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  1. I offer a SW for the BP, a pimp and the colorless joker, if you acept creatures =)
  2. I have to be off for today (have to go to work), so I'll look for you tomorrow if there is no problem =P
  3. [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1294720707' post='77274'] Post or pm offers. I'd like at least 2 sc on each of those. The bloodpact will be at least 14 sc [/quote] I think 16 silver would be the minimum for your offer, Peace =)
  4. @Ravenstrider SW was traded for Rhaegar's Rusty @ratbert will look for you,just ay where I can normaly find you
  5. 3 silver each pimp and imp with claw2
  6. deal!!! just tell me where you want to meet to make the trade!!!
  7. 4 silver on pimp 332 and 3 silver each on grasan 596 and TS 371
  8. well, more then 24 hours have passed, so I'm taking back my offer thanks, maybe some other time
  9. erm, still no contact, please contact me during the next 24h or I`ll remove my bid...
  10. creats sold, please close this ^^
  11. 1 silver grasan with kelletha, 4 silver joker with blood drops, 4 silver impy with emerald glare =D
  12. 3 silver for the bird and I can get you a fresh one as a bonus
  13. Selling these creatures, mostly untokened, well fed and trained. the elemental can even jump through a ring of fire ;P Creatures on sale: Name___________________________________________current bid_______________bider Chaos archer 304 age (id 577920)____________________ Chaos Archer 271 age (id 589646)[claw 1]_____________ Chaos archer 242 age (id 601596)____________________ Elemental 242 age (id 601598)_______________________ Loreroot archer 242 age (id 601697)___________________ Winderwild 232 age (id 607751)______________________ 8x aramors 232 age_______________________________ preffered coins and credit, but items and other crits may be good as well. I keep to myself the right to not sell them if not happy with the offer. pm me here for anonymous bids. bids will run for about a week, or until the offer is sweet enough to feed my greed =D PS: preparing a great Imperial Aramor auction, will be on probably in one-two weeks Aku
  14. Checking if the auction is still valid, had no answer whatsoever...
  15. 3 silver for the trees and two for the elemental. so, five silver for the lot
  16. Taking the SUPER Combo please pm me as where to meet for the trade ^^
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