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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from dst in A New Public Council?   
    I like the idea of the PC because is a good way to train/learn about leadership, organization/decision of public matters exterior to our own interest (of course when things get only for the satisfaction of the PC's members, they  risk loose their authority).
    The problem of RL matters turning players inactive is like death, there is no solution and will keep happening no matter how much we try to stop or slow down it. It will happen with all and everyone, it even happened with the Concil, Mur, and even Zleiphneir (or is he/she around?).
    Said that, I think that Nim's new role is ok, and others could keep going on, I even believe this will make people wish to stay longer in the game. And the Public Council is ok, too; If I read right the problem was because the IRL problem's, there was no others matters and if we are going to stop cool things just because people from one way or other eventually die, we should turn off the light and close the door.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in Distinction between Player and Offical Roles   
    I wish to put things a little different:
    "Just because I have the power to do something, doesnt mean im allowed to"
    This is basically true...but , there is a certain beauty in saying that YOUR POWER ALLOWS YOU TO DO IT IF YOU WANT TO. Like i said with all roles and abilities, you can use them to their technical limit and maybe report possible abuse if you think what you are doing is "not ok"...but technically Chewett, i see you as "allowed to" use your powers....but its the fact that you are not using them in such way that got you to have them in the first place. Most people do not understand this slight difference of viewing things... but for those that do understand, its important to mention that as Code Guardian, chew is allowed to do whatever he considers healthy and needed for md well being. The fact that he is not randomly cloning gold coins or rare creatures is because he understands that their actual value is given by the fact that they are not cloned. I do the same, my creatures are "real" and when i will run out of certain specimens, well thats it, my PERSONAL collection will be damaged,..this doesn't mean i am not allowed to clone/duplicate any creature, however i will not, for same reason Chewett doesn't... I respect and understand my power.
    I posted this not just to praise the almost all mighty wookie...but to tell to some of you a very valuable lesson about how power should be respected in order to be kept.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to No one in IMPORTANT - Future way of granting titles/roles   
    Darn, I am too slow for this topic. It seems that some others had some ideas that match part of what I thought but I still keep the entire text. Here it is :
    This looks like the list of achievents.
    And I think that the implementation I think it is a combination between
     - achievements - as you will have multiple titles (granted on achievements, different degrees ...)
     - items - because they will be granted to you (untradable) and will have actions attached to them or not
     - tags - as it should display one of the tags (at your choice).
     - loialty - it will increase with time during tag "validity" ; in the end loialties are just a list of "powers"

    The fair thing would be to convert the current tags to these roles with no other power attached. Ppl worked for their tags.

    An addon : in personal page, there is at least one [doc] that is not used. Maybe you can add it as a list of these Titles
    Having the list of tags ... maybe the "jailed" tag could be kept. I think Mur said once that being jailed should affect you somehow and should remain in your history (or something like that).

    You should be able to choose between different tags / achievemnts / titles / roles to display it while clicking your char's name in chat.

