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  1. happy birthday

  2. happy birthday Capital :)

  3. Fixing and repairing one thing at a time on the road to recovery. Sincere regret for any inconvenience caused

  4. I love you Schmoopy

  5. NO ONE LEFT U A MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY...SO I WILL.. merry late christmas haha :P







  6. i want artwork too MR.

  7. I love you HANDSOME~~~ :)

  8. capital


    The crisp clean pages of this book are as the windows of my mind as I travel the many paths of this wonderful world. Look through them and see what I see.
  9. jealous.. very very jealous. How long is the walk from Canada to Romania I wonder.. I can make shoes that float.

  10. Now you shall teach us all how to draw so well :P

    *is jealous*

  11. Nice drawing..?What is it?


  12. capital

    Page 1

    haha unfortunately at that time i had only what information there was immediately in rp and in pages available to me we shall consider this my vision after a long day when the sun was still a little bright and making it difficult to see properly
  13. I can only agree with Death Bell here, awesome drawing in the gallery :D

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