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  1. trying to kill loreroot guards

  2. I was unaware of the rules when I first entered the training grounds. I wish they were posted in a more visible place in game. As in right outside the training area. Only because someone messaged me was I made aware. I apologize.
  3. I tried that thanks! I think it might have been that, because now it works!
  4. I have DSL so I don't think it's a slow connection. I updated flash just in case. I will get a screenshot and post it. Thanks. AbsintheDragonfly
  5. Is there some reason that my browser screen goes grey anytime I click on a link? And sometimes when it refreshes it does that too. I turned off my ad blocker function. Is there some other thing I can try? I am using the latest firefox with windows XP Thanks. AbsintheDragonfly
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