    But I still don't have an idea on how to use these titles except if you consider these titles as loialty and then they'll increase some counters.
    Edit :
    @Mur:  "This hereby is granted and acknowledged by the authority of the Dominion of Mur as part of Lands of the East territory."
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in IMPORTANT - Future way of granting titles/roles   
    Answers to all the above:
    - i intend to allow more just one tag, in fact this is on chewetts desk for quite a while, there will be multiple tags and a player could chose from his available/awarded tags. This fits perfectly with this "Titles" concept.
    - the only differences between current tags and these titles is that titles will be "multiple", not just main and secondary. This is something that will be reflected also in the interface when multiple tags update/feature will be implemented. Also, titles will have a more permanent "feel" since you will receive an actual document granting you that title forever.
    - individual powers are not titles, but a title may come with multiple powers associated with it. Granting citizenship is a kings right.
    To compare it with "RL" ... a doctor once a doctor will always remain a doctor. He might be stripped of his right to practice, but his title remains. A general will still remain a general even when retired. A title names a gained role, this role and the experience that lead you to it, can't be taken away from you, same way this document will never be taken away from you, but the right to apply/use it might be subject to the ongoing reality of your actions and social developments (such as elections). MD shape and structure changes irreversibly by the actions of its characters, even if these characters go crazy and abuse, break rules or go rogue, their "touch" on the realm remains. We will have to heal the wounds made by characters that will abuse, but not by taking away their achievements. This is in a way similar in concept with how active days are treated, regardless of penalty, ip ban, permanent jail, etc, the active days are never taken away or reset because these indicate an irreversible evolution
    note: The "TItles" concept is not perfect, this is the first time i open the subject publicly but the "feeling" that took me to it is part of the same "feeling" that guided me to shape md. That means that at a intuitive level, it should integrate with many other things and fit like a glove with the rest... i just need to adjust it and fine-tune it properly.
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from petty dodds in Soul of Equilibrium   
    Have you ever heard about Ailith? Well, time to remember her or discover who was she. This time I will give one WP for the poem I like most that homage her. For now, the final day for posting the poem will be 24 Aug., but I will extend the time if I don't find any winner.
    More rules on my quest page.
    Have fun!

    EDIT 01: Send me a PM in game or here on forum. Any MP can participate, and alts are forbidden.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Distinction between Player and Offical Roles   
    There has, and always will be a distinction between offical roles. Just because a player can do something, doesn't mean they are allowed to do so.

    As a player I offered someone a morph for free. They didn't reply to me for a number of days, I believed they had left game so I gave this item to someone else.

    After a number of days they came back and requested the morph. I told them that I had already given it away and wished them good will. They then asked me for "PERMANENT clicky coding access and to ask Mur to give me a quester pack" (spellings corrected, content static)

    The Morph was from my personal collection, While I can create as many morphs as possible I do not do this as that would be an abuse of power. Both of the secondary items items are not something I would ever do as its an abuse of power. I suggested to this player that the coding access can be obtained freely by requesting it and proving its good use (after 3 months if it isnt used well it will be removed).

    After this they spent some time demanding rewards for various accomplishments they had performed ingame and being offensive as I wouldnt give them coding access or anything they asked for.


    What people dont realise something is, Just because I have the power to do something, doesnt mean im allowed to. Any times when I have freely given away things is because I myself has earnt that and have the right to give it away. I cant give you coding access "Just because" or because you insult me, You need to earn these.

    This applies to all offical roles, Grido cant ban people becuase he doesn't like them, he has to have a valid reason. When people request things you need to think of a valid reason for that person doing it, that fits with their limits of their powers.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Summer breeze in Soul of Equilibrium   
    Okay, thank you Sephirah. Must be enough time to write a beautiful poem! Nice quest!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Tipu in Soul of Equilibrium   
    Ailith madam Aliith madam where have u gone
    i missed u sooo much that i stopped taking bath.
    remember those good old days when we swam 2gether in MB's lake
    as Master Granos jealously watches ...as he is so fake.
    remember those Awesome moments when i used pee on Bob's root 
    as i always want him uproot, then u shall warn me with your boot.
    remember those days when i always wanna dance with u ..
    but the pervert Granos would not allow ...for he is no good.
    But what ever happens and how long back it goes...
    i shall always never forgot those memories soo old..
    Hope u too...
    your friend ...Lord Tipu :wub: :wub: :wub:
    Come back madam..with ur charm and my Smartness 
    we 2gether shall rule as there r many fools hehe
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from John Constantine in Soul of Equilibrium   
    Have you ever heard about Ailith? Well, time to remember her or discover who was she. This time I will give one WP for the poem I like most that homage her. For now, the final day for posting the poem will be 24 Aug., but I will extend the time if I don't find any winner.
    More rules on my quest page.
    Have fun!

    EDIT 01: Send me a PM in game or here on forum. Any MP can participate, and alts are forbidden.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Authority of the King - Land Legacy Box   
    If its your time, then thats up to you. You know that we all have our decision how we want to spend out time, so we spent it how we want.

