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  1. Evil ah? What Majority does becomes GOOD And what minority does becomes EVIL Humans have found no other way to find justice in their actions hehe If there is someone in MD who can truly define evil then it would be non other then the legendary TAILSER. He created soooo much dmg that Admins had to ban him & all his alts behind bars to save MD. He had about 5+plus accounts and i think he had 20+ Alts for his evil designs. His specialty is to spam the only free magic spell which was available for all. And when he was banned for using MD chat he spamed through PMs. As a epic spammer he even deviced his own way of breaking MD chat. Warned by all yet he give a damn about that warnings he was true Epic fugitive whom i truly admire and respect. All this he managed to do in a very short period untill he got banned. and he did all these with a normal account no Admin powers, no WP spells, no shop bonus, no politics, no 'i scratch your butt u scratch mine' tactics, no land, no alliance, no friends. A insane evil power in MD. Now there r many 'So called Evils ' in MD wearing black jackets, joining nerco alliances, having evil like avatars, and using their powers against weak, noobs, players who aren't aware of the 'larger than ocean like rules' of MD and those who falls prey in their mind games. Well in my eyes these ' So called evils' r nothing but just a bunch of clowns who writes in their forehead " iam evil fear me plz " hehe. Unlike them Tailser targeted the Gods of MD yess from Admins, LHOs, kings, forum mods and even Wookie magics. Hence i declare the period of Tailser shall be known as the Age of Fugitives hehe.
  2. Happy Birthdday guys ....have a epic day enjoy hehe
  3. Ahahahahaha.... actually Master this time there r more quests than active people hehe
  4. Alright anybody left to post or modify plz do it by today. The quest will end by 20th April 23:59 ST.
  5. Well iam going to reveal the shocking secret of Mr Metal bunny trying to be Easter Bunny. http://youtu.be/QRVhP31pHa8 And happy Easter guys hehe
  6. damn u ate the whole cake by yourself.... :mad: I neg rep the above post :P
  7. Those who enter in my PL 'Tipu deserve a Drachorn Charm" shall be rewarded with Ann. Armor.

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    2. Tipu


      lashtal, *Eagle Eye*, nadrolski. Congtrzs. Each Won a Ann.Armor. Plz claim ur rewards from council.

    3. Tipu


      Now u know y iam called the LORD Kehehe...

    4. nadrolski


      thank you, Lord Tipu!

