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  1. The Epic Scavenge Team has not authorized ur quitting.   Where r ur dragons ?...
  2. Just when we r running short of female Body Guards for our King  hehe,
  3.   I don't know about 'good' or 'bad' .. all i know is b4 this upgrade restriction thing came we had lots of fun...a lot of MP4/3 payers joining groups, training ,fighting and such....and yeah with that abuse too hehe ...but atleast MD was alive.   Some MP5 vets players used these so called 'Abuse' so stir things up and used this to their advantage (as always) to find more targets to increase their stats and train their creatures. Thats how this rule came into exist.   Now i c many noobs advance to c their creatures in upgraded lvl only to realize their mistakes.  I m
  4. After me returning, I am witnessing desperate attempts of the MD community members trying to bring MD back to its old Glory days. Even noobs r doing there part. This ...this is what makes our community outshine the rest of other communities. Especially when it comes to repair the damage caused by our own Justice hehe. After seeing all this... my eyes were filled with tears. Oh yeah even my soul cried to c MD has fallen this far. Perhaps if i haven't left MD last yr this would have not happened. But now that i have returned, like others i wanna take that burden of bringing back MD to it
  5. Brother how about taking out this Creature upgrade restrictions for MP lvls.  Yeah the Old school way hehe.
  6. Tipu

    Treasure hunt

    I Negative Rep the above post.   This ain't happy ending.
  7. Ailith madam Aliith madam where have u gone   i missed u sooo much that i stopped taking bath.   remember those good old days when we swam 2gether in MB's lake   as Master Granos jealously watches ...as he is so fake.   remember those Awesome moments when i used pee on Bob's root    as i always want him uproot, then u shall warn me with your boot.   remember those days when i always wanna dance with u ..   but the pervert Granos would not allow ...for he is no good.     But what ever happens and how long back it goes...  
  8. Well those r the signs that implies we Mbians r going to conquer Necro sooner or later hehe.
  9. Nooo i should be the one to destroy MD and that stupid Red button thing.... And don't poke my account its all my hard stolen creatures, items & spoilers .... this can't be the end of my epicness...
  11. So is this Toleming thing actually means tokening the creatures ? which the Admin s promised to intro tokens thru gameplay

  12.   For noobs who haven't seen the war being dominated by powers,   for those people who haven't seen Jail, and for those who haven't seen the dark side of MD. So u say Justice will win ah ?   Ahahah...AAAAahahaha..   Of course it will cos' in MD the strongest will become Justice.   Anyway i am In .... so lets start the fun hehe.
  13. What i c the biggest & better change is this "All quest creators received Anniversary Aramors and some WP codes. " in MDB For the first time ALL quest creators have recvd rewards. Unfortunately  It took 8 yrs for the Admins to realize that its important to boost quest creators hehe.      
  14. So the players within the same alliance can't participate in a battle competition uhmm...interesting hehe   Topic can be closed Thanks.
  15. But i was able to attack Fang.
  16. Lord Tipu   4 BMMO Bronze Gift
  17. [url=http://s693.photobucket.com/user/kvsubash/media/Facenonoob.png.html][/URL] No Attack button found on MP4 with badge but i attacked Eara 2 days back, she is MP4 with badge too.
  18. After 550 days I am back. Hooo yess finally a MB citizen again. Thanks to Chewy and Prince.   Well this post is basally for my enemies within MB who rejected my application multiple times, ignored me and used every bit of their power to keep me away from my MB citizenship.   But u c In the End i am the one who is having the last laugh kahahaha....   U might have Kingship power ..well i don't even have powers which a normal account has. U have befriend powerful and influenced friends ..well i have made enemies with powerful & influenced players. U might be in top rank
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