    If the community want to see if funded, fine, But I personally feel that any money that comes into MD should first be going to ensure that MD is actually alive. Having a box is all well and good but if there is no server/community/whatever then there is no MD.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to No one in Dream of an industry or a tiredness aberation   
    I've been told it is too long. I will try to split it.
    The entire initial post is still hidden here. But you'd better read below at it has been split and rearranged.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to No one in Dream of an industry or a tiredness aberation   
    4. Creatures at work
    Another idea is to put the creatures to work. I mean that some creatures (depending on groups / categories) can work on stuff and depending on their lvl, it could give more uses / better items.
    Also, creatures should not be able to work on an infinite number of items. They should be limited. An idea on that is like this :
    a lvl 3 creature can be used for lets say 20 items growing a creature to lvl 4, would multiply the number of items it remained to be created at previous lvl by a factor of 2(so a lvl3 with just 2 uses left, at lvl 4 would have 4 uses) growing at lvl 5, would again double the remaining uses at max lvl of 7, it would be a 20 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 320 items -> should be enough as incentive to grow a new creature to this lvl  
    Lots more ideas can be added here as each creature can know to work on multiple recipes.
    Maybe a recipe can use the work of 2 or more creatures for a longer period - but cannot be used in more then 1 recipe at one time.
    So, the creature could do this :
     archers (LR & heretics)  + lumber ---> bows (no uses, out of a maximum of 100 uses) time to work  ----> 3 days (1 lumber / day => 3 lumber / 1 bow) each bow usage would grant the archer's attack of 10-20% (new bow usage will just replace previous effect) like an aura would do a bow can be used if it has bows (no necessary if it is filled up). Each bow usage would decrease the number of arrow added to bow and the number of uses left)  archers (LR & heretics)  + 10 branches ---> arrows ( 10 arrows / day ) time to work  ----> 1 day (10 branches / day => 1 branch / 1 arrow) to be used to fill up the bow until that one is used up --> will reduce the number of items in inventory & number of steps & checks in code drachorns + 12 k heat jars  + 1 branch ----> fire time to work  ----> 1 day elementals & water beings + water + 1 herb of each kind (in total 4 herbs)  ---> would create on choice a potion
    a toxic potion ---> like intoxicate of seed
    a counter toxic potion ---> to stop & prevent intoxication for 10 minute
    a few other potions
    time to work  ----> 2 days
    angiens & 4 paper ---> teleport to GoE (1 item - 4 uses)
    time to work  ----> 2 days
    tainted angiens & 4 paper ---> send to chaos (1 item - 4 uses)
    time to work  ----> 2 days
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in worst thing about Mur   
    Im not going to reply other than this, This whole topic is a farce. Do it privately for real honesty, its just not right.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Burns in worst thing about Mur   
    +1 to both previous comments.
    You also lack foresight in most mechanics you're creating, and ignore critics too long. You've given a perfect example of that recently, you need eon to tell you what's broken about combat now, rather than have lightsage and no one tell you a week after you introduced tokens.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Laphers in worst thing about Mur   
    I think I wrote this in another topic but...
    I think you lack followthrough.  What I mean is you announce ideas and projects and then it seems to take forever to see tangible results or worse, we see some of it but it isn't finished.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Nimrodel in worst thing about Mur   
    You seem to like ass kissers a lot. They do seem to end up getting more priviledges than they deserve.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in The absence   
    A while back, about 600 days ago, My human puppet...sorry i mean..my over emotional and ridiculously loyal human puppet, abandoned me for a GIRL. I had no access to my realm and my access to this imbecile i use to call Manu was cut off by a flood of feelings and brain processes that totally put me on second place. I had no idea this guy could actually THINK that much without my help, but heh..outer world is funnier and more unstable in prediction than my beloved realm. I could realize that from my first visits out there, its ..scary..how things act in a system governed to such degree by entropy. I had to witness day by day, hopelessly and powerless, how my realm needed me and i was degrading without it.
