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    Capital... lol
  1. I love you Schmoopy

  2. *tilts his head* cute...

    *looks at post-count* but not very talkative xD

  3. capital is teaching me how to play :P

  4. its ok just dont do it again :P

  5. sorry for visiting your profile without leaving a message. :)

  6. NO ONE LEFT U A MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY...SO I WILL.. merry late christmas haha :P







  7. Rhaegar: awww thanks !!! Capital means everything to me, n all his artsyness lol pays off i get cool things!!

    mcvitie: maybe one day Ill play i started to...but I like to...play other games with capital...maybe ill try to get into this one with him im sure he would love that as well... :P

  8. Aww ^^

    You should come and play as well. It would be nice =D

  9. capital is an extraordinary artist :)

    and I see he has an extraordinary gal :)

  10. i want artwork too MR.

  11. how cute... lol..thats the best comment u can leave me:P

  12. I love you HANDSOME~~~ :)

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