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  1. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1295137259' post='77472'] Obviously, what worked for group 2 would never have worked for group one and vice versa. Voting (and plotting and backstabbing) makes a lot of sense in a group larger than two people. It also makes sense to me that if everybody votes for themselves, you don't get anywhere. Thus it is logical to demand nobody votes for himself. A question remains whether this was explicitly demanded, or most people assumed it to be the case? Did anyone vote for himself regardless or vote blanc? With little information, we make up rules for ourselves.
  2. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1294780047' post='77302'] I can't speak for Shadowseeker, but in general it is unlikely for quest creators to comment in public before the end. A date which is partially up to me, but fear not there is some progress. [/quote] Sorry, you are right. I'll wait patiently.
  3. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1294777208' post='77299'] I can't say I'm happy about the way it turned out, but well, your choice. [/quote] Why? What else did you have in mind? It would be nice if you could share your ideas on this ... (For me it was hard enough to find any agreement at all between the six of us ...)
  4. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1294164278' post='76766'] Mithrandil, Mighty Pirate, sasha lilias, Makain Cristof, Yoshi, The great Pashweetie, these 6 are the next group. To pass one has to gain the permit of the other people to get the WP. [/quote] Obviously, Shadowseeker left it open for us to create our own rules. Lets try this for group 2: - First, you publish all your questions, e.g. by forum PM to me. - Once I have all questions, I will publish them among the participants. - Then we democratically vote an absolutistic leader - who gets most votes, takes the WP, we all wi
  5. As you asked for it, this is a complete walk-through. Since you should learn something please read about the Pirate code on Wikipedia: [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirate_code"]Pirate code[/url] [list=1] [*]first task was to find a location: [attachment=2248:quest1.jpg] Solution: [spoiler]Heresy Lane. Follow the steps from Loreroot exit (place of the Knator).[/spoiler] [*]Next task was to find the name of the MD Pirate Crew Boatswain: Solution: [spoiler]Keith Moon. Any click on the flag of a pirate crew member gives you this information.[/spoiler] [*]Next task was a location:
  6. [quote name='Indyra' timestamp='1291032823' post='73681'] i susbscribe.... [/quote] I'll post here, once I find the time - probably tomorrow evening.
  7. Time to announce winners: Hurray! 1st winner: VonUngernSternberg -> wishpoint 2nd winner: Ravenstrider + 10h, 48min -> wishpoint 3rd winner: tankfans + 15h, 00min -> wishpoint 4th winner: *Clock Master* + 16h, 30min -> wishpoint 5th winner: *Peace* + 19h, 22min -> wishpoint 6th winner: Asterdai + 19h, 31min -> a creature and something else I enjoyed the riddles and I hope you liked it as well. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks again to king Yrthilian for sponsoring the Wishpoints. Mighty Pirate
  8. Finally, we have many winners. I'll announce the winners on Monday. You can still solve the quest for fun. Mighty Pirate
  9. Day 3 ist almost over and we still have no winner. Some more hints for the second last riddle (the one Ravenstrider mentioned) : [list] [*] 'No person to game at cards or dice for money!' (The Pirate code) [*] 'Not large numbers again! Bloody hell.' (Raven) Correct! There are no numbers over 20 in our riddles. [*] 33333 is impossible. (Death penality if you try!) [*] 67666 is better than 53225 is better than 99724. [*] Lady Gaga (You don't see any connection? Then listen!) [/list] Have fun, Mighty Pirate [img]http://www.smileydesign.net/smileys/cost20.gif[/img] Edit: One added
  10. Yes Day Two is over and will still have no winner. Another small hint? Here we go: Remember, the quest is about the Pirate code. As you may have noticed, some riddles are linked to paragraphs from the Pirate code. Have fun
  11. Yes One day is over and no winner yet. First hints will appear on Friday. Ok, a small hint: All solutions are simple. You wont need a math PhD Today is tranquility day - the perfect day for quest solving
  12. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1290480682' post='72839'] Not large numbers again! Bloody hell. Twelve of them at that... I give up... I mean, they have a certain characteristic in common, but man... [/quote] Quotes like this make me smile in the morning. Thanks! Don't give up, man! Suffer and win!
  13. Ever heard of the Pirate code? Never read my papers, eh? Ok, this quest shall teach you a lesson about the Pirate code. To start go to Gazebo of Equilibrium and use 'Pirate code'. Some technical stuff: - You will have to solve several riddles, find locations and code words. If there are several possible locations - try them. (For example I will not tell you which clickable in GoE you have to start with - No hints, at least for a few days. - There are some wishpoints for the winners, thanks to King Yrthilian. - Winners of my last quest can't receive a wishpoint, just fame. - For any tec
  14. A "Next creature" button would be nice. It would save half of the clicking if you want to look at all your creatures in detail.
  15. This is a pre-announcement that next week (probably on Tuesday, 23rd) a new quest will start. It will be related to pirate life. Its a quest full of small riddles. Of course, there will be rewards including wish points. Open to all Mind Powers. Access to Golemus and Loreroot will be needed. More details will be announced.[img]http://www.smileydesign.net/smileys/cost20.gif[/img] Mighty Pirate
  16. quite a late reply on the subject: What about WPs for completing "Achievements and Trophys" rather than just for Active days? (sorry if this was posted before, I confess that I did not read all 100+ posts.) I can imagine a combination: You get a new WP after a certain number of days and one more complete achievement or trophy.
  17. it crashed just when I tried my first script! O_O

  18. sorry if this was already posted. In the attached battle log look for ' creature DIES!' I defeated 7 enemy creatures But I lost, obviously I dealt with some kind of zombies ... [attachment=2069:Battlelog.txt]
  19. strange battle, I don't understand it. [attachment=2025:Clipboard01.jpg] my creatures had enough vitality. However they all appeared with 0 vitality in the battle. See log. Load XXX creatures Load Mighty Pirate creatures ... Influences for XXX: creatureboost, creatureboost, vampiricaura, creatureboost, antifreeze, creatureboost ###### Influences for Mighty Pirate: vampiricaura, vampiricaura, antifreeze, creatureboost, creatureboost, creatureboost ###### COMBO: Adding 43287 combo vitality bonus for this ritual Applying 0% of XXX's energetic influence Applying 10% of Mighty Pirate'
  20. Two months ago, I got some equipment from Demon and Enigma sets. Today, I was told that this is due to a bug. If it is one, please fix it. I will not spoil any information on how I got it. Mighty Pirate
  21. I agree, Novato. As for the current announcement: It was about time, and I strongly support it. Eliminating the possibility to get VE for free was very good. Although, it struck me hard ([b]many[/b] eggs with 57-58 days each). But, in general, I believe in something like strategies. Some play around just doing whatever comes to their mind, others spend time thinking about a good creature training strategy. I would prefer announcements on future changes which do not give enough details to enable endless discussions but give enough time to change training strategies. Mighty Pirate
  22. Quest is over. The chest is open and full of wonderful things. I received 3 correct solutions in total. So, it turned out to be just as hard as I wanted it to be. first Winner: [b]dst[/b]- incredible solution second winner: [b]BFH LIGHTHING[/b] - used role playing for key creation just the way I wanted it. third winner: [b]Phantom Orchid[/b] wins honor and public admiration, I only got two Wish Points Winner of MP3 special award: Pazur [b]Banned from all my future quests because of cheating: Grundy Golem [/b] Thanks for the fun, Mighty Pirate For those, who are interested
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