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  1. Fix me... if you can...

  2. I like teasing Bob... sometimes i break little branches off him, when there is no one around him...
  3. A number i´ve dreamed about... is curious that i dunno its meaning... here it is: 721
  4. thanks for the warm welcome

  5. The Witch Doctor has recieved Principle of Enthropy = 38 And he would like it removed thanks
  6. Since the dark archer´s modification a strange bug invaded my beloved account At first i noticed that in the top left corner where it indicated the mp level, instead of 3/3 it shows 4/3, witch i dont think is normal at MP3 i looked at my profile and i noticed that i have 4 principles instead of 3. Beside the 3 i´ve chosen, i have an extra principle selection Principle of Enthropy = 38 Mur, i wrote u a pm but u are abviously busy. can someone tell me what is going on? If is about the archers, i didnt used them. someone attacked me with an archer in the rit, but i dunno who it was. Beside,
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