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Status Updates posted by Tipu

  1. Long Time no c forum mods hehe

  2. Selling Votes in exchange for something shiny ....hehe

    2. Azrafar


      ... How dishonorable.



      @Azrafar: this is Tipu, MD's coolest thief

  3. Those who enter in my PL 'Tipu deserve a Drachorn Charm" shall be rewarded with Ann. Armor.

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    2. Tipu


      lashtal, *Eagle Eye*, nadrolski. Congtrzs. Each Won a Ann.Armor. Plz claim ur rewards from council.

    3. Tipu


      Now u know y iam called the LORD Kehehe...

    4. nadrolski


      thank you, Lord Tipu!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day

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    2. Maebius


      You spelled "Happy all ladies adore Lord Tipu Day" wrong.... that doesnt' start with a V. ;)

    3. petty dodds

      petty dodds

      grrr... i loathe this day. it is the antithesis of love for me, always has been.

    4. Kiley


      LOL Back at ya cupcake:P

  5. So is this Toleming thing actually means tokening the creatures ? which the Admin s promised to intro tokens thru gameplay

  6. will be away for 5 day ..touring i know i know ...Plz don't cry ... i shall return...

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    2. nadrolski
    3. Lazarus


      Bring hot Gypsies when you come back my Lord.

    4. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      Yes, please do! And plenty of wine!

  7. 10 score is already booked. 9,7,8....1 Available. U r authorized to be selfish so release ur dark side for only darkness shall give u power hehe.

  8. Guys/ Gals i will Vote for those who give me something shiny. U know what i want hehe...

    1. nadrolski
    2. Chengmingz
    3. dst


      Then nobody will vote for you unless you give them something shiny back.

  9. Selling TS and Joker ONLY 1 Sc each PM



      Pay me to use my slots for them :)

  10. dst surrender Eon's creatures to me ...i claim the right for his creatures ...

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    2. Tipu


      I hate work, FREE sounds EPIC ...

    3. Kaya


      Know what, here is some free candy :)
      Get it before it's gone

    4. Tipu



  11. Y no donations ppppppp.....

    1. Change


      Because you're calling us ps.



      People donated, but I stole it all!


      Nah, I obviously can't beat ya at that :P

  12. Alright i have lost 1 Active day and 0.30$ ...iam not asking for a something big..All i need for compensation is Just a Dragon or a WP will do also.

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    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      I get .19 every day.

    3. Maebius


      just counted. yep. 0.19 for me. It must have changed.

    4. nadrolski


      Lord Tipu, are you bullying the Advertisers for higher clicks every day? LOL

  13. me got all the colored creatures including the limited Eds yay....

    1. Tipu


      And me no even spend 1$ in MD shop muwahahaha...

    2. nadrolski


      remember me when you quit, Lord Tipu


    3. Seigheart


      When he quits? Tipu is like herpes, once you get it, you got it for life.

  14. Nad isn't Man enough like u to have the guts for debating in forums hehe

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    2. nadrolski


      correction, Lord Tipu: I do not have the balls in forum.

    3. dst


      You should bring the screen shots not ask anyone to "come and watch". Open a case, sue him for abuse if you have the guts. Ally with nadrolski and maybe then you'll have anough to at least open a forum topic and STOP complaining on the mood pannel!

    4. ignnus


      Sure..coming soon

  15. NOOOOO iam not able to login ...so don't eat my cookies ....

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    2. nadrolski


      Please do not remove SD, remove Eon instead, totally :P

    3. Quas
    4. Dragual


      Sorry Tipu... I got hungry. :p

  16. Will be away for next 5 days ...don't be too happy ...cos i shall return muwahahaha...

    1. ignnus
    2. nadrolski


      good luck, be safe and see you later, Lord Tipu

  17. What the hell... Eon is a girl ...dammit!!! she offered me a flower and i just Ignored her thinking she is he :-((

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    2. dst


      Oh look! Double posting! So I am definitely right!

    3. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      Triple posting makes you even *more* right

    4. Maebius


      Well, three rights make a left, which is Sinistral, and I can't argue about the sinister nature of DST. :)

  18. Behold Humans & creatures of MD FUGITIVES have risen say ur best prayers cos' soon Hell will be relocated down to MD muhahaha

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    2. Guillak


      What rules? ;-)

    3. Granos


      All the windows in MD are open, your point is invalid.

    4. Guest


      All the validity in MD is closed, your argument is open.

  19. yeah iam free thanks but just want remind that they have forgotten cursed spell on me :(

    1. Pipstickz


      The council's sure on top of things. How long until they really screw something up, I wonder.

    2. Tipu


      *whispers to Pipstick* Actually there is an evil plan in my post Let me explain u my evil plot hehe.
      Somewhere in Romania Metal Hospital MD Weekly council Meeting. Council Member A: Wow just look at tipu he just reminder us to curse himself, what a Good behavior. CM B: Yeah Its seem we were wrong about him. He not only whined about his jail release but also whining to curse him too *claps*. CM C : He is one of the Honest, good and nice guy in ur realm. CM A: Alright then lets make the ne...

    3. Tipu


      ... CM A: Alright then lets make the new announcement 123 Aphla " Tipu curse punishment has been cancelled due to his exceptional Good & Honest behavior. Vets r advised to Learn from Tipu on how to be honest and nice. Such behaviors will be rewarded in the future". So how is my Evil plot muhahaha

  20. Dear MD staff Plz abide by whats written in the announcement Ann. 1872 - [2011-06-12 21:55:29 - Stage 10] and set an example for the noobs.

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    2. Chewett


      http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=members&module=profile&section=status&do=list&status_id=716 Fail Tipu... try another way to explain your announce at MDStaff? :D

    3. Passant the Weak

      Passant the Weak

      Weakness... weakness... what is weakness anyway?

    4. Tipu


      @ Cheweett No wait a sec, Mur = King of MD = Demi God. So he is a extreme in him self. So he can't create or break any record. Yeah and that is his weakness hehe. So I Tipu Hold the record for the MAX replies muhahaha. No one can beat me...Other than the demi god himself. So what did u learn I'm just one lvl down next to the King of MD and one day i will surpass him muhahaha...

  21. Dear MD council members, do i have the right to see the proofs If so plz reply to my mails thanks.

  22. Ah 2days and still no reply to my mail. I have send the entire story with Prof. Ho Demon king is ur kingdom has gone that Unfair to punish an Innocent guy*puppy face*

  23. yes I have send my whole story to contact@magicduel.com. Ho mighty King od MD u don't want to punish an innocent yet handsome, Poor but charming, smartest Guy in the town*cires*

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