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  1. Ok so my post was removed due "role-playing elements" that apperantly should not be there. My bad, I guess. So here is my very bland re-posting. My RL demands my attention sadly. I have sick mother, I am not of perfect helth yet either and basicaly I am working my behind off so at this time I saldy dont have much time to play. But if I am needed, I can be reached and I do plan to return as soon as I will realy be able to. I dont want to log in game for idk two days and then be away for two weeks, if you get my point. I would wish to remain in CoE if that is possible, but if space is wha
  2. aha! lies! you weren't really back!

  3. darling one, welcome back! it is so good to see your face again.

  4. then you get a serious welcome back! x)

  5. You know... sudden dissaperances and entrances make for dramatic twists.

    I just thought I would return sooner but things got dire in process and I had to prospone. I am seriously back now, tho. ;)

  6. what's up with appearing once in 6 months to leave few comments? :D

  7. darn, now i worry about what you might heard but it is quite nice to know that you heard a bit tho
  8. Soooooo... let me first say HELLO ALL! Now grab a drink and something for the sweet-tooth, please. [img]http://tokyobaron.com/products_pictures/SUNTORY_ROYAL_Japanese_Whisky_aged_15_years_old_700_ml.jpg[/img][img]http://s6.mojalbum.com/peciva-pariske-rozice-marmeladne-tortice-orehovi-rogljicki-svedski-piskoti-gobice-medenjaki-cime_7055756_7174737_10466344.jpg[/img] Anyhow, I am back... at this moment only on board. I have no idea if anybody of you here remebers me or not (I know I am not so remebarable so no fault on your side ;I ) but still, I feel I should explain a bit where and why
  9. Hello to everybody!!!! *big hugs*

  10. Hey there! Sorry to replay to you soooo late. :( How are you? You were in Slovenia?! Awwww

  11. oh by the way, I am currently in Slovenia :D

    hah forgot to mention that... my dad works here

  12. ...but...but... I am not realy back... you see... I am just hounting the forum... like a poltergheist... LOL

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