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  1. I'm back on the fourms to check around.

  2. A nut sack... That's kinda funny? but why would nuts fall down? Nuts are for furries.. not for people to nut grab.
  3. I'm back from STUFF

    1. lepus


      how was stuff? was stuff good? did you see any stuff(ing)?? :P

  4. You were not the first one really....But ok XD

  5. FIRST!!! YAY!!!


    Noob, Nub, Nublet, Newbie, Noobalot(?), Nob, and Newb..... Thats about it....

  6. Wanna be pals anyways...?

  7. The big hall at the end of the Eastern lands would be a great idea for the ceramoney.. Everyone has access to that place.
  8. New creatures...Eh? i think we need is just creatures that would fit in one of the mainlands and stuff.
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