELOOOOO! And happy birthday btw altrough I seem to be a little late. :o

  8. *looks for a place to hide for an "if" that might occour* In that case... I will be sure to return soon. ;)

  9. *hugs* not yet back but almost there ;) I hope you are doing great. Missing you 2.

  10. Kitty is a real sweetheart. :D I am lucky that I got him, he is just joy to have around. :)

  11. You are quite right. If cat wants something it must get it. :D

    Btw. my Sil-sil totaly recovered and proved the vet from the shelter wrong: he aint limping anymore. =)

  12. not yet back but soon to be... sending my "Hi" to all!

  13. :D My kitty Sil-Sil says "meow" to you. I think he is saying "hi". ;)
  14. I came by just to scream into your ear: DO NOT LEAVE US!!!

  15. Extra happy birthday to you! and hello there

  16. Thank you very much for the rose. *smiles and leaves a jar of bat-shaped cookis*

  17. *waves as she passes by*

  18. had to stop by and i have just realised i didnt said hi... so, hm... Hello there! :)

  19. Decided to stop by for a sec, so "Hello!". Regarding the drawing: I might find some time, sure. If you cant find me in game then YiM me. ;) Have fun!

  20. Pa totalno se slažem. Nacija nema nikakve veze, šta znači je samo to kakav je čovjek u karakteru.

  21. haha, dobre riječi. Samo u ovim vremenima čovjek nikad ne zna.

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