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  1. This is about Murs announcement no 2076 and this thread: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10912-is-this-allowed/#rep_filter_menucontent"]http://magicduel.inv...ter_menucontent[/url] where I said that I will take any punishment seriously. [quote]Ann. 2076 - [2011-11-12 07:20:00 - Stage 11] Sent to jail for shared tools related abuse: Nadrolski, Paracelsus, Mighty Pirate. jail time two weeks (to be relased after day 330). At the time i issued the warnings i said something about a bounty for anyone helping to track item related abuses or potential abuses, the bounty collected by Eon. [/quote] Here is what I think. There are basically two ways to handle this. One way would be to use the jail time to finish the Fusioneers quest, do research, try to give skill-damage back to Eon, and do all the other funny things. The other option is to join the MD police and complain department. I could analyze log files and complain about all people who transfer items between Alts. I could spy out MP6 and complain about all MP6 who keep their status with Alts. I could complain about a person because that person accepted a bounty for jailing people but abused his Alts to collect the data for this. I could complain about a person because this person abused his Alts to spy for attack or transfer spell targets. However, this is definitely NOT the way I like MD. I finally decided that I will take a third option. Yrth is my king. He gave me permission to act. My Fusioneers guild leader supported me. Mur decided to overrule Yrth and put me to jail. I am Mighty Pirate and I overrule Mur - I do not accept his punishment. I love freedom too much. Mighty Pirate will sail away and there is nothing you can do about it. My items and creatures will go to Yrth. I will take all my Gold and Silver with me. My memories will keep all the nice people from MD (which, of course, includes Mur). [color=#0000ff]*Mighty Pirate closes the prison door behind him and sails away.*[/color]
  2. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1320881532' post='95558'] Mighty Pirate, even if I have my way and you are not officially punished, you are still responsible for what you've done. I hope you'll at least try to take that responsibility seriously, rather than the way you've been responding to this topic. I ask you to consider the effects your actions have caused for not only yourself, but your guild. I can't speak for others, but I, personally, don't want to trade with someone who is so willing to cheat the system and worse yet, someone who doesn't seem to see or care how drastic their actions have been, as long as they get off without a hitch. Nonetheless, time will tell if you have learned something or not. [/quote] No doubt about that - I will take any punishment seriously. And for sure, I have already learned a lot from this discussion. And yes, I do care how drastic my actions have been - otherwise I wouldn't join this discussion. I talked to several people before I did it and I will continue discussing this with whoever cares.
  3. [quote name='Ivorak' timestamp='1320861280' post='95541'] What Mighty Pirate has done may be considered abusive, but it certainly shouldn't be punished by any action other than that of the players in game. If this is the role Mighty Pirate wishes to play, he should be allowed to do so. After all, if you need a heat jar, simply beat him there. I feel as if MD could use more intrigue of this sort (as opposed to forum arguments and complaining) as it leads to action and creative solutions--something fun. For example, the events surrounding the murder of Mya Celestia had a number of flaws and thus (deserved) criticisms, but it also lead to great fun for many. [/quote] Thank you, this is is exactly why I did it. I thought this was a creative way to support a discussion on the role of guilds. That part worked Those who really feel betrayed can contact me or Kiley in game to receive your jar. If you can't see the fun in my actions - my advise for you is not to take things too serious and not to make a mountain out of a molehill (Of course I will not continue with this - it takes a lot of time to move all these jars and it took almost three weeks until someone complained in public
  4. I'd like to add this announcement, just because it is missing in this thread: Ann. 1971 - [2011-08-10 07:42:54 - Stage 10] Fusioneers will receive an additional (separate) set of heat containers to be leased based on reasons/price/rules they decide, for common use. Heat containers just store heat and allow heat powered devices to function (cauldron type, sand melters, and a lot more to come).
  5. Some remarks (explicitely not for Pips). Currently, the heat jar market is unbalanced. Compare that to resourses where there are land rules in place to balance supply and demand. Currently we have very high supply of heat jars for low demand. So what I do is just a way to balance the market. Remember that the guilds goal is to make money with heat jars. Read the related annoucements. I know that not everybody likes this but that's the way it was announced. As for permission - I asked for permission before and I got permission. As for the announcement cited several times here: I did not use alts for this. I did not hoard items. (Many people hoard stuff, most popular are probably memory stones. I do not.) Items are meant to be used by many people - I absolutely agree to this. Actually, they can be used by all, I'm not aware that there is a single person in this realm who is unable to use a heat jar. If you interpret this announcement as "all should get heat jars for free" - No, this contradicts our guilds goal and it has never been announced that way. A final word to all police men and judges: There is no injured party and no denied privilege. This is just something that you might not like. But that's nothing new, all threads dealing with resources and land laws are full of similar complains. I'm happy to discuss more in a calm way.
  6. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1320823522' post='95500'] Mighty Pirate: Care to explain yourself further than your blatant advertising? [/quote] Perhaps, if you ask politely.
  7. To answer the initial question: Yes, it is allowed. BTW, you don't have to walk through the maze or Golemus to get a heat jar. The Fusioneers will be happy to assist all who need our service. There is a price list in the forum and for those who can't afford we will find other ways to get a heat jar or heat stones.
  8. Trying to keep it short: positive: - It will draw more attention to the Papercabin, the first place where you enter MD. - It helps if you are stuck somewhere. negative: - Most people will use it just as a short cut. - It will make hit-and-run tactics even more simple. possible variations: - set a limit (like only once or twice a day). - come with a high price (like set AP to -100 or get automatic movelock).
  9. Of course, you are right. Stupid me Actually, I was just temporarily unable to cast spells myself and I just thought this was due to a wrong mischarge. Mods please close
  10. Today I noticed that my permanent spells counter was set to 0 for all permanent spells (not for non-permanent spells). I guess there was an error during spells recharge. Any other idea? Mighty Pirate
  11. We have a winner! The winner is scary Shadowseeker! Shadowseeker, contact me to choose your price: - 1 Gold, - 1 colored creature (either joker, imp or marksmen) - 1 heat stone. Congratulations to the runners up: Tipu, Guillak, Phantom Orchid Thank you all who participated or voted - I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did
  12. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1320170820' post='95069'] Modding done. I set up votes for those using forum names, have fun voting on it. [/quote] Thank you! All, vote, but do not forget rules: No alts, be fair! Voting will stop on Friday.
  13. Thank you all for your submissions. I will setup a poll as soon as possible. It seems I need support from forum mods
  14. This happens if you use old rituals (created before upgrade). According to Rendril, this is intended but might change in the future.
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