  8. A Verrrrryyyyyy AAApppppyyyyyy Biirthhhh ddaayyy brother
  9. [URL=http://s693.photobucket.com/user/kvsubash/media/Bobdead.png.html][/URL]
  10. Hey burns u saying this quest only for under 360 AD plp :(
  11. Hello MDers, creatures, tress, and non livings In celebration of MD Bday, we Mbians would like to hold a Meme Contest! There will be rewards for the best meme’s. Examples : Winners: 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th, Yes five winners [ Winners will be the top 5 memes ] Rewards : 1st Winner - Morph + Ann. Armor 2nd - GG Dragon + Ann. Armor 3rd - 5gc + Ann. Armor 4th - Angien egg + Ann. Armor 5th - Ann. Armor {Subject to approval} Judges : Kiley, Nad, Azull, Eagle eye. Rules : Only Pure MD Stuff related jokes or messages (Images can be of your choose). So this quest requires part MD Skills + RL Skills to win. U can post more than 1 entry. Deadline : 20st April 23:59 ST. Good luck! & Hail Mbians hehe
  12. As MD Bday is coming i will temporarily stop this Quest. Why to bring darkness while people rejoices light. Will continue my destruction after this celebration hehe. TO BE CONTINUED .......
  13. Uhmm good try but not enough thou hehe. Its not your failure as the quest was designed in such a way hehe Yep by this time u and the others would have realized that its almost not practically possible to make fun without hurting others feelings, such r the humans hehe. But a life without joking and having fun isn't a Life after all. So what does the nature teaches us ? One needs to be cruel just like the life itself hehe. Ho Yess the very basis of survival on earth is by destroying other things. Even if u leave all your material possessions one needs to eat for living. And what does eating means , devouring other living things. SO that makes all those who survive in this cruel world r some sort of sinners. So here is my second Question : Then y do we put the killers behind the bars and punish them while the soldiers r treated as heroes? The above question is not only for Lania and Richy, its for all. Yeah moving to the Phase 2 of the quest. Still u all can join this Epic quest as the game has just begun. gl Kehehe...
  14. 1. How bad do you want that MD is not only surviving but blossoming? Well i think we need to see the other side of not blossoming. Yess less plp means less problems hehe 1) Everyone gets a role to play now as less plp b4 most of the roles where already occupied by vets now that many left lots of these roles r available with less competition. 2) Everyone can join most of the alliance. b4 we need to answer numerous questions, pass certain tasks, interviews, bow in front of the vets of the alliance and even had to read all those boring history and facts of them like when they skip brushing their teeth, does their founder was wearing superman or spider man underwear , things like that. But now a days all u need is to just ask and u get in most of the alliances hehe. 3) Less stat dmg , if any 4) more chances of wining the quest most of the quest now consist of only 3 or less participants so naturally 1st and 2nd and 3 rd yeah default hehe 5) Bending the Admins b4 when we used to complain about some issues they normally brand that as whining, rant, or sometimes it gets even deleted from the forum but now a days they aren't or should i say 'they can't' do that hehe. So lets use this opportunity and turn this to our advantage by changing things to our favor hehe and the list goes on so i will end here .... 2. And what are you willing to do for it? Create nuisance , chaos, destruction ...well thats the least i can do hehe 3. How much further can you step away from your own personal goals in MD for the greater purpose of a growing and thriving Magic Duel realm? Not an inch. One needs 'poor' for someone to be called 'rich' One needs 'fool' for someone to be said 'genius' And one needs 'servants ' for someone to be titled the ' King' . If u r poor, fool or servants how does MD treats u? ....Ahahahaha..need not to say ....just like a trash can but if u r rich, genius and a King then u get various alien powers ..can communicate with the gods of MD directly and lots and lots of things which the other three can't do hehe. Yess being selfish is the only way of surviving in MD Kehehe.... 4. How good can you put your injured inner EGO heal for a while and forget all those bad feeling of the past you experienced in the MD community? Not a problem just pay me or gift me dragons and i shall forgot everything .. even the word forgot. 5. How bad do want to have fun again and how much are you willing to work on yourself and not on all those others to achieve a better community? No i don't wanna fun ...i wann power, dragons and yeah coins gold coins hehe 6. What is your biggest most positive vision of YOUR Magic Duel you´re dreaming of? My Positive vision sees everyone building my statue in order to honor my good deeds :D
  15. Hey do we need to use some words in the "Speak word" dialog box for the pic to get reveal ?
  16. Ho my username and not my Epic name ...Then its ...: Tipu hehe
  17. Lord Tipu 177326 1113 1600: 1800 ST
  18. Well well well i guess its the right time to unleash my adventures of MD hehe.. Long time ago ...there was this.. so called 'Secret mission' in LOE by KC and his guards. One part of the mission is to collect a number of items which were spread amongst in the realm. After days of strife, me and my brothers with the help of madam Peace and Poe managed to collect all items excerpt one item. Ho yeah life can't be a smooth sailing hehe. So only 2 plp had that item. One was with then king of GG Yrth and handy pocket ( HP) . Well the negotiations with Yrth failed. So our only choice was to get that last item from HP someway or the other. [ ok i am cutting short, its a long long story and currently i don't have time ] I somehow managed to make a secret meeting with HP with the help of then king of Mbians Lifeline(LL). We decided to have that meeting away from public as it is supposed to be a Secret mission *coughs coughs *. So we three gathered deep in Maze. When i was about to use the MD chat LL warned me not to use MD chat and asked us to use a Chatzy type chatroom instead. Now i didn't understand why LL did that as i was noob that time. Anyways so we continued our discussion in that chat rm. When i finally managed to convince HP to give that last item to me she got disconnected from the chat Rm. Yeah life .... *signs* . I was in a hurry as its almost time for my school so posted the link of the chatzy Rm in our MD-Chat so that HP can join us back quickly. Again LL warned me and quickly cleared the MD chat. Now here is the twist in the plot occurs kehehe.... HP joined back the chatzy Rm but there also another stranger join us ... Ho yess believe me or not its the Demi god Tengri hehe. Now that chat rm is kind of a unique thing, all u need is to click the join button using the link and u join the chat rm with the MD ingame name by default. At first we didn't know who is he or how the hell he managed to get inside. I checked the MD scenes there was no trace of him being there in our locations and surroundings. Latter we realized our mistake of paste the link in the MD chat. Life line was trying his best to kick him of the chat rm but cannot. I somehow manged to delete the content of that chat but its too late ... Now its not the end ....Tengri also made some comments in our chat after reading what we were talking about. One of his comment were " Don't believe in all of waht u hear bla bla blah..( something like that )." and this was enough to change HPs mind and she didn't give that last item which was required to complete our mission. Let me put u all in my shoes and u can decide for yourself. First of all when the mission was going on i used to woke up at 0330 AM(LT)( for almost 5 days in a row) ho yeah earlier than the sun itself.( Cos most of players used to be active in that time as the US and Euro local time differs from mine ) As this mission requires a lot of work to be done. Imagine to convince plp to give their Rp Quest items and that too in a very short time, Remember those days we didn't have this resources thing as items so even to have a small item is considered to be a great thing. And that too and me & my brothers were around 60 AD only. So it was a mission impossible. But inspite of all these we managed to get all items excerpt the last one cos some Demigod wanna to know what color underwear i was wearing and made his "Bla bla Justice statement". On that day 0400 AM i meet LL then made him to convince and waited till 0600 AM to meet HP then 1 and half hour bla bla and what i get in the end... nothing. A total of 4 hours and when was almost there ...a small mistake of me using the MD chat cost us our mission. Anyways i didn't made this topic in the first place ...just posted for fun and also to give the noobs some idea about MDs Darkside hehe...Some might call that as "Experience" but for many its nothing but just PAIN. I have few more of my adventures relating to this topic but no time so stay tune hehe
  19. So u r saying put the plp in one place and they will start talking ...uhmm i don't think so I think plp stopped using MD chat long b4 this Viscosity was introduced. Yeah it was largely due to 'SPYING' u might be knowing better than me about it hehe Thats y most prefer using Skype in MD rather than MD chat itself in order to be on the safe side. As u never know when u have x'ed the rules of the MD hehe
  20. The Time has come and so the (?) has begun hehe,,, Quest is simple - To crack a joke without hurting someone (which includes yourself) or something. And that 'something' also includes non-living things. Yeah we need assume that even living & non living things to have a human soul and the joke should not be offensive to them. Rewards : 3 Gold coins (by TKs) Deadline : 7 days from now Well if there r only 2 or 3 participants then i shall pick the winner. If 3+ then i shall appoint a neutral judge. gl hehe.
  21. Ho well i would like to join this good cause but then again i need something shiny in return hehe...
  22. Happy B-Day and Keep ur teddy bear tight as it mighty go missing kehehehe ....
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