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  1. THANK YOU everyone for your support. I thought I would need time away from MD, but it seems as if I need it more now than I thought. Pamplemousse, Asterdai,and Magnus your kindness will not be forgotten.
  2. its good that you can be with your Grandma x

  3. i just got back from recovering from the loss of my dear sister, only to be confronted by the loss of your grandpa... my deepest sympathy friend.

  4. Roland

    Logging In

    Thanks Darigan, although it now says you can log into an existing account. It did not say this before. Perhaps Manu is busy at work. If it comes up again, I will submit it.
  5. When trying to log on today (approximatly three times), the screen that appears states: You are eligible for five free credits, as well as the creation of a new charecter (I can not take a screen shot, and perhaps don't know how...I am not very computer savy:)). The only way I can log on is by going into my history and finding the actual "address" for verification. This is occurring even when I try to log on through the forums. Please let me know what additonal information is needed as well as the "specifics" on how to provide you with this.
  6. Interesting question. In terms of abuse or lack of stimuli, one would become stuck in time and thus emotional growth stops. In terms of regression, once someone goes through a life changing event (long or short term), they begin to compartmentalize (a form of protection). This in it self could lead to many psycholocial implications: basic (term used loosely) personality disorders, multiple personalities, sociopathic tendancies, or just a destructive personality. Ultimatly I would think, unless the issues are appropriatly dealt with, that one would (unconsiously) find themselves returning
  7. I thought the following article was incredibly interesting. WARNING: A VERY LONG READ:) Many many preachers will spend a lot of time talking about the meaning of the cross but rarely put the emphasis where emphasis is due. The church by and large is missing the point about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Theology is the study of God. But there is a huge difference between a theologian and a pop theologian. Pop stand for Popular. Pop music is music for the day. It is popular today but doesn’t last very long. Pop theologians haven’t done much study of the word of God but are more given to
  8. Monarth, it reminds me of the Unified Theory:)
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