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    Numbers. Giving myself headaches over them^^
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  1. Redd

    WTS GG

    [size="3"][font="Arial Black"]Deal Done. Please close topic..[/font][/size] (PS: I have another one with roughly the same stats. I'll only sell it for 60 creds, though.. pm me if interested..)
  2. Redd

    WTS GG

    heh, just got informed that the deal I was opting for got cancelled. Therefore there won't be any need for this sale. So from now on, I'm only going to accept credits. (50+) Bidding ends indefinitely. @dst.. terribly sorry for wasting your time..
  3. Redd

    WTS GG

    Bidding will end in 2 weeks. Also, if someone is willing to offer a windy, I'll be glad to add stuff.. BTW, also accepting untokened GG + difference..
  4. Redd

    WTS GG

    @DST Probably 10+ GC. @Baiano I forgot to add that I won't accept tokened crits either. Edited first post..
  5. Redd

    WTS GG

    I have a GG drach, id 47xxxx , 314 age(as of day 363) with the ff tokens: Claw I/II Blooddrop I/II/III Stardust Antifreeze Blackdiamonds Gold Tear Selling for CREDITS. But other convincing offers may do. (50+ creds) Also accepting: Untokened GG + difference Wind drach (I'll be adding stuff for these. pm me for my offer) Will NOT accept rusry/rein anymore.. And also not accepting tokened crits. CURRENT OFFER: 50 creds --> Mighty Pirate Bidding Ends: 16-Jan
  6. Balance. One your honor drops to -500 (commonly due to too much wins), you won't be able to gain exp/wins for your crits.. It is also sometimes used for quests. But very rarely..
  7. Toxic endurance potion has the following effect description, >> ...Maximum vitality permanent increased by min 200 points or 2% of your current Max Ve. Defence increased by min 1 or 2% of your current, whatever is greater. This potion is toxic, all current vitality will be lost when you will use this potion! However, bought one just now and it only gave me 200 ve and 1 def, which was the old boost. I should have gotten more than that since it clearly stated 'whichever is greater'...
  8. Imperial Aramor ID 534496 - 10sc Pimped Grassan ID 611694 - 5sc Pimped Grassan ID 611703 - 2sc And if nobody likes the agiens, 3sc each..
  9. [quote name='Anilu' date='31 May 2010 - 09:11 AM' timestamp='1275264692' post='60655'] Yes I know, but sometimes it does mess up and it does not want to give the entire log. But otherwise, thanks for all for the other information. It has defintiely answered everything i wanted to know. [/quote] Maybe you're talking about the combat replay? The one you can acces from the battle log when you click 'replay'? The combat results window there doesn't show the log. You can get the complete log by waiting for the battle to finish in the 'combat action' window (the one that shows the creat icons), CTRL+A, then copy-paste in a notepad..
  10. Redd

    Cats Or Dogs?

    Dogs! They're bigger, can beat the crap out of cats, and sits when you tell them to. And they don't trigger asthma. Plus, for some reason, my dogs know how to hunt rats, so I oculdn't ask for more.. [quote name='Burns' date='24 May 2010 - 12:25 AM' timestamp='1274628335' post='60262'] litter... box...? You mean, you take an animal and imprison it in a house? Yuck! Shame on you! Cats and dogs need trees and grass and sand and everything, if you force them to live on hard ground and sofas, they are not cats anymore... then they're moving teddy bears at best, just sleeping, eating, and occassionally purring when you scratch their ears -.- [/quote] I agree. But some people don't have backyards, you know..
  11. Deal Cancelled. If anyone is interested, just pm me.. PLEASE CLOSE TOPIC
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