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  1. Warning: gzuncompress() [function.gzuncompress]: data error in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.combatreplay.php on line 57 *** This combat was forg

  2. Warning: gzuncompress() [function.gzuncompress]: data error in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.combatreplay.php on line 57 *** This combat was forgotton or never took place *** Had this for a week.
  3. See. I started an RP which commentated my skill, or lack of it, at fighting with my critters. For that to be shut down and railroaded with an Admin calling it SPAM hurt my feelings about how I see the game. Me posts seem to be "me me me" these days... maybe its because I am too new to comment on anyone else's experiences. But DST, who died and made you head witch? What crawled up your butt? Quit yelling because someone else for seeing blue where you see yellow. Simply put, you can criticise how someone might look at a painting by Picasso and can even add thoughts to their point of view. B
  4. Well there we have it. I'm a noob that knows nothing, as I expected and I suppose I am more than a bit lost. Meh... I play another game where it takes many people a year to get to level 2... so I do have patience. But I will argue that grinding is grinding, never mind how many battles it is. To do something for so long with little to no change about how you view the game is grinding - tedious and time consuming. A game is there for fun. I haven't been catching the fun-bug yet. Maybe its not for me? Dunno. Early days yet.
  5. Firstly, as a noob, I like the game. It has options, it has a background story line to set adventure. The graphics are... different... and there is something for everyone from those who want to battle to those who are more interested in story telling, albeit limited resources. The thing that disappoints me as a noob is the time and patience. YES - I KNOW THATS WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN - but it requires too much time and patience. For example, for 2 weeks now I have been stuck in Marind Bell, [i]grinding[/i] experience and training the creatures but without much point. The Heads/Mask event th
  6. I'm new. I guess I am lucky to have gotten through those gates when I did. Would you be interested in hearing the words of a noob about this game? I have a few things to say, some of which I have already said and perhaps hurt the pride of those who love this game so much in doing so, but I have yet more to say. The question is, would you be willing to [i]listen[/i] to me?
  7. and I get moaned at for SPAM...
  8. Wolfmist watched from the sidelines. He had been beaten a fair number of times before he decided that he wasn't going to get anywhere. Not yet, anyway. Draymoore was in a bad mood. He was silent for the majority of the time and only spoke when there was danger... but even when silent Wolfmist could sense his moods. And at the moment, his bad mood stank more than manure heap. He sat on the sidelines. He wasn't sure why, but he didn't need food in this realm. Although he had drank a labelled health potion he found lying around a statue of a fish, he didn't sense the need to eat anything and h
  9. Like I said, I'll make one about MD when I have enough clips for it.
  10. I'll enter this contest. Go watch this for 20 minutes: http://www.livestream.com/wolfmist I'll make one about MD when I have enough clips for it.
  11. Sorry, I guess I don't have common sense. Meh... I guess something's wrong with my coffee or something. Sorry to hassle you all.
  12. Sorry, I am not a coder. So all those symbols and stuff about "array" could mean a cookie recipe for all I know.
  13. Casualties: Defender:51.53883%, Attacker:96.39325% heat A: 0 heat E: 0 logsize:848 usevitality e (you):88 usevitality a:80 looser:A actionnr:120 rounds:9 E lost: 1055vit; A lost: 3314vit; Array ( [vars] => Array ( [statsVp] => 137.8 [statsXpl] => 0 [statsAct] => 0 ) [character] => Array ( [regeneration] => 0 [energeticimmun] => 0.106 [tradesense] => 0 [briskness] => 0 [initiative] => 0 [defence] =>
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