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  1. [code][IFRM] This page can't be accessed this way, please report this issue if you think you are receiving this message in error. Thank you. /ifrm/ifrm.quest.php ### http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.liststrategies.php?eid=MjcxMDIwMTcwMTUw[/code]
  2. It was on an alt where it *should have* redirected from the navigation screen to the creature page, But it just came up with that error
  3. [code][IFRM] This page can't be accessed this way, please report this issue if you think you are receiving this message in error. Thank you. /ifrm/ifrm.creatures.php ### http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.application.php?section=app-dwelling&action=buy&cid=3&loc=1_0x-4_2[/code] [code] [IFRM] This page can't be accessed this way, please report this issue if you think you are receiving this message in error. Thank you. /ifrm/ifrm.navigation.php ### http://magicduel.com/dlg/dlg.liststrategies.php?eid=someoneseid[/code]
  4. [IFRM] This page can't be accessed this way, please report this issue if you think you are receiving this message in error. Thank you. /ifrm/ifrm.dna.php ### http://magicduel.com/layout-dna.php
  5. [quote]As I am sure you expected Mur, you will recieve nothing but "finish what you started"s. This is a very good piece of advice. We all anxiously wait what you have planned with the scholars and black letters and the changes to the battle system(I don't look forward to the battle system myself but others do lol). Hopefully we con complete these before Alpha Ten.[/quote] This is directly talking to Mur and "sucking up" Comon fenrir, we are not blind [quote]I'm not sucking up ffs. I don't know anything about them, and because of that I am interested. Now stop being such an [...] Ch
  6. And Fenrir hasnt already got many enemies? Its a shame Fenrir that there isnt any more rpcs, You cant go around begging for wishpoints like you previously did. Thats the only reason you didnt like the demotion of the rpcs. You cant bribe people for free Wishpoints.
  7. @udgard, So did everyone...

  8. [quote]That would be chewett or dst.[/quote] What are you saying fenrir?
  9. Wow, i didnt know MD was full of heartless bastards Really now, I support this guy because he has stood up for something that he believes in, He knows the odds are against him yet you all act like he has no chance. He has a lower chance than someone who has played MD for longer but still has a chance @Kamisha - Please dont listen to these guys, im really sorry about them, They are what is typically wrong about MD, They ASSUME, and assume wrongly that a newer person cannot do as well as an older person. I personally prefere you to be voted King more than Sagewoman, no matter how many active
  10. [quote]If anybody has any questions feel free to ask in this topic.[/quote] [quote]So....in case you win basically MB will have 2 kings? [/quote] So, the first is a statement, the second a question from dst. And my question is "why post a topic asking for questions when you dont answer the questions given?"
  11. A council is pointless when the queen can over-rule it, Since when they agree it will be to what the queen wants, and when they dont, it will be what the queen wants Also, is it really a good idea to have a queen that is involved in... need i be descrete and say no so private "intimate" conversations, Really? is that a good position (pardon the pun) for a queen to be in? And really? Didnt loreroot prove that a council didnt work? So why have anotehr one with even less power. Also, you failed to run the Dojo effectively, And that was a very small organisation, Who says you will run a whol
  12. So, What can you really do about alts? really? because if they use proxies there is *likely* no way of tracing who is who...
  13. So, It seems that there is more behind this "kingship" than just the King, Could you clarify what the council will do? And what happens if chewit doesnt like what you want? will there be a schism?
  14. [quote]eh for spamming that grido solved, and it was more of announcing ingame matter, swearing? hmm i say [...] damn, or this kind of words but i dont point it to ppl, and not so sure that i do it in crowded locations, usually i spent almost no time in crowded locations, but yeah on forum ya can read this sort of crap from me i guess, but that is on forum team to watch up for it[/quote] Is he really allowed to get away with this? He spams chat ingame and swears and doesnt get any punishment And to add onto that he then goes onto swear on the forum, And still nothing is done? Its all wel
  15. [quote] About chat spam and faul talk in public locations, no one is allowed to do that. It is alowed to talk whatever you want in non public locations as long as there is no one there to be disturbed by what you say.[/quote] so you shall be punishing him? or is it that he has some special powers and that means he can swear and spam the chat
  16. [quote]But on that note lets talk about corruption, corruption in Marind Bell, the blatant abuse of forum admin status and other countless ones, shall I make a short list of just Lib's doings? -Spamming chat in 16+ locations -personal alt abuse for the benefit of one character 30+ alts (used to become mp6 back in January) along with other numerous alt related offenses -Verbal abuse to countless player in game -blatant use of foul language with no regard for the rules But then wait, no warnings OR punishments? Something clearly is not right. (also notice the mood panel the ones offering
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