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    Music Thread

    Ladies & Gentleman Boyz and Gals... all rise for this honorable yet so touching song ... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ5mstNo5Ok[/media]
  2. No yeah collect potions then magic pot ..then egg..heat with fire and then chicken pops out ..eat chicken to become batman or superman...and then beat the bad guys or be the bad guys ...then .....there lived happily ever after. yeah yeah i had enough of these things in Runeescape, the very reason y i left that game... its girls thing if u ask me hehe.
  3. Uhmm... due to the current plots against me ...i am not able to move myself .. Dead] Dead players can not move away from this magical place, not the normal way at least. They need to be resurected or the war needs to end so that they return to normal state. Considering me no normal players of MD of course me being the Lord...is there any alternate task for me instead of coming at GOC ?.
  4. There was this sign post reading ' Plz don't touch'. but what they don't know is such rulzs don't apply to me hehe.
  5. Name: Lord Tipu Age: 962 Sex: M Association: Solo Affiliation: Fugitives Greatest Strength: Being bad Greatest Weakness: Being good
  6. Tipu

    Lie to me...

    1 Such a cutie can never scary a guy 1. I am a very good guy. 2. I am religious 3. And i never tell lies.
  7. will be away for 5 day ..touring i know i know ...Plz don't cry ... i shall return...

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    2. nadrolski
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      Bring hot Gypsies when you come back my Lord.

    4. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      Yes, please do! And plenty of wine!

  8. Tipu

    Music Thread

    For all those with Vengeful soul ...... [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRMBjbVkTRc[/media]
  9. 10. [b]nadrolski[/b] -Alkahest (personal item) be coded with the ability of a Reality Coagulator 9. [b]Lazarus[/b] -item's name "Heart in a Jar" to be replaced with "Heart of Lazarus," its functionality will be to resurrect the deceased 8. [b]Burns[/b] -ability to create 'Drach Melodic Charm' 7. [b]Sunfire[/b] -a weather sunny spell 6. [b]ZenTao[/b] - item in the form of a Katana, Zen is searching for her ancestral sword named "Blood Principles". 5. [b]Ackshan Bemunah[/b] -four casts of a spell called "expand universe". Would produce temporary entropic effects in MD, such as (to give a few ideas) old bugs reappearing, scripted items or locations scrambling, and some characters being omitted in PM's. Either realm-wide or location-specific "expand location" or even a player-specific "expand presence" 6. [b]POE[/b] -chase spell 5. [b]Tom Pouce[/b] - 10 to 15 more slots 4. [b]Soothing Sands[/b] - Passant's independent sand melter 3. [b]Peace[/b] -Scimitar of Destruction' currently owned by Aysun (inactive account) to be returned to me and have its name changed to 'Tainted' and with the description of 'By putting all seven shards together, Peace reforged Khalazdad's sword with Shadowseeker's guidance at Berserker's Way. It emits a vile aura and whenever used against someone, the wielder gets hurt as well.' 2. [b]Princess Katt[/b] -MB citizenship bac 1. [b]Rhaegar Targaryen[/b] -altered version of dance spell
  10. Transferring creatures ...OMG ... NOOO....its stealing and me personnel against such unholy crimes. But u can do one thing, that is to transfer that creatures to me, yeah thats legal. As iam collecting donations for the Poor of MD its called " alms for poor ". So be a part of the holy citizens of MD by donating for this holy cause and ur new account shall be blessed in heavens hehe.
  11. 10 score is already booked. 9,7,8....1 Available. U r authorized to be selfish so release ur dark side for only darkness shall give u power hehe.

  12. Guys/ Gals i will Vote for those who give me something shiny. U know what i want hehe...

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      Then nobody will vote for you unless you give them something shiny back.

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