    He put me do pathetic things..yeah..i was abuuuseeedd!!! Its funny, in a way quite ..silly, how murrish mind was even used for ..poetry...the love kind, you surely know, the one that makes your mind blind, and your soul glow. To help him survive, i understand, he keeps me alive, in this wonderland...but what i can not forgive, nor can i forget, is the moment his mad strive, became my threat. Enough about my petty human master..or so he thinks he is.. (I could push him to disaster with a simple paradox quiz :D)
    I want to write this here, while he sleeps, before i dive back into parts of the realm that do not yet exist.
    Its worthy of a Historic Document ..it is indeed.. both a lament and a compliment, about the moment when I reached a secret door hidden deep in unshapen places of my realm and i discovered there..guess what.....i discovered there the source of creation and power in this limited yet rich mind of my host. I looked at it, shiny glimmers in deep darkness,..something i didn't knew what it was...I reached out and grabbed a bit of the treasure myself..he calls that glowing soup of thoughts... fiːlɪŋs . At first it was like a mix of logic and balance that could not fit together at all yet they built coherent shapes apparently designed to be time unstable. Now i understand how Manu can't see things i see..it is the same way i can not fully comprehend things he sees ..we are one two different sort of species..ironically...and sad..but powerful if we could ever be one.
    My judgement and intuition are now affected, I got addicted to that fiːlɪŋs stuff..it breaks walls and builds doors where no door is needed... but a thought crawls into my mind... what if i never looked in the right direction to find that door i am looking for? What if this ..thing.. this ..treasure.. i found in his mind can build doors there where i don;t even realize there is a wall?
    i want to go back..take more of it..but i fear my host will be too altered and damaged without it if i take too much of his fiːlɪŋs treasure..and it also frightens me badly ..that i started to.. FEAR :|
    Once I opened that door and touched that stuff it started to spreads like a virus, a unseen virus in my mind and body, a virus that is silent yet multiplies in secret and affects my nature in ways i do not know yet.
    I might go back into that darkness and grab more of his fiːlɪŋs
    -- Mur
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in The absence   
    | ˈaɪ wl̩ ɡɪv wʌn ɡəʊld kɔɪn tə huːˈevə riːd ðɪs ˈfɜːst |
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Pipstickz in Unopened MD Cube   
    To open the cube takes 1000 lumber, 1000 branches and 50 glass. The resources must be gathered in one person's inventory, and this person will be chosen when enough resources have been gathered/made/donated. Post here if you wish to donate. Fenths will not be accepted (this time).
    Resources currently pledged:
    ~1200/1000 Lumber
    ~1200/1000 Branches
    48 (plus 8 more that need to be melted)/50 Glass
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from dst in Happy Birthday Phantom Orchid!   
    Happy B-day Phatom!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Nimrodel in Happy Birthday Griduchhi!   
    Dont be mad at me for calling you that in the forum >> Its suits you more than grido. I thought of other names but none can beat Griducchi. But before I deviate from the topic and this thread goes to off topic, 
    Happy Birthday Grido san! May you be the leader of the LHO mafia for many many more years to come :D
    Here's something you might like:
    Now mail me my cake and send me the money you promised for publicity before the elections.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to gonzalocsdf95 in Quest - "If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right."   
    I wish to mention before this mission Amoran, since you are very good artist and will definitely have amazed everyone with his drawings  ;)
    oh, and I'm glad that through these drawings fond memories reborn in the members of the crew!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Amoran Kalamanira Kol in Quest - "If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right."   
    I wished I had been able to participate in this. Unfortunately I was not aware that this quest was going on until gonza contacted me. Lovely artwork from everyone, and I enjoyed seeing everyone's portrayal of the crimson blade pirates.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Phantom Orchid in Quest - "If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right."   
    Yes, such sweet memories from back in my wilder years!
    We should raid Windy's stash to celebrate/commemorate :ph34r:
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