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  1. Deeper than MDA maze, heavier than fart and greener than solid stench.
  2. Obsessively Neil Armstrong wasn't the first man to be on the moon ... Its the Legendary ...the epic... the awe inspiring... my Guru... Lord Ravana .
  3. So u were that Santa who refused me dragons .... Good luck bro hehe
  4. Long Time no c forum mods hehe

  5. Well i guess i can help this quest by posting a example of being kind. Acts of kindness ..this reminds me of a noble story that happened long long long...okay not that long but like 5 yrs back. It all started with KC Guards failed mission. KC gave us [Azull, Sunfire, me & 4th guard ] 15 gold coins in order to get some items required to complete this mission. Well my brothers were very honest and sincere in their quest but i was smart. Yess i wanted those gold coins instead of this stupid mission. So i plotted a scheme to use those 15 gold coins [exactly i can't remember how m
  6. Ladies and girls wait no more, for your hero has returned to clear your soul. Worship me as iam your Lord, as there is no day without my fart. So lets play MD more for i shall pay no more ...hehe.
  7. Selling Votes in exchange for something shiny ....hehe

    2. Azrafar


      ... How dishonorable.



      @Azrafar: this is Tipu, MD's coolest thief

  8. Congrtaz Killey have a epic married life. So i guess he said those magic words .." i will do the dishes" ...just kidding hehe   Well iam happy to c u guys all happy .... enjoy Xmas and have a blast.... happy new yr everyone :D :D :D
  9. Excellent Mur Excellent. Finally u have chosen to do good deeds for deserving community of MD hehe. I recommend this feature to be implemented on the day of the Xmas as a gift for the fugitives hehe    However my escape plan is different      [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UszfSNfKY2w[/media]  
  10. My faction.... your faction ...my my no matter how many times history repeats itself humans will never learn hehe..     In name of honor and justice a lot of people have lost their lives. No matter how u justify killing u will never be able to bring true peace upon onces death. However selfish desire of protecting onces Faction, family will eventually lead in killing of their enemies.   Thats y these selfish faction in order to protect its own interests encourages in killing in the name of justice and defense while punish those who do killings for their own selfish reason
  11.   Thats the cry of our own Farts. HOoo YeSS Fart do have their own soul trapped within the human bowels as a cage, it has this constant strive to escape. But selfish humans in order to keep their social status they don't allow their own Farts to be escaped with a blast and fragrance. Instead they r freed in silent mode which is much against their nature, their dreams and their purpose of their fartinity. Hope their nightmare ends and let there be a day when the fart shall earn their honor and freedom with a boom blast and natural odor.
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