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  1. Happy Birthdday guys ....have a epic day enjoy hehe
  2. Ahahahahaha.... actually Master this time there r more quests than active people hehe
  3. Alright anybody left to post or modify plz do it by today. The quest will end by 20th April 23:59 ST.
  4. Well iam going to reveal the shocking secret of Mr Metal bunny trying to be Easter Bunny.   http://youtu.be/QRVhP31pHa8   And happy Easter guys hehe    
  5. damn u ate the whole cake by yourself.... :mad: I neg rep the above post :P
  6. Those who enter in my PL 'Tipu deserve a Drachorn Charm" shall be rewarded with Ann. Armor.

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    2. Tipu


      lashtal, *Eagle Eye*, nadrolski. Congtrzs. Each Won a Ann.Armor. Plz claim ur rewards from council.

    3. Tipu


      Now u know y iam called the LORD Kehehe...

    4. nadrolski


      thank you, Lord Tipu!

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  7. A Verrrrryyyyyy AAApppppyyyyyy Biirthhhh ddaayyy brother
  8. [URL=http://s693.photobucket.com/user/kvsubash/media/Bobdead.png.html][/URL]
  9. Hey burns u saying this quest only for under 360 AD plp :(
  10. Hello MDers, creatures, tress, and non livings In celebration of MD Bday, we Mbians would like to hold a Meme Contest! There will be rewards for the best meme’s. Examples : Winners: 1st, 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th, Yes five winners [ Winners will be the top 5 memes ] Rewards : 1st Winner - Morph + Ann. Armor 2nd - GG Dragon + Ann. Armor 3rd - 5gc + Ann. Armor 4th - Angien egg + Ann. Armor 5th - Ann. Armor {Subject to approval} Judges
  11. As MD Bday is coming i will temporarily stop this Quest. Why to bring darkness while people rejoices light. Will continue my destruction after this celebration hehe.   TO BE CONTINUED .......
  12.       Uhmm good try but not enough thou hehe. Its not your failure as the quest was designed in such a way hehe Yep by this time u and the others would have realized that its almost not practically possible to make fun without hurting others feelings, such r the humans hehe.   But a life without joking and having fun isn't a Life after all. So what does the nature teaches us ? One needs to be cruel just like the life itself hehe. Ho Yess the very basis of survival on earth is by destroying other things. Even if u leave all your material possessions one needs to ea
  13. 1. How bad do you want that MD is not only surviving but blossoming?          Well i think we need to see the other side of not blossoming. Yess less plp means less problems hehe    1) Everyone gets a role to play now as less plp        b4 most of the roles where already occupied by vets now that many left lots of these roles r available with less competition.    2) Everyone can join most of the alliance.       b4 we need to answer numerous questions, pass certain tasks, intervie
  14. Hey do we need to use some words in the "Speak word" dialog box for the pic to get reveal ?
  15.   Ho my username and not my Epic name ...Then its ...: Tipu hehe
  16. Lord Tipu 177326 1113 1600: 1800 ST
  17. Well well well i guess its the right time to unleash my adventures of MD hehe..   Long time ago ...there was this.. so called 'Secret mission' in LOE by KC and his guards. One part of the mission is to collect a number of  items which were spread amongst in the realm. After days of strife, me and my brothers with the help of madam Peace and Poe managed to collect all items excerpt one item. Ho yeah life can't be a smooth sailing hehe. So only 2 plp had that item. One was with then king of GG Yrth and handy pocket ( HP) . Well the negotiations with Yrth failed. So our only choice wa
  18. So u r saying put the plp in one place and they will start talking ...uhmm i don't think so I think plp stopped using MD chat long b4 this Viscosity was introduced. Yeah it was largely due to 'SPYING' u might be knowing better than me about it hehe     Thats y most prefer using Skype in MD rather than MD chat itself in order to be on the safe side.  As u never know when u have x'ed the rules of the MD hehe
  19. The Time has come and so the (?) has begun hehe,,,   Quest is simple - To crack a joke without hurting someone (which includes yourself) or something. And that 'something' also includes non-living things. Yeah we need assume that even living & non living things to have a human soul and the joke should not be offensive to them.   Rewards : 3 Gold coins (by TKs)   Deadline : 7 days from now   Well if there r only 2 or 3 participants then i shall pick the winner. If 3+ then i shall appoint a neutral judge.   gl hehe.
  20. Ho well i would like to join this good cause but then again i need something shiny in return hehe...
  21. Happy B-Day   and Keep ur teddy bear tight as it mighty go missing  kehehehe ....
  22. Happy Valentine's Day

    1. Maebius


      You spelled "Happy all ladies adore Lord Tipu Day" wrong.... that doesnt' start with a V. ;)

    2. petty dodds

      petty dodds

      grrr... i loathe this day. it is the antithesis of love for me, always has been.

    3. Kiley


      LOL Back at ya cupcake:P

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